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 Fortune Maker Incident, Part B: 'Chase' - Open to Cryptic & myself- -REVISED-

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PostSubject: Fortune Maker Incident, Part B: 'Chase' - Open to Cryptic & myself- -REVISED-   Thu Dec 20, 2018 11:22 am

Punk Hazard, blazing side

"That should do it for now. Time to formulate a plan for what to do next." The vaguely annoying feline remarked to the others. They apparently reached what appeared to be a large, abandoned and in poor state laboratory; or rather, the remains of what was once a facility related to experimentation. Having fought with individuals on their way here, however easy they were to dispatch, was bad news; surely they had at least some connection with their target(s), so by now their presence was already known. Thus they would have to try a different approach to accomplish their goal. Not to mention that they didn't even knew which direction those vagabonds headed to.

"Did you guys really had to start a fight? I thought you were of the stealth type, were you not?!"
'Former Revolutionary; user of the Ope Open no Mi: "Chainmail" Catz, bounty: 300,000,000 Beli'

"Um, you are correct, but we couldn't just ignore such atrocities, could we not, sir?"
'Underworld associate; user of the Suke Suke no Mi, awakened user: "Pumpkin" Pumpking, bounty: 368,000,000 Beli'

"... He is right. Couldn't just walk by after seeing those lowlifes mistreat what were certainly slaves to get their way. If we were to lose our humanity to satisfy our anger, what would that make us?"
'Pirate; Cool Magician: "Sorcerer" Hawks, bounty: 200,000,000 Beli'

"It would just make us pirates! Or bandits ... which we are supposed to be! Dammit! Ugh ..." Catz shakes his head around in disdain. "You attacked first ..." Hawks adds.

"We ought to formulate a plan and execute, prondo. It is becoming increasingly apparent that they do not intent to perform any form of dealings here; this is clearly just a pit stop to them. Although, I do wonder ... why did they burnt their ship? Even if they were on to us, doubt they'd be afraid of us. Let alone to try to cover their tracks. It is bizarre ... could it be that someone else is after the Talani princess, too?" Hawks questioned himself, however the latter statement was mainly directed towards Jade.

Punk Hazard, frozen side
There was a lot of action, people moving cargo around, transferring materials into a large, luxurious looking ship with a massive lion head in its front. They all seemed to be hectic, in a hurry, like time was running short. "How much longer until we are good to go?"

"This better leaves before the pre-decided schedule; do not make me repeat that you runts."
'Royal Shichibukai; user of the Ito Ito no Mi, Zick Leoris, bounty: 470,000,000 Beli [frozen]'

"Hurry up already. We need to dispatch this ship out of this despicable place as soon as humanly possible. We are running out of time. We cannot have them get back that Mink Princess. Too much is at stake. Do not make me turn you all into lifeless, eternal servants of mine ..."
'Officer of the Fortune Pirates; user of the Shi Shi no Mi, "Necromancer" Liliana, bounty: 750,000,000 Beli'

"Sir! We were just informed that a group of people annihilated the entire patrol units stationed at the blazing side of the island!" A pirate suddenly yelled at the pair, while approaching them with a Den Den Mushi, probably one that he received said report from.

"What?!" Both the figures growl in visible anger.


"Bring on the hardship. It's preferred in a path to carnage."
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PostSubject: Re: Fortune Maker Incident, Part B: 'Chase' - Open to Cryptic & myself- -REVISED-   Fri Dec 21, 2018 6:38 am

After this scuffle they were all covered in sweat, the exertion in the already blazing temperatures made their attacks particularly brutal. Currently she was shuffling among the wounded, providing what healing she could to the exploited civilians - her healing skills now could be channeled through the moisture of her breath.
Pirate: "The Curator" Sanura Jade 250,000,000 Beli

She paused for a moment to acknowledge the magician as she approached another injured individual.  Before she could say anything, she saw part of a tattoo peaking from a tear in his shirt as she reached to move the fabric, a hand grabbed her wrist.  Pulling free, she tore the shirt away, her eyes narrowing at the full tattoo. Hr gaze quickly darted around the man's frame, as if searching for something.  At last her eyes settled on a necklace, not unlike those worn by other members of the injured tribe. She tore it from his neck and quickly crushed it on the ground. Among the broken resin and wood was a tiny den den mush recording device, now destroyed.  

Jade seized the mans neck as a claw pressed against the tattoo, a triangle with spear through it, emblem of an elite Marine reconnaissance unit known as Specula. "What the hell are you doing here, loathsome spy?"

The injured man lifted his grey eyes, defiance flickering in them for a moment, he spoke between coughs, blood running from his mouth. "Loathsome spy - that's rich coming from a Yonkou's spy unit." He gave a slight glance at Hawks. "... or have you been dismissed for incompetence."
Marine Reconnaissance "Specula" Special Agent: "Philosopher" Nahara

Jade squeezed his throat harder. "Incompetence.  It seems that you are the one covered in blood, and caught by enemy agents and have no contact to high command. Now - why the hell would Marines be spying on their own allies?"

Her stared at her in distasteful silence before she pulled a small syringe from a pouch, and plunged it roughly into the mans thigh, injecting a thick serum - one of the few non-obnoxious concoctions Ginji created. "This should loosen your lips. I'll ask again: Why are you spying on your allies?"

"Allies." The man spat bitterly. "Shichibukai, that one in particular, are self interested traitors that will break away precisely as soon as they think they hold the upper hand and are save from retaliation. Going rogue and into hiding with a princess of a presumed dead ... is not something that will go unnoticed or unpunished. A recovery mission to apprehend the girl ..."

"Recovery? Why?  What interest could the WG possibly have in the last relic of a fallen kingdom?  It's gone - everyone but a handful is dead - it's not like she could muster an army of - what a few dozen un-trained civilians?  Why bother?  It's over and has been over for 25 years."

"It's not about her, it about what she represents."

"Represents? The forgotten past?"

"If you think anything is forgotten, you haven't been paying attention.  This princess is a living reminder of the time that a place stood up to falling in line before the might of the WG.  While the consequences were dire, knowing this girl survived and represents that defiance makes her a rallying point to incite rebellion.  We can't allow her to go free, not because anyone is afraid of her ragtag group of misfit refugees, but because she represents the hope to carry on fighting. You don't leave any shred of the old regime behind after a coup if you don't want rebellion or civil war - there must be one surviving power left alive."

"So you do plan to kill her."

"There is no other way - now that her presence is known, we cant have anyone mobilizing to free her. Why the hell do you care so much - I know how Shichubukai plan to leverage her but what some ex-yonkou lackeys have at stake is beyond me ... it doesn't matter she will be dead soo-"

A swift elbow to the face silenced the man; she could hear no more. Jades eyes were glowing with rage.  The government planned to execute an innocent girl they had confused with herself.

She stood, walking over to Hawks. "When he comes to, get what ever information you can before I rip him apart."
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Fortune Maker Incident, Part B: 'Chase' - Open to Cryptic & myself- -REVISED-
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