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 Shadow's active character / weapons / Devil Fruits / Crew Index

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PostSubject: Shadow's active character / weapons / Devil Fruits / Crew Index   Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:13 am

1. Roberto D. Wally [Pirate, Yonko, Black Cross, Captain]
2. Boltman Dude [Pirate, Black Cross, Commander]
3. Damiel Sabres [Pirate, Black Cross, Commander]
4. Nemuri Hawks [Pirate]
5. Hanashi Suigo [Pirate, Black Cross, Commander]
6. Renaldo Ginji [Pirate]
7. Johnny Cool [Pirate, Black Cross]
8. Courey Martha [Pirate, Black Cross, Commander]
9. Tamuri Todd [World Government, CP-0]

1. Black Star [Ship]
2. Blue Cannon [Cannon]
3. Kaisa Debai [Sword]
4. Togazuhan [Scythe]
5. "Steel" Prison [Container]
6. Hageshi Rifles [Guns]
7. Shiro Sazanami [Sword]
8. Fukitsu Kuro [Sword]
9. Sasori the Dagger [Dagger, Devil Fruit Living weapon]

Devil Fruits:
1. Denka Denka no Mi [Paramecia]
2. Denki Denki no Mi: Model Cerberus [Zoan, Mythical]
3. Mukan Mukan no Mi [Paramecia]
4. Ten Ten no Mi [Paramecia]
5. Tori Tori no Mi: Model Garuda [Zoan, Mythical]

Crew / organizations:
1. Black Cross Pirates [Yonko crew]

Number of active characters with Devil Fruit powers: 3
Number of characters classified as pirates: 8
Nunber of characters classified as Marine / World Government-related: 1
Number of active crews: 1
Number of characters with Conqueror's Haki: 1
Number of characters with Haki (either Armor or Observation): 7
Number of weapons that ate a Devil Fruit currently used: 1

Any character not included here that is made by me is considered an NPC until further notice. Any weapon or Devil Fruit not listed here made by me can be considered non-applicable / retired / destroyed.


"Bring on the hardship. It's preferred in a path to carnage."
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Shadow's Complete Index
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Shadow's active character / weapons / Devil Fruits / Crew Index
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