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 Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"

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PostSubject: Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"   Sun May 20, 2018 5:58 am

"Rumored to be born,
at the seas of the West,
this chaotic human pest,
as meddling as a thorn,
believing he is the best
shall never let you rest."

Name: Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"

Age: 28

Bounty: 27,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Poet, Swordsman

Allegiance: Neutral

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue


History: Not really many things are known about Shijin. What is currently known is that he was born somewhere in West Blue as there are some pictures of him as a child at the area of Illusia Kingdom. According to other information which were given by himself, he came to the Grand Line in an early age, when his family decided to move to the place so they would no longer be poor and find a better job.

One incident is known for certain about his life. Shijin has come to witness a war, but it is unknown which war he is talking about or what his role in that war was, although it is pressumed that he used to be a soldier as he is quite capable with the usage of the sword. In that war, he saw countless men losing their lives, children fighting grown ups in order to ensure their survival and some other men who didn't stand the idea of risking their lives, turning their back at their enemies and meeting a shameful end. These incidents were what inspired him to become a poet as he said that it was a necessity for a person like this to exist and give out the information to the world about those epic events but with a more poetic way than the newspaper journalists do. His poems would become history.

As an adult, he has seen several things. He has written poems about several powerful pirates such as Anubis and his invasion at Arabasta, implying that he was there. Furthermore, he has written a poem about Roko Cloud, the young man who caused some ruckus back at Shabondy Archipelago, only for him to get the title of a Yonko and be targetted by the bigger fish to meet his demise. Of course, he has also written some poems about Maximillion Maimou and Roberto D. Wally, two of the evilest pirates to have ever existed in the Grand Line due to their constant scheming and the damage they caused to the marines. Finally, he could not have written about one of the Yonko, Iken and his cousin, Derge, the most prominent threat at the Grand Line and the New World.

These powerful figures of the pirate era are a constant inspiration for the young poet, who is making the marines wonder how he could know all that information about the incidents that inspired him as it is impossible for somebody to manage to get to all these places. This is what made the marines believe that he has either stolen information from their files or has a connection to the Underworld and thus they placed a high bounty of 27,000,000 Beri on his head so they could get him and find out how he learned all the information of the incidents he wrote about.

(Shijin is also a fruit user, but he is not using his powers atm. Further parts of his history will be adressed and explained while he is being played)

Personality: While calm and collected, Shijin has a great idea of himself. He believes himself to be the next great star of poetry. He already believes that he has surpassed all the great poets that were born into the Grand Line and if not, he definitely will after he passes out since most artists are recognized after their deaths. For his job, he is really motivated: He keeps pushing things over the edge in order to get what he wants. No matter what, he forces himself to be in the middle of the events, so that he will get an idea for the next poem he is about to write, even if that means that he will be in danger. While perceptive enough to realize any prominent threats, he is attracted by them as they may lead him to his next masterpiece. He tries to follow the flow of the events, much like the marine photography department or the newspapers, but for his own personal reasons.

His passion/obsession is what makes him a quite unpredictable guy. While calm and collected, as it is already mentioned Shijin is a vile person. And the reason behind that has to do with his obsession over his job. He cares for nothing other than his art and he is willing to do anything for that. He is a wildcard who manipulates events to his favor in order to trigger a chain of events so that he may receive some inspiration for his next poem. In the end, one thing is for certain. While Shijin seems to be a character of the background, wherever he is, something big may be happening.

Besides these main aspects of his personality, he overally gives the impression of a lazy person (something which is mostly an act). He likes drinking and relaxing a lot, although he is not a real fan of sleeping.

Finally, regarding his battle personality, he represents his clothes. He may look calm for a moment and perform the calmest of his techniques, and in an instant he may turn into a ferocious beast at any random moments before reverting back to his calm personality. However, his ferociousness is balanced with his calmness as he is always focusing on how to manipulate the events to reach his ultimate goal.

Ship: He is lacking a ship. Most people don't know how he is traveling. He may steal boats, he may steal a ship or he may sneak into one and travel to the next island.

Ship Flag: Ν/Α

Devil Fruit: Unknown
Type: Unknown
Effect: Unknown

Special Abilities:
-Samurai Ninjutsu: Shijin's main battling style is called Samurai Ninjutsu. He is a swordsman who is mostly relying on techniques which ressemble those of a ninja. He may move so quickly in very short distances as if he is teleporting around the area (similarly to Brook's quick techniques) and perform weird shenanigans quite different from those of the regular swordsmen.
-Poetic Dream Style: Shijin is also using another weird style. He is using his poems to hypnotize allies or foes. He is pronouncing his poems to them, resulting in several different outcomes. So far, he has two poems he is using to reduce or increase the moral of his allies or enemies, he has a poem that can make people feel drowsy or fall asleep. This ability is not related to a Devil Fruit power. It can be used as long as Shijin pronounces the poems, even if it is from a distance.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Samurai Ninjutsu:
Poetic Dream:


Goals: He has no goals at all. He is currently doing his job as a poet.

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PostSubject: Re: Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"   Sun May 20, 2018 6:36 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"   Mon May 21, 2018 3:05 pm

Looks ok with me, i would say that the Poetic Dream style should be used with caution

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PostSubject: Re: Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"   

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Shijin Uta "The random poet of the Grand Line"
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