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 Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow

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PostSubject: Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow   Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:59 pm

Name: Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow

Age: 17

Bounty: 3,000,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Navigator

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: South Blue

Appearance: Kokoa is stands out as an individual. Not for her marble white skin that never tans well; or the brushed, long, dark locks of dusky black hair reaching down to her butt or the amazing H cups dominating her chest and the rest of her slightly chubby physique. No, The 8'3" gal wears the oddest of clothing to fit her style of life; A straitjacket dyed black with added pink bows going down the arms and pink frills around the wristexit of the outfit, a pair of black and pink stockings with leather boots on her legs, a black blindfold with pink frills perched on her forehead, a small pink backpack slung over one shoulder and the most bizzare: A large overpadded cloth diaper dyed black with matching pink frills to match the rest of her attire as some strange sort of pants alternative. Her choice of fashion has drawn much confusion in the towns she has passed and ridicule over it that she tends to ignore.

History: Kokoa was born and raised in a quiet village on the South Blue that served as the home for an off-island ward for former marines that had suffered from heavy trauma while at work. The on-island location had been abandoned due to posing a threat to the villagers after a former captain started to destroy homes in a crazed panic. She was raised by her mother alone, her father being a rather tall marine that had passed away in the line of duty, living and learning the trade of a map seller and how to draw/distinguish the crude maps of others into more refined works from various explanations they provide with the crude outline. As she grew larger, she never grew up in a sense... Always preferring her more younger tastes then that of others her age. She didn't spend time with other children, more tending to her hobbies of dressmaking using abandoned clothes from the Marine metal ward and helping the people of the village with certain issues from heavy lifting and dealing with dangerous wildlife. She was good at it despite it looking quite odd as the overgrown child hefted a log as large as her as a weapon in the woods.

Turning down offers to work in the Marines like her father did because of the uniform alone, she took to taking off to islands of the South Blue to draw them herself and sell them island to island. After a few months, she was offered a chance and a decent sum of wealth to sail with the Spiked Keg Pirates as their Navigator. Taking the opportunity, she joined them in entering the Grandline and fighting and guiding them to safety as best she can, quickly learning to adapt and learn the sea and sky to help the crew sail. Among these tales is the time that she saved her crew by outstrong arming a blacksmith known to forge weapons with his barehands, or the time she gained her devil fruit from mistakenly eating a gift to the royal family when her crew raided and sunk a whole convoy. It was not long after that tale did a disagreement between the crew hit that the Captain anchored his ship and took claim to the treasure alone as he would not split with it. This left Kokoa wandering aimlessly, looking for a new crew...

Personality: Kokoa is usually a tired individual who expresses herself more like a child then an adult in terms of lifestyle and choices; But is surprisingly adult and mature to most matters and decisions that have to be made. She usually prefers the darker skies to navigate by star and would prefer to shy away from the sun at times though she wouldn't avoid such. She is usually soft and well spoken and rather respectful to others that respect her choices in life. She has a hard sweet tooth for candies, chocolates and sweets; and a great dislike to most vegetables. She will also usually drink from a sippy cup over a mug to fight her wish of being 'young', even if she is drinking liquor or such.

Ship: N/A

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: Makura-Makura no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The user becomes a 'Pillow' or 'Comfy' human, making them soft and comfortable to rest against like a pillow or mattress. Also allows them to absorb blows and shocks without taking damage.

Special Abilities:
Enhanced Strength: Being taller and mostly doing heavy lifting when growing up makes it easy for her to swing her club around, move heavy debris and other needed feats.
Cartography skills: Despite her larger size, Kokoa can produce mostly normal sized and easily legible maps for the moment or later.
Navigational skills: Not the greatest, but she is much more observant and patient with guiding the crew compared to her initial reaction to the Grandline.

Learned Techniques:
Tantrum: What she says and is throwing when she is upset and has to fight. Proceeds to swing and smash with reckless abandon.

Weapons/Items: Deathrattle, Log Pose, Grid paper and stenciling kit, Spyglass, Provision bag (Sippy cup, change of clothes, wallet, snacks)

Goals: Get rich and find comfort away from society, and to never grow up.

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PostSubject: Re: Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow   Fri May 11, 2018 1:01 pm

Seeking edit suggestions/Approval
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PostSubject: Re: Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow   Fri May 11, 2018 1:26 pm


I am really surprised with any members who make balanced characters.

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PostSubject: Re: Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow   

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Kokoa "The Childish" Lolipow
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