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 Gildra Gracieux

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PostSubject: Gildra Gracieux   Tue Jan 23, 2018 4:42 am

Name: Gildra Gracieux

Age: 24

Bounty: 0

Species: Human/Okama

Occupation: Cook/Captain

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Kamabakka Kingdom, Momoiro Island, Grandline

Appearance: A beautiful young 'girl' with overly large eyes, long royal purple hair tied into long thick braided pigtails and a chubby doll like face with plump lips dabbed in pink lipstick. 'She' stands at a mere 5'8" with a rather femininely thin physique, flat chest and soft porcelain skin. 'She' tends to wear a pink shirt and poofy jester pants held with straps over 'her' shoulders to hoist them up. Her massively long pigtails are 10 feet long, 1 foot thick and hold massive and heavy iron spiked maces that drag behind her. This is her casual wear as she is known to also tie swords or axes at the end of her pigtails to fight with. On top of 'her' head sports a small royal crown of silver that doesn't seem to fall off. 'She' dawns various other types of outfits, all mostly feminine and 'cute' in nature to fit her nature: A pink jacket and sweatpants, a pink and white frilly one piece bathing suit and a large frilly black and pink ballroom gown.

History: Washed up upon shore as a baby in a basket, Gildra was the rare sight of a child who grew up upon the paradise of Kamabakka Kingdom and into their ways. The lifestyle and glamour of being the little princess among all the 'adults' created somewhat of an ego within 'her' that most dismissed was just the passion of their ways. 'She' slowly mastered the basics of New Kama Kenpo since starting as a young 'lass' and took to learn more of the techniques as she grew up with her own choice of weapon becoming her own hair for which she trained tying weights to the end of it along with weighted girly clothing to strengthen 'herself' up in her youth. Dance, cooking and cleaning were her other subjects besides basic math and dating as taught by her various 'parents' so to speak...

However, even though they wished to keep Gildra to themselves as a prized gem, they brought her to the lands outside to learn the ways of the outside and join the romantic quest for love... For which she was shockingly good at with her inherent looks passing off better then her peers but a darkness arising as she bid men abound to do her bidding and fuel her own selfworth started to cause jealousy and shame among her peers. She was betraying the heart of a pure maiden as she found joy in using men and betraying their expectations greatly. Returning to the island brought about infighting as she was targeted as a selfish princess as others blamed themselves for failing her and wishing to correct things so she can understand. She never did, growing only more self-righteous in her attitude and getting stronger; her goal seemingly to take the throne herself and using and learning the various hidden techniques to acquire it. 'Her' foster family grew more worried with her progress as 'her' Bridal Training and finishing her kempo training as the greedy streak continued to where she attacked her own in an attempt to learn more of the hidden and seemingly forbidden techniques. She was seemingly exiled after taking one move of a former queen, and never allowed to return until she could find her heart and become pure once more. She never did....

Gildra has spent a short time at sea and has caused enough of a ruckus in certain places for property damage caused by spurned lovers finding the truth about her, simple ugly displeasures she has come across, and small time theft. Her greatest contribution is as 'she' claims to by helping people find their maiden heart in her cruel 'Feminine beauty is everything' manner.

Personality: Plays up the 'cute' and 'innocent' act a lot, embracing the feminine grace and beauty most would find and desire; and uses it for her personal gain and desire. 'She' is rather manipulative and brings forth the darkness found in hearts of maidens, a corrupted, vain, and cruel turn on 'her' homelands sake that 'she' is forever banished from. 'She' still carries forth many of the beliefs and traditions despite not the looks. 'She' cares for beauty on the outside and shuns 'her' own family for never reaching the serene grace that 'she' carries.. Caring not for simple virtues that would stand in 'her' way of being the prettiest and most powerful at sea. 'She' has the capacity to care for others, it just is that she cares about 'herself' first and foremost.

Ship: A small transport painted pink and white: Contains one bed/kitchen inside the cabin.

Ship Flag: N/A

Devil Fruit: N/A

Special Abilities:
Newkama Kempo: Hairstyle: While good with 'her' hands in the traditional standard, Hair Style allows her to use her pigtails and the spiked maces on the ends as a flail against opponents. The hair has only a reach of 10 feet however,
Enhanced Strength: Despite the thin appearance, Gildra is as strong as 'her' mothers and fathers since she was basically fed Attack Cuisine from her youth and had been training for most of her life for Bridal Training. As such, she can easily lift and swing around her massively heavy pigtails as a weapon and doesn't find issue with the massive objects trailing behind her or slowing her down.
Iron Hair: Stronger then your average hair and much softer thanks to a secret use of shampoo and conditioner taught during Bridal Training. Keeps it from easily being chopped off by a swordsman thinking they can make a smart move.
Attack Cuisine: Taught only to those who completed Bridal Training (or the rare chance where a ladies man made off with the recipes after defeating all 99 Newkama Kempo masters); Allowing eaters to steadily build up their bodies and recover better.

Learned Techniques (25 max at creation):
Newkama Hairstyle; Bang: A simple throw of her pigtail forward like a giant punch. Has a reach of 10 feet.
Newkama Hairstyle; Pixie Cut: Swings a pigtail upwards to uppercut an opponent into the air.
Newkama Hairstyle; Hime Cut: Holding her pigtails in either arm, crossing her arms and before swinging both arms and thus the pigtails out in an arc to slash or knock away opponents.
Newkama Hairstyle; Buzz Cut: Proceeding to spin like a ballerina to become a spinning top that smashes/slices through most things, though it makes 'her' less aware of her surroundings. Can cause dizziness if used for too long.
Newkama Hairstyle; Mohawk: Jump into the air and slamming her pigtails into the ground.
Newkama Hairstyle; Odango: Spins her hair around rapidly to try to act as twin shields and knock away items, though it isn't a perfect defence and requires set up.
Newkama Hairstyle; Dreadlock: Gets close to an opponent and proceeds to swing the pigtails around the two to capture them together.
Newkama Kempo; Sensual Massage: Slamming both palms into an opponents back with a braced stance before sliding it up their spine, causing immense pain before tiring, but relaxing relief.
Newkama Kempo; Lipstick Press: Headbutts the opponent with her face, leaving a kiss mark on them as a calling card.
Newkama Kempo; Kissing Booth: Barrages the opponent with multiple kisses on their face, sometimes body.
Newkama Kempo; Tucking Kick: Groin kick that launches people into the air.
Newkama Kempo; Hair Removal Fist: Brings fingers together at a point and jabs the enemy rapidly with them.
Newkama Kempo; Midnight Waltz: Capturing the opponents arms, Gildra proceeds to force the user to dance with her for a while before attempting to kiss them.
Death Wink?: Due to the abnormally sized eyes, Gildra is able to produce the effect of a light shove by simply winking at her opponent. A technique stolen and imperfect at the moment as it lacks power.

Hair Accessories (Weapons)
Various cases of makeup and cleaning products and combs/brushes.
A wardrobe of various feminine clothing for any occasion.
A collection of cooking wares.

Goals: Become Pirate King/Queen, Find a certain Devil Fruit, Take over her former homeland.

Last edited by Storm on Fri May 11, 2018 2:23 pm; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Increased hair diameter to make sense)
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PostSubject: Re: Gildra Gracieux   Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:13 am

Awaiting for completion to proceed with the approve procedure.


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PostSubject: Re: Gildra Gracieux   Sun Jan 28, 2018 7:14 pm

Finished, Now awaiting approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Gildra Gracieux   Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:37 pm


I must say it's one of the few occassions we see a balanced character from a new member and with a unique battling style. Congratulations.

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PostSubject: Re: Gildra Gracieux   

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Gildra Gracieux
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