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 Pantsu Pantsu no Mi

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PostSubject: Pantsu Pantsu no Mi   Fri Jan 05, 2018 6:09 am

Name in Japanese (translation): Pantsu Pantsu no Mi (Underwear Underwear Fruit)

Type: Paramecia

Capabilities: Allows the user to either become underwear to be worn and grant the user the strength of the eater or turn others with permission into underwear to gain their powers. While the user can gain the strength of other people; They have no access to abilities learnt by the other, access to certain racial powers or other Devil Fruits. However, Transformed partners are still conscience and can still use their powers if they can while transformed. The user has a set limit of being able to use the power without wear, but will proceed to overheat and lose stamina faster when overlapping clothing (The more you wear, the stronger you get but the more likely you will pass out)

Additionally, One can make it so they can wear any form of underwear to fit their form. Underwear varients people can turn into if they so incline range from 'Boxers, briefs, thongs, speedos, panties, bras, long underwear, jock straps and even leaves.' depending on their nature and are pretty much set. One cannot become a bra if they are panties. The power also only works upon the user being worn or the user wearing it, So one cannot create an army of people wearing their lower ranked peers as powerboosts.

While it should be 'Shitagi Shitagi no mi', I felt this is more known for what it means. This fruit would best be used on a man so that he may wear a bra into battle.

Appearance: Resembles a blue Magosween with a swirled pattern to it along with a red inside then the usual white innards. It tastes of dirty underwear.

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Pantsu Pantsu no Mi
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