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 A thank you and a link

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PostSubject: A thank you and a link   Tue Dec 12, 2017 11:39 am

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since I last posted here. The reason is that no matter what I do in order to return to this place, something is always happening that prevents me from being fully committed to the site. However, I cannot really afford to leave this place as it made me meet new people with the same passion as mine; One Piece. I got to meet people that I admired, people with lives so much different that made me look at things from another perspective. When I got into this place, similarly to sjasogun1, I used to be a teenager and right now I am a 23 years old with not so many real life skills, but still a fan of One Piece. And considering that I am not doing anything that I deem important to my life, other than hanging out and studying for the university, I decided to fire up my passion for One Piece and other manga/anime and started a blog with a friend of mine, for which I am about to post a link below.

Now, you will all ask why I am writing this here and I will proceed to answer. Because if this place didn't exist, One Piece could not have that special place in my heart as a reader. Had it not been the people I interacted with, I could have forgotten about it and not read it so much to take my chance of writing down amateur articles about it and other manga/anime. This is the place that got me into writing and I want to thank all of you for those wonderful years and the times we spent together in the chatbox and in the RP section. Even if One Piece isn't real, in this site I got into the world of One Piece and found my own crew, with whom we raced together to the Grand Line. Thank you again, even if I don't post so much here. I will keep coming back from times to times in case I meet any of my old "crewmates". Smile

Here is the link for any of you who might be interested:

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A thank you and a link
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