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 Inactivity Bolster

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PostSubject: Inactivity Bolster   Thu Jun 22, 2017 3:11 pm

Due to the inactivity on the site as a whole, we have put a stop to events and such that go nowhere. However, the site has depleted to the point that I am issuing a new extended event. Until further notice, we will allow submissions to be edited and any costs to be waived within reason, or put into debt if not ridiculous. As long as the basic system is being followed, the rules and guidelines from now on are more suggestive than anything. For as long as there is nothing but stangnant order, let there be chaos for the masses. We, the ones who enjoy one piece enough to put aside the inconsistencies and just have fun, will be able to create character development to a more satisfying quota for the level of rp desired.

Have fun.
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Inactivity Bolster
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