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 Petty Officer Kanna Chevious

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PostSubject: Petty Officer Kanna Chevious   Tue May 09, 2017 7:23 pm

Name: Kanna Chevious

Age: 21

Species: Human

Occupation: Petty Officer

Allegiance: Marines

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Standing around 4'5", Kanna's body stands short among her fellow marines with a more pear like figure, Thin and normal up top that curves down to being a bit heavy in the stomach and hips department. Her hair is styled back and shaven at the sides, leaving only her blonde bangs to waver in front of her face, covering her right eye, and a bound ponytail poking out the back of the standard Marine cap she wears. She also stands at odds among her company as she wears her Marine uniform over her shoulders to keep her epaulets exposed, mimicking many captains and their 'Justice Jackets'; Wearing instead a normal logo styled shirt asking 'Just Us' underneath the uniform while wearing a knee length skirt. Due to the nature of her devil fruit; her teeth are rather jagged, the nails on her hands and feet are enlongated and pointed like claws, and she bears short nubby horns poking out of her skull that the hat hides. She also tends to not put any footwear on.

Her imp form has her dwindling down to only 2 feet, her skin red save for a pale white on her face and chest. Her face becomes more catlike in nature with long pointed ears, her horns grow and burst out of her hat, and her ponytail grows out to rival her in height. Her body curves down to an even more exaggerated pear like shape, her hands and feet growing slightly as her arms and legs grow black rocky protrusions from them. Kanna's uniform shrinks down to only her shirt and cap, her shirt reaching down to her knees at this point.

History: Kanna had been bred to have been a Marine. Her father was a Captain of a Marine outpost and her mother was the Captain of a Marine ship. As such, She grew up with her father in the Marine outpost among the other marines and tended to be rather disruptive with pranks and jokes, escaping with the free pass her father gave her until she mistook a package to Marineford for a present, eating the treat inside which lead to the first burning of her fathers outpost. She was only ten when the terror began as she casually tossed fire or attempted to teleport around only to get sick, never mastering the power as she spent the next 3 years spoiled and burning things until the hard hand of justice pushed down upon her father to have her admitted to train with recruits with how the reports on her mischief were stacking up.

She was sent off much to the celebration of her former targets that the brat was gone, Her training started upon the training grounds of Marineford where she tried to continue her antics much to the displeasure of her fellow trainees. Bathrooms clogged, people chained to bed in the morning, All the crossword puzzles scribbled on, personal secrets written on the walls. She was made the target of many, many comments on being the 'evil of the government' formed, or the target for training where she was picked all the time to play the part of 'pirate'. She stayed with it as she hardly knew what else to do. Pirates were the greatest evil was fed to her all her life and while marines sought to make things peaceful. It wasn't until one day of solitary confinement for sabotaging most of the food with hot sauce was she asked about Justice. She had been a criminal all her life despite living and working with marines. Petty crimes to be sure but each one wanted justice after her pranks. She looked into herself and had no answer to the man who asked from beyond the door.

She took it upon herself to actually attempt working harder and attempt to be kinder that day, though still having a 'fix' in needing to cause pranks. Less humiliating and harmful ones for sure on fellow recruits as time passed. When it came time for her to pass with everyone else, she was held back due to her age. She was offered and asked to work as a chore girl in participating at the base while also being watched over to train until the time came until she was ready. Much to the dismay of others, She accepted and continued her reign of harmless pranks and training as she grew up before the other marines; Becoming seen as somewhat of a daughter to most stationed officers and maturing eye candy to newer personnel. She finally gained the title of recruit that slowly diminished as while she was hardly any kind of tactical genius or smart thinker, She stuck out somewhat with her devil fruit power and combat prowess giving her a title into the Petty Officer rank.

Personality: Impish and playful, Kanna loves pranking people and causing trouble. She even enjoys pranks played on her. Her sense of Justice sits in the idea that only cruel beings should deserve the cruel punishments she performs. She also carries about an air of loyalty and servitude to higher ranked commanders even if she jokes or makes fun of them. She loves spicy foods and sweat treats, but is a picky eater when it comes to most vegetables or fruit or odd foods. She also is allergic to dogs, where she will go teary eyed and have a sneezing fit when being close to one which is the case where she may go pet someones pooch.

Ship: [Nada at the moment]

Ship Flag: Marine Flag/World Government

Devil Fruit: Oni Oni no mi, Model: Imp
type: Mythic Zoan
effect: Allows the user to become an imp-human.

Special Abilities:
Traps/Decoys: Being mostly known for pranking and causing issues, One of the many things she learned is setting up traps or decoys or the like to fool or mess with people. She knows how to hide them and spring them.
Breaking and Entering: Kanna can get places and knows the perfect place to hide or sneak in. She was been the uninvited guest to many Vice Admiral dinners and knows the airducts of Marineford like the back of her hand from sneaking around.Give her the tools and she can break into any building or ship and scout it out.
Basic Marine Training: As a marine, She has learned to use many weapons but prefers a simple dagger to use as both an imp and human.

Learned Techniques:
Pitch: Grasping fire in her hand, Kanna chucks it much like one throws a baseball. Easy to use in Imp form, Human form requires more effort to produce effect.
Torchdown: Using both her hands, Kanna creates a much larger ball of flame in her hands before throwing it down. Requires an elevated position, usually by teleporting up or asking to be tossed. Easy to use in Imp form, More effort when human
Spike: By using both her hands, Kanna instead throws her fireball up into the air. By shifting into human form or teleporting, she spikes it down at the cost of scorching her arms or feeling sick.
Timeout: Her teleport. By focusing on where she is going, she can poof herself 5 meters away from the action so far. Causes her to get sick with use, effect worsens when human.
Brand: Using her fire, she heats up her dagger to use in case of close combat. Know no actual skills or techniques besides the basic parrying and sparring with one.

A simple dagger
Various tools such as hammer, crowbar and wrench for the means of accessing places or setting up traps.

Goals: Dish out Justice with her Pranks and simply live.

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PostSubject: Re: Petty Officer Kanna Chevious   Tue May 09, 2017 8:40 pm

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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PostSubject: Re: Petty Officer Kanna Chevious   Fri May 25, 2018 7:10 pm

Updated Kanna to give her a tad more impish look and more to her personality for when she finally gets to play.
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PostSubject: Re: Petty Officer Kanna Chevious   Fri May 25, 2018 11:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Petty Officer Kanna Chevious   

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Petty Officer Kanna Chevious
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