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 Trade Trade fruit

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PostSubject: Trade Trade fruit   Mon Apr 10, 2017 3:38 pm

Name: (trade trade fruit)
Eaten by: Zereth Zeidukiyo
Capabilities: is a Paramecia type Devil fruit can exchange anything they have for something belonging to another person. The two things in the exchange will swap locations into the new owners possession. for more detailed information see below in strengths

Strenghts: The user of this fruit can exchange anything they have for something belonging to another person. The two items in the exchange will swap locations into the new owners possession, and can't merely be stolen back.This ability may seem trivial at first glance but its power is also able to make mystical exchanges such as trading intangibles and human attributes. †Exchanges can also be made for special powers such as devil fruits, knowledge skills, even a persons soul can be traded away with the use of the fruits powers, of course that would kill the one trading their soul away. This fruit can also grant a pseudo immortality by making trades for another persons youth.

Weakness: The power is only activated by a handshake between the devil fruit user and the trader and both parties will have to have agreed to the trade/deal, to signify the agreement between them. Both participants must have something to offer, if the conditions are not specified then a person could lose something random and/or vital. There are few combat applications for this devil fruit. †Standard devil fruit weaknesses apply, the user cannot trade someone for the ability to swim. Another important thing to be noted is just because he can trade knowledge DOES NOT †mean he will have the skills to use said knowledge to its full potential. That would have to be separate or included in the trade.
Trading devil fruit powers does not mean the one having eaten the trade trade fruiti will get them, there is also a condition to do such a trade such as that zereth need to touch a fruit while shaking the one he deals with hand to complete the trade, if this condition is not fulfilled the trade will still go through however it can manifest nearby as well as on the other side of the world.

a bit on the difference between knowledge and skills: To make it simple, knowledge is theoretical and skills are practical. You can know all the rules of a sport, know all the teams and all players, know all the statistics, but this only makes you knowledgeable about this sport; it does not make you any good at it. To become good at a sport you must play it, practice its techniques, and improve your skills through experience. You donít need to know all the teams or all the players to practice a sport and you can easily learn the rules as you play, through trial and error.

to be noted: Major trades such as for example trading a devil fruit power away will have to be agreed upon outside the rp before it can happen in rp
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PostSubject: Re: Trade Trade fruit   Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:04 pm

The power is interested and unique. Considering that the trade can only be done if the two people involved agree it first and make the handshake, I see it okay.

As for the usage to NPCs, I expect fair usage and not an abuse of the power.


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Trade Trade fruit
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