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 Melik Luwak

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PostSubject: Melik Luwak   Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:04 pm

Name: Melik "Coffee Time" Luwak

Age: 18

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Neutral

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: West Blue


Melik has medium in terms of length hair. that almost reach his shoulders. The majority of his body is covered with his clothes, except from his face and his arms which reveal he is white colored. His eyes are a mix of dark brown and red. He lacks any facial hair and he is mostly seen smiling, trying to stay positive so that he can persuade his potential customers to buy his coffee.

As for his clothes, he wears a white colored vest which is buttoned, light brown pants and black boots. Around his waist, he also wears a black colored sash which is long enough to reach his knees. His appearance is completed with two of his signature clothes: First, his dark red robe which he always wears and his black and red colored hat.

Finally, he carries a large bag on his back in which he has all his coffee products and his cups stored.

History: Melik was born into poverty in a large city of West Blue. There, he used to work every day since his childhood so that he could earn some money for his family to survive. His father was the owner of a small cafe at the city and as he was his only child, Melik was forced to help him. The truth was that his father did not really want to make his son work. However, as his wife had died long ago when she gave birth to Melik, he had no other person he could trust and thus he had to make him work because he needed the help.

That made Melik dislike his father a lot. While he was growing up, he was looking at the other children who got the chance to play at the city's streets, while himself was working at the family business, making coffee and serving it to bystanders, marines and in some cases pirates. The life at the cafe was quite harsh. The times a brawl took place in the cafeteria were more than a few. And during those brawls, Melik was forced to try and stop the men fighting, occasionally with the danger of his own life.

One day, though, a tragic event was about to occur. Some pirates came into the store and they attempted to rob it, stealing all the money. Melik's father was not willing to give the money he had earned the last month to the pirates and thus a fight started. The marines came after the pirates and the biggest fight in the cafe's history began, during which Melik's father was accidentally fatally wounded by a Marine. Melik was beaten bad as well and the pirates left him unconscious, believing him for dead. In the end, the Marines retreated and the pirates took all the money and they disappeared, leaving Melik with a deep grudge towards both marines and pirates, but especially pirates. Even if he wasn't on good terms with his father, he was the last person he got to have and the death of that person made him want the enforcers of the law...

The next three years were a nightmare for the young man. He was forced to work all day and keep the cafe on his own, so that he could earn the necessary money. Furthermore, there were much fewer people who were willing to buy his coffee as he wasn't as good as his father at making coffee and his business started declining. The quality of his coffee started falling and along with that the majority of the customers got disappointed. And along with the disappointment of the customers for the young man's shop, Melik also started developping some disappointment because of his bad luck, not knowing what was about to happen to him soon after.

One day, while Melik was blending some coffee, one of the coffee beans he was using transformed into a Devil Fruit, during the process. Apparently, a Devil Fruit user that carried the ability of a fruit passed away and the fruit appeared at the place of one of the coffee beans he was using. Not knowing what was happening, Melik made some coffee for himself and he drank it, gaining the powers of the Devil Fruit which was none other than the Kohi Kohi no Mi, a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that turned him into a coffee-human.

At first, Melik realised that something weird was going on with his coffee. Its taste was not really good. He knew that he was not the best coffee maker in the world, but that taste was in fact awful. The coffee was worse than the first time he got to make some coffee during his childhood, when his late father taught him. But that was not enough to make him understand what had happened. He just believed that he made some mistakes during the blending.

The same evening, though, two men appeared at his cafe. They started telling jokes on each other and while Melik was cleaning a table, he got to her what one of the man was telling to the other. Apparently, that was an habit Melik used to have since his childhood. When he got the chance, he would try listening to whatever the people around had to say, so that he would know what was going on. Ever since his childhood, he was forced to work in the shop and didn't really do anything else and thus he wanted to know information in order to feel like he was not an outcast of the society he was living in. And while he performed that bad habit of his, he listened to a joke that made him laugh. And it made him laugh so hard that he started spitting coffee out of his mouth, messing the table he was cleaning.

The two men looked at him and they were shocked. Melik looked at them with his eyes twitched, not really understanding what was happening. "We are closed!" he said and he forced them out of his business, before locking the door. "What was that?" he thought and he spat again, only to realise that no coffee came out of his mouth at that time. "Weird..." he thought and he looked at his clothes, only to see them filled with coffee. He looked at his hands and they were dark brown, same color as the color of the coffee that came out of his mouth. "Oh crap..." he gulped. "This could be some fruit or something..." he thought. He knew about Devil Fruits, after all. He had heard a lot of stories about these abilities. "Considering my bad luck, this might be the Shit Shit Fruit..." he thought before he smelt his hands and his clothes, figuring out the scent of the coffee. "OH YESSSSSSS!!!" he celebrated in relief.

Ever since then, Melik started working on his fruit abilities. He quickly figured out that it allowed him to produce any kinds of liquid coffee he desired and thus he got to make some good coffee, extremely fast. The business rose to power and in about a year it became the most earning business in the city. Despite that, the success of the business made Melik desire more. He could see the potential in his coffee. His fruit ability allowed him to produce all kinds of coffee, even the best ones. Furthermore, all those years he was forced to work inside the shop to survive without getting the chance to travel to the outside world. It was his chance to go out and see whether the stories he heard about the seas were true or false. And finally, he could see the potential in his coffee to dominate the markets of the Grand Line. He didn't want to stick to the coffee shop he received from his father. He would make a coffee empire that would ship his own coffee to the pirates, the marines, regular people, anyone in the Grand Line.

And thus, Melik decided to set sail. He sold his coffee shop and used the rest of his money to travel to the Grand Line, where he could start a career as a merchant, with the hopes of becoming a coffee tycoon!

Personality: While Melik seems like your average guy, he can be described by one word: Branding. He knows how to brand himself and that is what gets him into situations very easily. He can appear out of nowhere and he will stick to the people he appears to, as if nothing happens. He likes speaking with a catchphrase, his own catchphrase "Coffee Time" which is also responsible for his epithet.

Furthermore, being a neutral guy, he doesn't really mind working with pirates or marines. The reason about this is not because he trusts them both, but because he knows that he can't really trust anyone out of the two. He has a strong dislike for the two factions, mainly because of the story of his father and thus he is willing to work with them but not trust them. That doesn't mean, though, that he cannot trust people from within these factions. If he gets to meet trustworthy pirates or marines, Melik is willing to make friends with them as he is quite friendly.

Moreover, Melik does mind good connections and so he is the kind of person who will not try to disagree with his speaker, as the speaker is a potential customer. Regarding the cases he is getting attacked, he will obviously ignore a potentially good relationship with the attacker and he will fight back as he is defending himself. If he figures out that his interests are in danger, he is also willing to attack and take out a potential enemy to his business.

Also, Melik likes daydreaming a lot. Due to his insomnia that comes from his Devil Fruit, he lacks the ability to have dreams or nightmares and thus he daydreams a lot. He often gets dragged into his own daydreams, exaggarating about anything that could potentially happen and making a fool of himself to those around him. He usually uses the word "dream" or "nightmare" especially in his fights, describing himself as some form of a nightmare for those he gets to face (although that has to do with him exaggarating as well).

Finally, out of all, he is driven about his desire to become successful and ship his coffee to all the places of the Grand Line. If he finds anyone who is about to antagonise him or put and end in his dreams, he will attempt to take them out no matter what, in the case he can't settle the problem with diplomacy.

Ship: Coffee Place

Ship Flag: A white flag with a coffee cup in the middle.

Devil Fruit: Kohi Kohi no Mi (Coffee Coffee Fruit)
Type: Paramecia
Effect: Kohi Kohi no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that turns the user into a coffee man, allowing them to produce amounts of solid or liquid coffee at will. He can develop several types of coffee which can be casually drunk by anyone. Also, he can use the coffee he produces in combat, such as creating blasts made of hot coffee. Finally, the fruit causes insomnia to the user as a side effect.

Special Abilities:

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Coffee Break: Coffee Break is Melik's signature technique and it gets its name from Melik's catchphrase. He offers a coffee to his friends with extra caffeine that makes them more energetic and more willing to fight. The technique is some form of a buff. Furthermore, he can use Coffee Break to awaken unconscious people. It should be noted that Coffee Break doesn't have any healing properties.
-Coffee Blast: Melik sends a blast of hot coffee to his enemies.

Weapons/Items: A few cups he is carrying in his bag so that he can serve some of his coffee, as well as a few plastic bottles full of coffee.

Goals: Make a big business and expand his business to the Grand Line.

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Add a paragraph of text to his appearance. I trust you'll do as I've asked.

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Melik Luwak
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