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 Karen Karen no Mi (NPC-only fruit)

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PostSubject: Karen Karen no Mi (NPC-only fruit)   Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:01 pm

Name: Karen Karen no Mi (Cute/Sweet Fruit)

Design: Striking resemblance to a pudding cake, with a deep red colorization.

Abilities: Anything the user's palms physically come into contact with will immediately be "cute-fied". Characteristics will be mellowed down to resemble a more childish, cute or harmless appearance. Features such as claws, swords etc. are also afflicted and are turned into harmless cute versions of what they once were. The ability can only wear off if the user is knocked out or the user dispels the power onto the afflicted objects/individuals.

Important/Disclaimer: NPC-only fruit that is only to be used on "Cleyra Act 2: Blood and Strings", any threads that may be related to the thread, will come under the acceptance of everyone involved, the power is not allowed to be used elsewhere or to actual user's characters unless agreed upon. Fruit can only be used in specified threads after a mutual agreement between all the participants and as an added security, the DF user is permanently not allowed to be the character responsible into beating any thread-important thread or character, unless agreement between all involved is given.


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PostSubject: Re: Karen Karen no Mi (NPC-only fruit)   Tue Nov 24, 2015 12:58 pm

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Karen Karen no Mi (NPC-only fruit)
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