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 Kilo Kilo no Mi

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PostSubject: Kilo Kilo no Mi   Thu Sep 24, 2015 9:38 pm

Name: Kilo Kilo no Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The fruit changes the user into that of a Kilo Person.  They are able to gradually shift their weight so that it can either become much heavier or much lighter in comparison to their usual weight.  When their weight shifts, the user’s size stays the same and, as such, the user will become more or less dense depending on how they shift.  At first, while the shift is slow, the user will be able to slowly increase how quickly they shift and how much they can weigh over all.  To begin with the user may only decrease their weight to 1kg (or not at all if they weigh less than that). The increased weight does not hamper the user’s speed, though too high of a weight can cause loss of control with momentum and lack of jump height.  Conversely, too low of a weight may find the user flying off too far with nothing to stop them.
User: Aether
Growth Curve:

0%: The user feels ever so slightly lighter.  Devil Fruit Weaknesses begin.
10%: The user can have a maximum weight of 1 tonne with a shift of 500 kilograms per post.
20%: Max weight is 5 tonnes with a 1 tonne shift per post.
30%: Max weight is 10 tonnes with a 3 tonne shift per post
40%: Max weight is 25 tonnes with a 7 tonne shift per post. The user may now use the Kilo Cannon Gear.
50%: Max weight is 50 tonnes with a 15 tonne shift per post.
60%: Max weight is 100 tonnes with a 30 tonne shift per post. The user may now use the Kilo World Gear.
70%: Max weight is 250 tonnes with a 90 tonne shift per post. The user may now use the Kilo Juggernaut Gear.
80%: Max weight is 500 tonnes with a 200 tonne shift per post. The user may now lower their weight to such a degree as to make themselves lighter than air. The user may now use the Kilo Transfer Gear.
90%: Max weight is 1000 tonnes, now with an Instant Shift.
100%: Max weight is 2500 tonnes. The user may now use the Kilo Air Gear.

1. Kilo Cannon: The user instantly shifts between their heaviest and lightest weights every few seconds.  Pushing off of the ground, the user may move at Soru speeds in a straight line.  The user must stop whenever they wish to turn and push off of the ground once more.  This is usable for 5 posts.  Afterwards, halves their speed due to exhaustion for the amount of posts used.

2. Kilo World: The user now shifts their weight change not only to himself, but to all other around him.  The range extends out to the user’s DF% in meters (100% = 100 meters).  All living animals (Beasts and Humanoids) within this range feel the shift in weight along with the user.  The catch being that only the user is unaffected by his new weight as normal.  Any targets wishing to move normally must have their strength be greater than double the user’s DF%.  This is usable for 3 posts.  Afterwards, the user becomes immobile and stuck at his max weight for 2 posts.  They may still speak and observe but are unable to move. If ended after 1 post, the user’s speed drops by 33.33% (Rounded down, for ease).  If ended after 2 posts, the user’s speed drops by 66.66%.  For example, a user with 20% speed uses this gear for 1 post; their speed drops down to 14%.

3. Kilo Juggernaut: The user forcefully shifts into double their maximum weight.  During this time, they are still unhindered by this new weight, but have trouble stopping themselves once in motion.  As such, whenever beginning a run or starting an action, they cannot stop doing such, even if they know continuing would lead them into a trap.  This may be used for a total of 5 posts.  Afterwards, the user may not use their Devil Fruit abilities for 5 posts.

4. Kilo Transfer: The user may now hone in on specific objects and transfer up to their max weight to that object.  The target must be non-living, tangible object though can be anything within that category (Weapons with Devil Fruits count as a target in their weapon form and only in their weapon form).  This may also work in the opposite way and make an object much lighter than it usually is.  To begin the Transfer, the user must touch the object which they wish to transfer the power to.  During the time in which the user is controlling the weight of the object, they cannot change their own weight.  This may be used for 5 posts.  Afterwards, the user suffers negative 5% endurance for every post use. (Used for 3 posts? 15% Endurance drop for 3 posts).

5. Kilo Air: The user now pushes forces their maximum weight onto the atmosphere around them.  The range of this ability is the same as that for Kilo World.  Due to the new weight of the atmosphere, pressure will begin to build onto the people within the area.  This will cause damage equal to the user’s DF% to all targets within the area.  As well as this, the breathable parts of the atmosphere begin to drop to the ground.  As such, all targets within the area (including the user) begin to suffer the effects of suffocation immediately.  The atmosphere springs back to normal once the gear is finished.  The may be used for a maximum of 5 posts.  Afterwards, the user goes unconscious equal to the number of posts used (I.E, they’ll likely have to skip out of the post order for X amount of rounds).  The user, unlike in Kilo World, stays at their regular weight once this gear is finished.

Note on being Lighter than Air: While the user may be able to have a form of pseudo-flying with this ability, if they have nothing to push themselves off of, or nothing to grab once in the air, they cannot change trajectory.  As such, the only way back down would be to shift their weight back to being heavier than air.
Ability Points Cost:
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PostSubject: Re: Kilo Kilo no Mi   Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:28 pm

Base fruit +15

Gears +10

Gears don't drain endurance +5


Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Kilo Kilo no Mi
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