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 El Muerto

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PostSubject: El Muerto   Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:35 am

Technique list name: El Muerto fighting style
Overview: Dante has established a sort of rhythm for short range fighting. He can use his legs and hands to fight hand to hand against opponents if the need arises, but his specialty is around kicking and grabbing opponents using his devil fruit; he also fights dirty using this form. Whereas the grabbing weakens them, kicking is what usually does the actual damage when using physical fighting.
History: Dante learned this through his travels in the grand line, living in prison for years also helped his physique. He learned how to kick and punch while travelling across the oceans.

-Level thirteen-
(use this sheet)
Name: Kicking Swipe
Type: Kicking
Description: The user swings his legs horizontally to try and either crack an opponent's skull, or kick their legs to have them lose their ballance.
Effect: Causes damage equal to the users skill on an opponent, and if hit the user loses their footing of their endurance isn't higher the the damage inflicted by this attack.
Stat Prerequisites: 10% Skill

Name: Kicking Barrage
Type: Kicking
Description: The user kicks the air a number of times equal to his skill divided by two rounding down (except after 100%, then it's rounding up). The kicks are delivered in an instant.
Effect: Causes damage equal to the users skill on an opponent per kick.
Stat Prerequisites: 10% Skill

Name: El Muerto
Type: Grabbing
Description: The user launches himself forward and attempts to grab a part of the opponent. If he does then he will attempt to grapple the opponent while holding on to him. This can be done by attempting to move his body behind the opponent.
Effect: The opponent is grabbed if they can't dodge, activating the user's DF touch ability. He can then shift, turning into sand, and end behind the opponent where he can hold on. While in this form the opponent loses % in strength equal to Dante's strength, and he maintains attached to the opponent until they can successfully pull Dante off, stab/kill, or find out a way to get a person that's made of sand to come off his body logically. Yes, it has to make sense.
Stat Prerequisites: 10% Skill and 100% DF control.

Name: Piercing Jab
Type: Punching(?)
Description: The user jabs his hand at the opponent, attempting to 'pierce' the opponent's chest, which isn't really possible until about 70% skill. If he hits the abdomen though it makes the person flinch if their endurance is less then his jab's skill level.
Effect: The user chops the abdomen, causing physical damage equal to his skill % and causing the opponent to flinch if aimed at the stomach and the opponent's Endurance is lower then the damage total.
Stat Prerequisites: 20% Skill

Name: Spiked Body
Type: Piercing
Description:The user creates spikes from his body that move outwards about 1 foot each. The spikes do 100 damage each if someone is close when they come out and stab through the person.
Effect: The spikes do 100 damage to someone hit, and can be kept outside so that anyone that hits them loses 10 HEALTH upon impact with each spike.
Stat Prerequisites: 100% DF control

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PostSubject: Re: El Muerto   Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:17 am

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El Muerto
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