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 Steel Martyr Discipline

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PostSubject: Steel Martyr Discipline   Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:10 pm

Technique list name: Steel Matyr Discipline
Overview: The Discipline is used by Ikari to make the most of her steel skeleton and high endurance, going for slower but harder strikes and more defensive techniques.
User: Ikari Rabu
History: After making herself a steel skeleton, Ikari very quickly realised the increased weight of herself. †While it granted her an easier time taking blows, this would cut her attacking power severely if not used properly. †As such, she began to train herself, shadow boxing mostly, in getting used to the weight of her new skeleton, thinking of new techniques while she did so. †This gave birth to the Steel Martyr Discipline. †A Discipline that focuses of slow, heavy strikes and using oneís defence for a greater offence.


-Level Four-

Name: Disarm
Type: Weapon Counter
Description: The user would move to catch an opponentís weapon, firmly standing their ground as they let the weapon move towards them. †Finally, the user would slam their hands together, catching the weapon and attempting to disarm the opponent.
Effect: The weapon would be halted, reducing the damage from an attack to one third (Due to damage from the hands being grazed still taking effect). †At this point, the userís skill must be higher that the opponentís to disarm the weapon, otherwise the opponent keeps their weapon.
Level learned: 4
Stat Requirements: Endurance 60%, Speed 10%, Skill 20%, Strength 20%

Name: Seismic Palm
Type: Hand to Hand
Description: The user pulls back their hands and trusts it forward it a straight line, shifting their weight into the attack.
Effect: The user would make a single attack at half speed, but at double strength.
Level learned: 4
Stat Requirements: Endurance 30%, Skill 30%, Strength 20%

-Level Five-

Name: Cross Shield
Type: Melee Defensive
Description: The user would cross their arms in front of their body, readying themselves to take a blow.
Effect: The damage that would have been take would be taken on the arms instead of on the main body; Half damage.
Level learned: 5
Stat Requirements: Endurance 20%, Speed 10%, Perception 10%

-Level Six-

Name: Weight Shift
Type: Stance
Description: The user would plant their feet down on the ground, readily moving the weight about their body as they attack.
Effect: The user may attack with their Endurance, but their speed and agility are halved for the duration that they attack like this. (Any technique that already halves the attack speed, would further half it if using this stance).
Level learned: 6
Stat Requirements: Endurance 40%, Strength 20%, Skill 30%
Condition: The user may only use this where they are on solid ground (Unusable underwater or on incredibly loose sand). To use on unstable ground (A ship or moving rock, for example) the Skill requirement increases to 50%.
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PostSubject: Re: Steel Martyr Discipline   Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:55 pm

Attacking with endurance is a little iffy but I don't see any problems with this for now.

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Steel Martyr Discipline
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