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PostSubject: Pepper    Sat Jun 20, 2015 12:07 am

Name: Pepper "Th

Age: 28

Bounty: Na

Species: human

Occupation: Mace

Allegiance: herself

Home Village/Ocean: south blue


History: Pepper was in a peaceful kingdom in the west blue. Raised by a prominent family, Pepper was given a comfortable lifestyle where she was raised to be a proper lady. Despite being her privileged upbringing, Pepper was known for doing childish pranks and tomboyish attitude to locals to the point of people thinking she was a boy earning the nickname "Pip". Her family was influential enough to erase most charges by the police. Her father would scold her for her improper demeanor though this didn't deter her in the least.


Ship: name of ship. Add a link to the vessel if you have created one.

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: powers excluding the devil fruit not techniques for example a sword style

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise

Weapons/Items: take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved

Goals: Must have a goal, this can be something simple like "survive" or a bigger goal like "pirate king"
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