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 Namor oceanus

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PostSubject: Namor oceanus   Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:36 pm

Name: Namor oceanus

Age: 37

Bounty: 240,700,000

Species: Tiger shark Fishman

Occupation: Master of the Fishman Dojo

Allegiance: Royal Shichibukai/World Government(former)

Home Village/Ocean: Fishman Island/Grandline

Appearance: Namor is a very large fishman standing nearly 8'2 weighing about three hundred pounds. He has long brown hair which he he keeps in dreadlocks behind his red bandana. His face oddly enough is more human than fishman due to his mermaid heritage. Only his teeth reveals his fishman nature on his face which are sharp and triangular. Namor has gills on his neck. His body is very muscular indicating his super human strength. His skin is a light greenish blue color with a white undertone. Namor wears an orange t-shirt with black tropical trees, and his shorts are brown that held by a black slash.

After the battle with Nishki: Namor is now without his bandana. His hair is now long wavy due to it not being in dreadlocks anymore. There are scars that are visble all across his body sixteen on his legs, ten across his arms, and one across his face on his nose. He also wears different clothing due to his old ones being torn to pieces. He was a tranditional japanase clothing with a blue then white robe. The blue robe has design of blue and green waves all across the fabric. His hands and upper arms with bandages. Namor also walks barefooted.

History: His father was the king of Fishman Island, and his mother was a local nurse at a hospital. Now the king was known for his bravery and wisdom, but what the people didn't know that he was an adulter. Every once and awhile the King would sleep with some of the local mermaids. Only this time Namor's mother was impreganated by him. The King feared what would happen if his wife and his people found out about his indiscretions, so every week the king would send Namor's mom sums of gold to keep her quiet. Namor was born out of wedlock, so his royal heritage was kept a secret from the public. Namor grew up with everything he could ever want due to his mother's wealth. He grew up being one of the strongest warriors on the island. The King even hired him to be in army (having no idea that it was his son). Namor was a loyal brave soldier for the royal family. He would even fight off pirates and slavers that tried to invade the island. Namor was hailed as a hero of the people at the age of 25. Then all that changed when his mother grew sick. On her death bed, Namor's mother revealed the truth about his father. Namor was the first son of the king, and the heir to the throne. A sudden rage filled Namor. His father had left them because he was too much of a coward to admit his mistakes. The man who he respected and protected all these years was nothing but a low life adulter. Namor walked into palace, and planned to murder his father right on his throne. Namor screamed at the top of his gills revealing his royal heritage to everyone in the palace. The king grew cold as he realized his most trusted soldier was in fact his son. Namor threw his trident into his father's chest killing him in the one strike. Namor was then attacked by the palace guards and had to exile himself from fishman island forever. After establishing the purple heart pirates, Namor made is way to Sabaody Archipelago where a group of slavers tried to capture Bruce, his second mate. After a brief fight, Namor punched a noble resulting in a call for an admiral. The purple hearts tried to sail away to escape, but Nishki flew over unto their ship and destoryed it. The fight between Namor and Nishki was short resulting Nishki as the victor. Namor barely survived the battle left with many scars and bad memories. It was this act that brought the government's attention to the fishman, and they invited him to become a shichbukai. Namor seeing an opportunity to sail to fishman island without hinderance from marines or slavers. With the protection of his status of shichbukai, Namor and his crew made it to fishman island. He orginally planned to conquer it and make his own kingdom, but he then learned a bigger opponent than him was trying to takeover fishman island. His sister and current ruler of fishman island, Queen Tsunami finally met her Namor after years. The two had a heated argument which seeing that Namor was partially responsible for Anchor's, captain of the ocean pirates who are also trying to take over fishman island, return. Namor decided to stop anchor in exchange for his sister's forgiveness. The purple hearts eventually defeated anchor and eventually jailed him. This however was a trap Anchor planned to get captured in order to get inside the palace. After finally liberating fishman island along with the help of the steel pirates, Namor resigned as captain of the purple hearts in order to repair the damage of fishman island. He now works at the fishman dojo as its master in order train the new generation of fishmen as well as guide them toward peace and guidance rather than prejudice and hatred. Namor also spends his time visiting the palace daily to see his family. At first they were hestiant, but they soon grew to love him even his sister Tsunami.

Personality: Namor is a laid back person who sleeps wherever and whenever he wants. He is usually calm and preserved never taking anything seriously. Namor also loves eating and music. Another thing that Namor can't resist is women whether they be merfolk or women. Namor can't resist flirt with them(A trait from his father). No matter how much he may get rejected he can't resist asking another out. It seems that Namor doesn't bear any ill will toward human unlike most fishmens. He hates the Marines for their constant neglect of the discrimination and enslavement of his people. Namor also wants to gain a strong enough crew to take back his throne on fishman's island. Namor also loves his crew and thinks of them as family. Although Namor is good guy he is not without faults. He is greedy, overconfindent, and thoughtless. His main drive to accomplish anything so far was fueled by his almost unsatiable lust for power. He even forms a crew in order to form an army, and becomes a shichibukai in order to conquer the island. Namor always overestimate his own strength, and takes credit for stuff his crew does (though he usually apologizes later on.) He tends to demote, and even mock his opponents despite that they are powerful than he is. Anyone who knows Namor knows he fits the saying "Do now asks questions later" He does not think ahead or even at all during adventures.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: A skull wearing a crown engulfed in flames with a purple heart in the background.

Devil Fruit: None
type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities: Namor possess super human strength, due to merman being 10 times as strong as humans. He can even crush stone and even metal with his teeth. Namor can also swin 10,000 degrees below water, and communiate with other fish even sea kings. He is user of fishman karate

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1)Hyakumaigawara Seiken: A hard punch that can send an opponent flying.

2)Wanto Giri: slams his arm-fin into the back of his opponent's neck.

3)Jodan Bakusho: Done underwater, this is an open-palm attack to the chin of the opponent

4)Appakushi Chokka Koro: Done underwater, grabs his opponent then swims extremely fast to the ocean floor where the pressure of the ocean wreaks havoc on the opponent's body.

5)Kaimen Wari: Using a karate chop, Namor can split the very ocean itself in order to send a shock wave to attack an enemy.

6) Senmaigawara Seiken: A much stronger version of the Hyaku Maigawara Seiken, this move is the "true essence of Fishman Karate". It can break through one thousand tiles, and kill a human with one shot

7) Yarinami: A technique used on a body of water's surface. Namor heaves a spear-shaped burst of water with enough force to punch a hole in solid structures. JNamor performa this technique after emerging from the eye of a whirlpool, and then musters up the whirlpool with his webbed hands and throws it into the target(s) in the form a piercing cyclone of water

eight) Karakusagawara Seiken: Namor punches at a fair distance from the intended target(s), so instead of the fist connecting, it releases a shock wave that sends them flying. This move is very similar to Bartholomew Kuma's Pad Cannon with the only difference being that the shock waves aren't concentrated upon being released; but in exchange, it has a much wider area of effect. This move has a delayed effect, as the shock wave takes a while to affect the opponent(s)

9) Nanasenmaigawara Mawashigeri : Namor performs a powerful roundhouse kick

10) Yabusame: Namor first wets his arm, then he punches the air in a chosen direction, using his massive strength to throw many drops of water, which are converted into deadly arrows through mere kinetic force

11) Gyojin Jujutsu Mizugokoro : An underwater technique that Namor initiates by first performing a bowl-shaped gesture with his webbed hands (one hand over the other) while underwater right before giving the water itself around him a mighty yank. This allows Namor to physically grab and redirect currents as if he were manipulating cloth.

12) Umidaiko : Namor punches the water in front of him pushing it at his opponent and sending a shockwave through it.

13) Ultramarine: the user grabs the water with their hands, and then hurls it forward in a mighty, extremely large torrent that blasts away his opponents with great force

14) Fishman Karate Ultimate Technique: Mighty Reliant Piercing- Namor hurls a pack of water in his hands and shoots a powerful water shock wave that pierces through his opponent's body

15) Hurricane Stampede: Namor throws a barrage of water that takes the shape of water blades that heads toward the opponent.

Weapons/Items: Trident

1) To spend the rest of his days at peace.
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PostSubject: Re: Namor oceanus   Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:04 pm

Same with what I said for Darnel. As I happen to know the story behind the character and his development, the char is...


At this character I see that he had already abandoned his rank before you quit, so the discussion about the rank will not be a problem.

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Namor oceanus
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