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 Darnel warshack

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PostSubject: Darnel warshack   Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:34 pm

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PostSubject: Admiral Darnel Warshack Sun Apr 22, 2012 9:57 am Select/Unselect multi-quote Reply with quote
Name: Darnel Warshack "Snake Eye"

Age: 32

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain

Rank: Admiral

Allegiance: Navy/Marine, World Government (The Hooded Knights)

Home Village/Ocean: Ohara/West Blue

Appearance: Darnel stands over 6'3 having a tall muscular figure and stature. His attire includes a white captain's coat with the word justice on the back with his signature hood. He wears a green shirt with a black vest. Darnel wears black pants and shoes. His hair is kept in braids. A small goatee is located on his chin. Darnel has brown tanned skin. A long red scar is located on his right temple from Manus. Part of his left arm and stomach have severe burns on his body from maximillion.

Human/Cobra Hybrid Form: Darnel's pants and vest's disappear in this form. His legs fuse together forming a long tail. His shirt pops open revealing his strong muscular chest and arms. His entire skin turns into olive green scales with tan crosses throughout his body. His hood falls back and his hat falls off revealing his snake face which has three long scars on it. His hair is also revealed as black, short, and spiky. He has two long fangs that comes from his mouth.

Cobra Form: Darnel becomes a full king cobra where he has no clothes and no arms. His body is more flexible and faster. Darnel also becomes more violent in this form.

Armor point: Darnel is in his human form but with tough snake skin making harder to damage.

Scent point: Allows him to trace the heat signatures of his targets no transformation needed.

muscle point: Darnel can increase his muscles at any point in his body which will become massive and increase his strength tenfold.

Neck point: Darnel's neck and head becomes like a snakes allowing him to strech his neck allowing him to reach far opponets as well.

Tail point: Darnel's lower body becomes a snake tail without changing his upper body. This allows him to wrap around opponents as well as move faster around the terrain. It also gives him the ability to jump very high.

Hydra point: Darnels transfrom to the size of a giant similar to his hybrid form. His strenght, and speed increase ten fold in this form.

History: Darnel was a young scholar at Ohara island where he was the student of a very intelligent teacher, Maulaus. When he was 10 years old all Darnel wanted to do was gain knowledge and one day become a teacher like Maulaus. The two were close Darnel would even sleep over at his house if the study sessions lasted throughout the night. Darnel's parents didn't seem to mind Darnel's closeness to Maulaus if fact they encouraged it. They wanted Darnel to reach his full potential, and become the world's smartest man. This unforunately was not so. Darnel soon wanted to use his knowledge for the common good as a marine. Maulaus claimed that his knowledge would only be used for the corruption of the world government if he joined the military. His best option would be to become a teacher and educate the young minds of the future in order help the common good. The two began to argue furiously over the issue. Darnel claimed that his abilities would be wasted on this island where he could help the world become a better place. The argued so badly that the both separated. Darnel left the island to join the marines, but not before bidding goodbye to his parents and even Maulaus(who would not hear from him). Darnel was a petty officer of 108 division at the age of 18. Then one day a group of strong pirates attacked their ship. These pirates were so strong that darnel shook from fear. He attempted to run away when his own captain sliced his face for being a coward. His captain claimed that those don't fight in name of justice should have no business in the marines. The marines managed to fight the pirates off without any major causalites claiming victory. Darnel on the other hand couldn't stand looking at his face anymore not because he was ulgy but because it reminded him of his cowardice and shame. From that day forward Darnel would forever wear a hood over his face. This transformation into the hooded marine changes Darnel's attitude become brave and herioc. More than one occassion did Darnel faced tougher opponents stronger than himself. He won the admiration of his marine brothers and even his own captain. Then the moment came when Darnel ate an devil fruit gaining the abilitites of a snake. This only gave him inspiration to become a better marine. The world government then awarded him with rank of captain at the age 21 seeing his talents wasted on his former crew. Darnel named his crew the hooded knights for their duty to serve the government and the fact that their uniforms also had the hood attachment just like him. While patrolling the West Blue, Darnel got to fight a very powerful pirate named Redbeard and save a marine base from a pirson breakout. He was transfered to marineford, because of the shortage of forces they had on the grand line. Seeing his chance to rise to the top, Darnel sailed with crew toward Marineford. Now going to Marineford was anything but easy. Darnel had to fight in a minor role against Maxmillion with Vice admiral Payne in the Unholy War. Then had to tranverse the seas of the Florian Triangle while in a hurricane. Finally when darnel and the hooded knights arrived at marineford he was promoted to commordore. Now with some well deserved vacation time. Darnel and his crew are now resting. A few months later Darnel was fighting Maxmillion yet again who was crowned a yonkou. After a lengthy naval battle, Maximillion got away leaving the mission as a failure. Darnel and his crew barely got away with their lives. Darnel was again promoted for his fight against a yonkou and survival to tell the tale. The hooded knights then faced another yonkou with the invasion of Alabasta with Anubis which again ended with failure. Darnel then decided to train with admiral Nishiki for 6 months so that he can become stronger. He was promoted to admiral.

Personality: Darnel is serious dutiful man who has no mercy from criminals. After the battle of the Anubis war, Darnel's views on justice has been deeply changed. Once a followerer of moral justice, Darnel has turned to adopt absolute doctrine. He shows no mercy for pirates even shichbukai. Despite being allies, Darnel doesn't care or trust the warlords. He would have no problem to sending them to Impel down if they show a hint of betrayal. His hatred of pirates seems to go to the extremist attitude. Darnel has no qalms of resorting to violence and torture to pirates. He seems to have particular hatred toward Maximillion. Darnel even is strict to his own men, despite the past when he was rather lax and formal with them. He believes marines must be fearless and do whatever in their power to serve justice whatever the cost. Anyone who is not willing to give their lives for justice shouldn't be marines. Darnel however does have a good side. He does appreciate talent always working with his men to one day surpass him. Darnel doesn't have any loved ones, so adopts children as his own sons to carry out his legacy. He is a man of honor always keeping his words. Darnel also has a good relationship with several marines Nishiki, Derge, Lenny, and even William, the shichbukai.

Ship: The hooded Justice (standard naval battle ship)

Ship Flag: a marine flag

Devil Fruit: Hebi Hebi no Mi, Model: King Cobra
type: Zoan
effect: allows the user to turn into a large King Cobra, and in the hybrid form take the shape of a Naga like creature with a humanoid upper body. It also gives the user the ability to create and spit poison. The user can also be incredible resilience to heat and fire.

Special Abilities:
Fanged Snake Style: Darnel in attempts to get stronger goes to karate island to learn martial arts where he learns a snake kung fu boxing due to his zoan. This martial arts compliments his power allowing him to become more flexible and fluid to deliver offensive attacks.

Strategist: Darnel has extensive knowledge of the world due to being a scholar. He comes back to Ohara to gain even more knowledge making him one of the smartest people in the grand line. Darnel comes up with plans that either traps criminals or causes them to turn against each other.

Zoan mastery: Darnel has developed a mastery over his devil fruit allowing him to transform into his six additional forms without the aid of the rumble balls. He has complete control over his body
making him more evasive and even more dangerous. This increases his range of attacks becoming a powerful threat.

Rokushiki: Darnel has learned Tekkai, Rankyaku, as well as Geppo in conjunction with his devil fruit powers

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1) Tail Whip: Darnel transform into a king cobra hybrid and launches his tail in a vertical swing.

2) Tail Stop: Darnel transfrom into a king cobra hybrid and slams his tail into a vertical motion crushing his enemies

3) Hebi Hebi No Constrictor: Darnel either uses his tail in his hybrid form or his entire body in his cobra to wrap around his opponent squeezing the life out of him.

4) Deadly Kiss: Darnel bites his opponent releasing vemon from his fangs in the opponent's body.

6) Hebi Hebi burrow: Darnel digs underground using his body in his hybrid body or full cobra form.

7) Muscle Point Hebi Hebi Stampede: Darnel uses his muscle point to enlarge his muscles on body while charging toward an opponent delivering a powerful almost deadly spear

9) Muscle Point Hebi Hebi Constrictor: Instead of Darnel using his Hybrid form, he uses muscle point to hug the opponent squeezing him until the opponent dies or passes out.

10) Armor Point Guard: Darnel uses his armor point to harden his skin into tough snake skin while attacking. This allows Darnel to take small amounts of damage with little to no damage at all. Note this does not work against sharp objects, or people with superhuman strength.

11) Muscle point Hebi tail whip: Darnel uses muscle point on his tail making it a deadly kick to knock out opponents.

Weapons/Items: Seastone nightstick

1) To capture and arrest all criminal in the world
2) To preserve justice and order throughout the world government
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PostSubject: Re: Darnel warshack   Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:59 pm

Considering that I know how much this character has been through, he is...


However, keep in mind that the admins might decide that he won't keep his rank due to the absence, so you might need to edit a few parts of the story. Also, edit the character in the beginning, you copied things you shouldn't have copied xD

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PostSubject: Re: Darnel warshack   Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:19 pm

Letís just get this settled here and now. If the user can stay on the site for more than a month, he has my vote for keeping his rank. However if at any time Odin leaves the site unannounced within the next month, he loses it. Assuming that Max approves, thatís two out of the three votes needed. My ruling on this is due to the lack of actual pc titled characters. Do not disappoint me.

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Darnel warshack
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