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 Sangjo bass

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PostSubject: Sangjo bass   Fri Jun 19, 2015 5:30 pm

Name: Sangjo Bass "The Screeching Siren"

Age: 29

Bounty: 170,850,000

Species: Human

Occupation: Musician/First Mate

Allegiance: Pirate(Steel Village)

Home Village/Ocean: Toroa/West Blue

Appearance: Sangjo stands about 5'6 and weight about 196 pounds. He has red fiery hair, and black eyes. Sangjo has a tall lanky figure. He wears a shirt with the colors of a peacock and orange pants.

History: Sangjo was sold as a slave when he was just a kid to Northern Winds pirates. He was the cabin boy learning the trade of piracy. One day when pirates sacked a merchant they recovered a panio. The pirates didn't have any musicians, so the paino just laid there in the cargo collecting dust. Then when the wind stopped blowing for weeks leaving the pirates with nothing to do. Rumors were going around that the sea was depressed from low spirit so Sangjo decided to try the paino. At first he didn't know how to play. Then by using memory, Sangjo remembered all the tones and sounds of each key. After about four weeks, Sangjo finally mastered the paino creating his own brand of music. The pirates heard the music, and began to dance. The crew sang songs, danced, and began to party. The wind soon began to blow, and the ship resumed to move. The pirates believed that Sangjo's music lifted the sea's spirits(even though it was just luck). Sangjo became a hero in the pirates eyes, and even nominated him to the crew's personal musician. Sangjo loved his position and played for the crew. Then on their adventures in the grand line Sangjo discovered a werid looking apple upon one of the ships they saked. He ate the apple unaware of its powers. Then after a year the Northern Winds tried to rob a noble ship. Neither did they know it was a trap. Five naval ships ambushed the pirates. The battle lasted for hours with the pirates sinking four of the ships. The Northern pirates were badly damaged from their battle. Their once mighty ship was taking in too much water. Sangjo tired to save the ship along with crewmates, but it was pointless. Either way their ship was going to sink. Just to make things worse their captain died from getting hit by a cannonball. In grief and dispair, Sangjo released a loud yell which soarded through the air at superspeed toward the ship. The ship exploded from the sound. Sangjo then realized that the apple he ate was a devil fruit. Sangjo and his crew mates stole the noble ship, and left them to drown in the ocean(what they don't know is that they were rescued later by a traveling ship). They gave their fallen commardes and the captain a proper burial. Sangjo personally said a prayer over them. The Northern pirate ship eventually sunk beneath the ocean. The northern pirates wanted Sangjo to be captain, but he refused claiming he must first harness his powers first. He then left the crew to train for the grand line with the promise that he would return to them to take over as their captain. Unforunately the northern pirates were exterminated three years later , by the marines for trying to murder a noble( Sangjo doesn't know about this yet). The marines even gave Sangjo a bounty for his actions in the attack against the nobles. Sangjo now having some control on his power wants to join another crew in hopes in finding his old commardes. After traveling with the seas alone, he was then befriened by Iken, captain of the steel pirates. Sangjo was happy join him and grew to love his new nakama. He even had a minor role in the Atlantis war helping Iken defeat a medusea. When Iken and Sangjo had learned of a buster call Iken ordered Sangjo to take the crew and leave the war. Sangjo was made second commander of the crew by Iken himself. After a few years Sangjo was made vice captain of the whole crew under iken himself but ultimately retired from his position after getting married and settling. Now he spends his days as a recluse sailor in peace

Personality: Sangjo is a carefree pirate who loves three things Music, Wine and women exactly in that order. Sangjo also loves the sea it is his greatest inspiration for his music. The sea represents freedom, adventure, and hope which most of his songs are about. Women are also very important to Sangjo, and considers then his treasure. He is also a bit of a pervert falling in love with every woman he sees. Though he constant gets rejected Sangjo never gives up. He even dreams about marrying a mermaid a woman from the sea, the ulimate woman in his eyes. Sangjo also wants to find the legendary amazon lily. He wants to meet the warrior women there. Sangjo can be annoying especailly with chasing women and his outgoing attitude, but the love and loyal for his crew makes up for it. He shares a bit of a rivalry with Kenjiro who constantly blocks him from getting women though Sangjo isn't bold enough to fight him. He just laughs and continues to play around.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Ōtochūningu Ōtochūningu No Mi
type: Paramecia
effect: Allows the user to become a mobile record studio by controling the pitch of his voice causing soudwaves to be used as weapons.

Special Abilities: Sangjo can play the paino. He is also trained in martial arts of Capoeira.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Mimic: allows the user to repeat and record words he has heard
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Wail: The user releases a loud sonic screech
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Opera: The user sings at a high sound that can send violent vibrations in the air shattering glass and even stone.
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Sharp: The user can send a fast pitch so fast it can cut like a blade.
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Remix: The user can alter any sounds he has record
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Flame: Sends sound waves so fast that the friction creates fire
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Barrage: Sends a series of air blades by singing a bunch of sharp pitches.
Otochuningu Otochuningu no Bass Earthquake: The user creates a bass tone so powerful it creates an earthquake that rips aparts the ground or what ever material it goes through.

These attacks are without the aid of his df abilities

Melody Kick: Sanjo kicks the opponent with his right foot.

Tip toned shoes: Sangjo sweeps his leg in a semi circle pattern in the air kicking multiple oppenents. This attack also send a gust a air toward his opponents pushing them away.

Philharmonic orchestra : Sangjo leaps toward his opponents in the air kicking one or both his legs furiously in a rapid furry motion.

The final Act: Sangjo spins around his legs in a circular motion while performing a handstand or balancing on his head. This is a very risky move for it can break his neck. While spinning Sangjo can move his legs up and down inflicting multiple areas on surrounding enemies.

Winter Brightman: Sangjo releases a kick so fast and quick that is sends a gust of frosty wind toward his opponets.

Musical Suggestion attacks
Saxaphone: Sangjo plays the Saxaphone producing a sound that once is heard by the intented target makes them feel unmotivated and depressed

Violin: Sangjo plays the violen badly producing horrible screeches that hurts the ears of those who hear it

Piano: Sangjo plays the paino playing bink sake making his crewmates and allies feel better by lifting their spirits

Guitar: Sangjo plays a melody that induces laziness and sleepiness

Weapons/Items: A black paino he plays for music, and a tone dial.

1) To sail the seas forever
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PostSubject: Re: Sangjo bass   Fri Jun 19, 2015 6:59 pm

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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Sangjo bass
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