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 Wihck Wolf Jr.

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PostSubject: Wihck Wolf Jr.   Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:50 pm

Name: Wihck Wolf Jr. (Wolf being the first name)

Epithet: Marble-man


  • Casual:

Age: 29

Bounty: N\A

Species: Human

Occupation: Bounty Hunter, can navigate his way around the Grand Line

Allegiance: Freelancer

Home Village/Ocean: Doset Island, West Blue

Appearance: Wolf has worked hard on making himself as attractive as he can to use his devil fruit powers effectively. He takes a lot of pride in his looks for his effort. He is an extremely well-built man after rigorous training that was meant to achieve mainly that. Big and wide and packed with muscle, he could make a few heads turn his way. Sadly, Wolf's genes weren't planning on him having to rely on his looks, barely kind enough to give him 1.60 meters in height, a fact that he tries to mask by wearing shoes with thick soles. He weights 80 kilogram, not a milligram of which is wasted on excess fat, and tries to keep his originally pale skin perfectly tanned. He is maintaining a perfectly aligned set of pearl-white teeth that give his smiles a shining effect. His big eyes are dark blue in color and are hanging under a pair of perfectly trimmed and styles eyebrows. His nose is rather big and round, though it adds to his strong appearance when paired with his wide and stern chin. He keeps his blond hair short and carefully styled, with the front kept at an upward curl by hair gel.

Wolf's wardrobe may change to fit his target apparent taste, though he always keeps himself smelling minty fresh. His favorite set, which he uses most of the time and that acquired him his epithet along with his powers, consists of a perfectly white and expertly tailored zoot suit complete with a matching white tie over a black undershirt. His pants are white as well, and are kept up by a pair of black suspenders that are hidden under his jacket. The suit is designed to emphasize Wolf's bulk with wide shoulders, and has several pockets in it to help Wolf carry some of his accessories (the most important of which are his comb and handheld mirror). The suit is complete with a pair of pitch black and expertly polished shoes, with thick soles that add several centimeters to Wolf's height. He wears a golden watch on his left wrist that doubles as a log pose.

History: "Doset Island of the West Blue was a pretty boring place to be born at, especially if you're the only child to a pair of poor farmers whose whole lives revolved around their cattle. Combine that with the fact that your family happens to be the poorest on the entire island, and you get a pretty miserable childhood that nobody really wants to hear about" A man said in a deep, booming voice. He was squatting down near what appeared to be a white rock and breathing heavily, as if he just unloaded a huge weight off his chest. "Naturally, as a boy, your only dream would be to flip everyone on that island off before climbing aboard the nearest ship you can find and get the hell out of there, but how can a poor boy find a ship?" He asked without expecting to get an answer from anyone. At this point, he knew, he was probably talking to himself, though he liked to pretend they could still hear him in that state. He then stood up and wrapped his thick arms around the white stone, before he began dragging it along the ground towards a ship that docked not too far away.

"The answer is - he doesn't. He has to freaking wait there, cook slowly in his own ambition. Punching trees out of sheer boredom, getting into fights just because his parents are farmers or because he's 'a short little f*ck'" The man continued after returning from the ship. He was around 1.60 meters, and wore white pants that appeared to be a part of a suit, hanging from black suspenders form his bulky shoulders. His toned body was covered with a black shirt and the sweat in his blond hair suggested that the strain of carrying rocks around was starting to get to him. "Until he turns 16, and fate decides to knock on his door in the form of a pirate. I believe his name was Heavy Hugh, though after so many I find it hard to keep track. To be honest, I can barely remember your name as well at this point" he said. He exhaled and rubbed his hands together, looking at the last stone that remained on the beach. "What the heck, I'll take a short rest. Not like you're hurrying anywhere PPPHAHAHAHA" He joked, sitting down next to the stone.

"Anyway" He continued, "This Heavy Hugh guy arrives on Doset island in a small boat. Apparently he decided to take a little break form his crew after they made fun of his weight for the billionth time" The man said, looking up at the night sky as if his life story was written in it. "Carelessly, he arrives with his own bounty poster - no less than 300,000 Bellis! It sent all the cowards on the island into a freaking frenzy. Everyone handed out everything for free out of fear for their lives. Freaking morons". His eyes then sparked as something occurred to him. He reached into his pants pocket to draw a thick from his pocket. He flipped through pages of carefully jotted tables before stopping at one. "AHA! I did keep a record of him: Heavy Hugh Howard - 350,000 Bellis, guess you don't forget your first time huh?" The man said with a satisfied smile. He liked his line of work. Returning the notepad to his pocket, he continued with his story.

"One night I stroll around in one of my many walks, and this pirate stumbles across me drunk off his mind from all the free booze he was given, mumbles a few words and just stares at me, his palm open as if he expects that I'll just hand out my cash. The freaking nerve! I kicked that moron straight in the head and the drunkard collapsed in front of me. Took his ship, flipped everyone off and set out to sea, turning the poor excuse for a pirate in for his bounty when I came across a few marines". He then crossed his hands behind his head and lay down beside the rock, a satisfied smile across his face. "That was the first catch of my career, the spark that started the fire. I continued catching a few small fries in my journey around the West Blue, building my fortune as I did. Felt good to be rich for a change. It wasn't until I crossed over to the Grand Line that I realized I was outmatched. You think being a bounty hunter's easy? Try catching anyone with all those freaking devil fruit users and bounty hunter companies buzzing around. I didn't have a single catch in months, I had to find a way to up my game"

"Which brings us to another significant bast*rd in my story. Unfortunately, I don't know his name to this day, otherwise I would have hunted him down and slice him open. I decided to bet my entire savings on a black market purchase - a smuggled devil fruit. 'It's the best around!' He said, 'You won't believe the power it holds! You'll be overwhelmed!' He promised, and I bought both his act and his fruit. It took me months to figure out what 'powers' the freaking scammer was talking about, and when I found out I just wanted to tear him apart. But, he was already gone, and you have to know how to deal with the cards you're dealt. Luckily I'm awesome enough to make these powers work" The man said, before jumping to his feet.

"Why am I telling you all this?" He asked, staring dead into the white stone that rested before him. As the moon light hit it, it was visible that the stone was in fact a highly-detailed statue of a young woman, frozen in a cross-legged sitting position, her eyes half closed and a finger playing with a strand of hair dangling in front of her face. "I'm telling you this because you asked who I was, right before you showed that hint of attraction that got you into this situation" He explained. "Now, let's go collect your bounty!" Wolf announced, before he began dragging the petrified pirate along the beach and towards his ship.

Personality: Deep down, Wolf is an arrogant narcissist. However, he thinks lowly of others more than highly of himself. Ever since he was a child on Doset Island he developed a natural resentment towards his surroundings. This feeling stuck to his personality and is reflected towards his victims and targets, making him almost hate them despite not even knowing them aside from their names and bounties. Despite being a bounty hunter, Wolf doesn't hate pirates more than he hates any other person. He's in it for the money and that's all there is to it, constantly working towards capturing more bounties to make up for his poor childhood. To do this, Wolf shows unbelievable determination that borders obsession. He constantly trains himself to stay in top shape, closely follows and tracks potential targets and studies them carefully to help him overpower them with his unique set of skills. His determination is what allowed him to take his seemingly unusable power and change himself to the point of making it a dangerous weapon that helped him an endless amount of times. He is obsessed with his looks as it is among his greatest tools, almost losing it if a hair falls out of place or a tiny stain appears on his clothes.

Not all of Wolf's personality is reflected outward, as most of the time he is wearing an act to fool and manipulate his targets and the people around them, all in order to make full use of his powers. He doesn't have the slightest care for other people's emotions, going as far as pulling fake marriage proposals and fake passionate speeches out of nowhere only to extract the slightest bit of emotion that will allow him to capture his target and get richer. He will lie to, cheat, scam, fool and step over anyone in order to get his goal.

Ship: The Exhibit - A medium-sized ship built to be navigated by a single man. Most of the ship is built to store Wolf's petrified victims until he can find marines to turn them in to. It lacks any weaponry as Wolf won't be able to use it while on the helm.

Ship Flag: Wolf bears no Jolly Roger so he won't be mistaken for a pirate

Devil Fruit: Mero Mero No Mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect: The fruit allows the user to petrify anyone with "wicked thoughts" towards him by firing a beam at or touching them, turning them to stone.

Special Abilities:

Devil Fruit Control: Being quite new to his devil fruit and not spending too much time mastering its abilities, Wolf is only capable of basic use of his fruit, relying mostly on mind games and psychology to trigger wicked emotions in his targets that he can later abuse with his powers to petrify them and claim their bounty. Soon enough, Wolf realized that not all of his targets will be affected by his charms and as a result will be completely immune to his power. With that in mind, he managed to train his power further, allowing him to utilize not only lust but also envy to his advantage, giving him access to targets with either sexual preference. At this point, Wolf is capable of petrifying his targets with heart-shaped beams or petrify parts of his target by touching them.

Physical Prowess: As a result of his work, both before and after consuming the Mero Mero No Mi, Wolf acquired significant strength that allows him to break wood and crack stone (though he tries his best not to damage his targets after successfully petrifying them, keeping the bounty for them at its maximum). He also became quite agile and nimble, allowing him to pull impressive dodges and quick blocks while in a fight.

Emotional Master: Instead of developing his devil fruit powers, Wolf worked hard on allowing himself to trigger wicked emotions in his targets and enemies that will allow him to petrify them. He is a master manipulator, capable of using a wide array of psychological tricks to draw love lust or envy out of his victims. He can read a person like an open book by analyzing his or her body language, facial expression and voice, and can utilize that knowledge to further manipulate a person and know exactly when they fall into his power's range.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Tease-Fu: Wolf's main fighting style consists of an attempt to stay alive while performing flashy dodges and attacks that are meant to trigger wicked emotions in his victims. It mainly focuses on using Wolf's maximum strength and speed while making it look like he isn't even trying in order to make himself look much stronger than he actually is. This is done in an attempt to trigger lust or envy in his victims as a result of his showcase of power.
Tease-Fu moves:

  • Flirtgun: Wolf will wink and snap his fingers before forming a makeshift gun. He will then proceed to fire a pink heart-shaped beam form the tip of his index finger, petrifying anyone that comes in contact with it and has wicked emotions towards Wolf.
  • Flirtgun-Duo: Wolf will use his Flirtgun technique with both arms, allowing him to aim at two directions at once.
  • Flirtgun-Disco: Wolf will rapidly fire Mero Mero beams using his Flirtgun technique, spinning and aiming at all directions. The light emitting from the spinning man resembles the light reflected form a disco ball.
  • Small Love: Wolf will cover his mouth with either hand before blowing a kiss towards his target, firing a pink heart-shaped Mero Mero projectile from his mouth.
  • Big Love: Wolf will cross his arms in front of his chest, grabbing his shoulders with his hands. Pink light will then build under the X-shape that his arms will form in front of him. Wolf will then spread his arms to either side with an explosive motion, releasing a large pink heart-shaped projectile that can engulf a room with his Mero Mero powers, petrifying anyone with wicked emotions towards him.
  • Perfect 10: Wolf will use all of his agility and strength to perform an amazing dodge from an incoming attack while making it seem as if it was incredibly easy, trying to create envy in his victim.

Marble-Fu: Wolf's backup plan when his target proves to be unaffected by his charm or power. Wolf learned how to use his narcissism in order to use his petrifying powers on himself, allowing him to turn parts of his body to stone for improved defensive and offensive capabilities. Like with his victims, Wolf can turn himself back to normal at any point, though he has to make sure to leave at least a part of his body normal to maintain his consciousness. Wolf highly dislikes using this fighting style as it temporarily damages his appearance.
Marble-Fu moves:

  • Narcissism-Wear: Wolf will fire a Mero Mero beam at himself, either by aiming a Flirtgun at a body part or by reflecting it from a nearby reflective surface. The beam will then petrify a part of Wolf's body with the power of narcissism, turning it into marble-like rock and providing him with Tekkai-like defense.
  • Narcissism Stroke: Wolf will use a petrified arm to punch a target with enough force to break rock.
  • Narcissism Step: Wolf will use a petrified leg to kick a target with enough force to break rock.
  • Narcissism Kiss: Wolf will use his petrified head to headbutt a target.

Weapons/Items: A golden watch the doubles as a log pose, A fake diamond ring for fake proposals, a comb for his hair, a handheld mirror, A notepad logging Wolf's targets and catches, a Den Den Mushi that tunes into the Bounty Hunter Network to keep track of possible targets.

Character Flaws: About 90% of Wolf's life is an act, making him feel a bit lonely on occasions (Which usually leads to him talking to his petrified victims). It also makes it hard for him to develop any meaningful alliances, friendships or relationships.

Goals: Be as rich as possible by collecting bounties
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PostSubject: Re: Wihck Wolf Jr.   Sat Jun 27, 2015 7:53 am

And done
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Iken Namikaze

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Kyōkihime Namikaze

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PostSubject: Re: Wihck Wolf Jr.   

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Wihck Wolf Jr.
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