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 Francis Makyte

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PostSubject: Francis Makyte   Fri Mar 20, 2015 2:20 pm

Name: Francis Makyte "The Loser" (but he calls himself "The Winner")

Age: 19

Bounty: 0

Species: Human

Occupation: Captain of the Winner Pirates

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: East Blue

Appearance: Francis has a youthful appearance. He has a very clean face with no signs of scars or anything similar. He has a very bright face which is smiling most of the times. He has dark slim eyes and a black hair, styled as an afro. His ears are not very big nor very small, same for his nose. He mostly looks at people with an innocent look on his face and he is smiling most of the times.

As for the way he dresses himself, he is mostly wearing sweaters with a pair of jeans and black shoes. His sweaters are one size larger than the ones that match him perfectly. His favorite sweater is his rainbow colored, but he can be also seen wearing a black one or a black one with white stripes. He wears no accessories like rings or clocks. Also, he doesn't have any tattoos on his body.

Speaking about his body, he is very slim and medium in terms of height. He is around 1,80 meters tall and weighs around 68-70 kgs.

History: Francis doesn't have a really important history at all. Unlike most people you get to meet in the seas, he doesn't have a tragic past or anything like that at all. His parents didn't die while he was a baby nor he had hatred for the government's system to lead him to piracy. He just found pirate stories interesting.

Francis was born in a town where most pirates used to stop to get supplies. Being the shop of a tavern's owner, he got to meet several pirates, some of them good and some of them bad. The circumstances in the island were a little bit weird. The marines who were stationed on the island were led by a strong Marine Captain so the pirates would not really cause some trouble. This allowed Francis' father to keep his business and work without any trouble and Francis got to meet all those people without getting in troubles even once. He had access to several pirate stories which he found interesting. The concept of traveling at the seas, being carefree and doing whatever you want inspired him to become a pirate and live his adventure. That was how he decided to become a pirate.

Four years ago, when Francis was 15 years old, a group of pirates came to his island. The captain and the rest of the crew quickly took a liking at Francis. When they realized that he loved their stories, they decided to offer him to join the crew as an apprentice. However, he would have to join them under one condition... The crew was known as the Afro Pirates and all the members had afro hair. They all knew how to perform a specific battling style; they knew how to manipulate their hair to perform several different attacks and overpower their opponents. Thus, if Francis wanted to become an apprentice, he would have to grow an afro and start training to master that battling style, also known as Afro Brawl. Of course, he could learn something else as well, but knowing how to fight with his afro was the minimum requirement for one to join the crew.

Francis traveled with the crew as an apprentice for two years. While being with the crew, he managed to master the fighting style to become a basic fighter of the Afro Brawling. He was capable of using his hair to perform basic attacks with it and even take out enemies. He was officially accepted as a member of the crew after the three years and he was treated just like anybody else.

However, he would not stay as a member for long. One day, the crew engaged in a fight with another pirate crew. All the enemies were swordsmen, the worst enemies of the Afro Brawling users as they could cut their hair. The captain, knowing that Francis didn't know another fighting style other than Afro Brawling, ordered him to hide somewhere on the ship so that he wouldn't have his hair cut by the enemies. The crew fought with bravery and they even defeated most of the members of the enemy crew. But, Francis couldn't hide without helping his comrades. Thus, he joined the fight and faced the enemy captain in his very first battle which resulted horribly: Francis had his afro cut and thus he was incapable of fighting. Hopefully, the crew eventually won the battle. Francis, though, felt shame for losing his afro. Out of guilt for not obeying to his captain's orders, he decided to leave from the crew.

For a while Francis resided in a small island of East Blue. He trained with whatever was left from his afro so that he would become stronger when his afro would grow back to its original state. And thus, he trained even more, even adding different stuff inside his afro which would make his attacks stronger. And when his afro eventually grew back, making him capable of fighting again, Francis decided to set sail once again, but this time with his own crew, a crew which he was about to form: The Winner Pirates!

Francis had a great adventure with his newly formed crew. The Winner Pirates increased in terms of numbers and one way or another, they succesfully managed to reach the Grand Line and make a name for theirselves. But that name was what led to the crew's demise. They happened to find Shichibukai Verve Mein and they got humiliated. The ship they were sailing on sank and the crew got separated. And now, Francis is traveling all by himself once again, searching for his former subordinates in order to reunite his old crew and continue his way to the New World!

Personality: Francis is a young man who lives for the adventure. He is eager to meet new people and have fun along with his friends. He is mostly seen smiling because he tries being positive. He likes boasting a lot, speaking about his adventures, a trait he gained from his former crew as they used to talk about their past adventures very often. He describes himself as a winner and that's why he gave his crew the name "Winner Pirates". In fact, this is a lie. Most people would never call Francis a winner as he has never really achieved a grand victory in his past experience as a pirate. However, he always overlooks this and ignores most of his losses except from the one that led him to quitting from the Afro Pirates when he lost his hair.

Also, Francis has a fear for swordsmen. This can be easily explained as he doesn't really want to lose his hair again. If he loses his hair, he will be unable to fight his enemies anymore. Swordsmen are the worst enemies he can have. Thus, he usually avoids them and runs away from them when he notices they are after him. In other words, he becomes a coward when he has to face swordsmen. However, this cowardice is forgotten when he realizes that his friends are in danger when facing a swordsman. His cowardice is not great enough to surpass his will to help his friends when they are in danger.

Francis can be very polite. He is mostly speaking formally, despite being a pirate. But there is a way to make him rude. If somebody speaks bad words about his afro, he will become angry and start being rude. Of course, his politeness also disappears when he speaks to his enemies and to the people who are not polite with him or his crewmates. This happens because Francis is very protective over the people he cares for. However, his protectiveness may often lead him to bad situations, such as when he ignored his captain's orders and went out to fight the swordsmen, resulting in having his hair cut.

Finally, Francis also feels guilt whenever he doesn't please the people he cares about. That's why he mostly tries pleasing all of his friends at the same time. He has the belief that the adventure won't be really fun if the people who follow him are not as pleased as he is. He wants them to live the adventure the same way he does and he is eager to follow them at any decision they take, similarly with how he expects them follow him in any decision he takes. All of them have to earn their personal "wins" and thus they can be acknowledged as the "Winner Pirates".

Ship: Currently a small boat.

Ship Flag: A smiling jolly roger with a large afro.

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:
-Afro Brawling: Afro Brawling is the battling style of the Afro Pirates which was taught to Francis when he was an apparentice on their ship. Francis is capable of manipulating his afro to use it as a weapon to bring down his opponents. He can use it to punch enemies, to form a shield with it or whip his enemies.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
-Afro Brawl: Francis manipulates his afro to form a whip with a comb on the edge which is like an arm with a clenched fist. He punches his enemies afterwards. There are variations of this technique.

  • Great Afro Brawl: Francis uses all his hair to form a bigger arm made of hair and he punches his enemies to cause them more damage.
  • Afro Tavern Brawl: Francis creates several arms made of his hair and performs a barrage of punches one after another.
  • Rocking Afro Brawl: Francis manipulates his afro to turn it into a hair arm. On the comb, he moves the stones he hides inside his afro so that his punches will be stronger.

-Curly Shield: Francis forms a shield with his hair which absorbs incoming damage.
-Hairy Whip: Francis manipulates his hair to whip his enemies from a distance. There are two variations of this technique, an horizontal and a vertical.
-Hairicopter: Francis manipulates his afro, making it look like an helix from a helicopter. Then, he spins it rapidly so that he can fly.
-Hair Sword:[b] Francis covers his right arm with his hair and he forms a sharp edge at the area of the hand, giving it cutting properties. This is a stance that allows him to perform slashing attacks.


-Rocks he keeps inside his afro to make the hair punches stronger.

Goals: -Live the greatest adventure
-Make a name for himself as a winner
-Become stronger so that he won't have his hair cut ever again.

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PostSubject: Re: Francis Makyte   Fri Mar 20, 2015 3:05 pm

I don't see anything that would scream "stupid", "illogical", or "broken". You followed the requirements as per normal, so here is my official stamp of approval.

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Francis Makyte
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