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 Ria nightreaper

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PostSubject: Ria nightreaper   Mon Mar 09, 2015 10:25 am

Name: Full name(shin nightreaper )

Age: 25


Species: zombie

Occupation: captain

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: east ocean

Rai looks no different than your average young man. He stands at around 5'10 and weights around 145lbs with long tied up red hair. He tends to wear Chinese outfits and carry a umbrella. Not only that he wears a long sweats and slip on shoes to make his acrobatics easier. When he feels like having a casual day he will sometimes wear wired sunglasses. Like most Bilkans he has wings that are pointed outward and due to this he has holes in his clothes revealing them. His wears a long cape that wraps around his neck and even covers part of his mouth.

As the Tengu however, Rai hides himself under a hood and a tengu mas. He dresses himself in a dark blue or black depending on the situation. Though he personally prefers the dark blue as it best hides him. He wears black jeans and a navy blue/black turtleneck shirt. and Cargo pants. Finally to finish it all off he wears black sneakers and black gloves though it has no discerning change to it. With his outfit Rai wears it in order to blend in with the darkness of night in order to seem more like an actual Tengu then a person dressing up as one.

Rai was born in a family of circus folk that owned a traveling circus ship. They were neither rich nor poor but they got along just fine with just their work. The circus was filled with all sorts of races from fishmen to skypien. Rai spent most of his childhood surrounded by circus folk as a young acrobat. Due to the fact that the circus Rai lived in wasn't a particularly rich circus, it was up to Rai's father to keep it running on the waters and to make the fireworks that the circus was famous for. This environment that Rai lived in began Rai's development in the field of being a Shipwright and an acrobat.

At a young age Rai's father instructed Rai on how to keep the ship running. He taught Rai the parts of the ship, he taught him how to fix some of the minor problems of the ship. He even taught Rai the differences between some of the tools used to fix a ship. When Rai wasn't working on learning the ways of being a shipwright he was taught by his mother on the ways of becoming an acrobat. For years he was trained to be both an acrobat and a shipwright. It wasn't until he turned 11 that his life changed forever.

The circus went from place to place, island to island, and kingdom to kingdom. Rai got to enjoy many places, and see the despair and hatred in others. Though he went to many places he never really got to stay for long. This was due to the fact that a pirate crew known as the Tengu Pirates would attack the kingdom forcing the circus to run in fear for safety.

It wasn't until Rai was 11 that he learned the circus' secret. They weren't mere circus folks but pirates. They were the Tengu Pirates and it was decided that Rai would be the next to take up the Tengu epitaph. Once it was decided, Rai was forced to eat a strange fruit and was kicked off of the circus ship and left on an island in the West Blue to find his own way with nothing but a mask. The fruit turned out to be a devil fruit giving Rai an unimaginable ability. For the first few months Rai wandered around the island barely getting by on the food he found and causing trouble with his new found ability. It was then he was picked up by a man named shin.

Rai is an upbeat fellow. One can always see him smiling and in a good mood no matter what happens. To the point when even where he has a gun up to his head Rai can make jokes and laugh about it. Most times he can bring a room to a chuckle with his cackle like laugh. Being an acrobat of the 1000 demon circus, Rai has a problem when it comes to sitting still and is very energetic. When he is suppose to be sitting down he will sometimes be jumping up and down and swinging around instead of sitting down. Without his mask, Rai can be very lazy, refusing to do anything that he doesn't feel like or doesn't feel inclined to do. Due to this he is easily drawn into the pleasures of the flesh or addiction rather than any constructive work making him easily distracted. Not only that Rai is the type to go with the flow, most of the things he does, is because he feels like it and it just happens to work out. Because of this Rai is very quick to adapt to new situations. Due to this he can be easily distracted by most things that are shiny or look interesting.

Rai likes a lot of things. While most of these things are food related, one of his favorite things to do is to perform in front of others. Call it a hobby of his, but Rai can always be seen putting on some sort of performance in order to entertain someone around him. Another thing he loves to do is to work on ships, he loves working on the intricate designs that a ship can hold and even at one point plans to make a flying circus within a ship. Due to this whenever he works on a ship he may sometimes add an unnecessary part to the ship in order to make it look, feel, or seem more circus-like. What Rai dislikes are partypoopers People who have to ruin everyone's fun seem to irk Rai to no end. It's usually to the point where Rai pulls pranks on them in order to get them to lighten up.

But with his mask Rai is a focused and a straight to the point pirate. He drops his whimsical persona and becomes a gruff, serious, and straightforward being. This change can be similarly attributed to the hyper focus that those who experience ADHD sometimes experience. His laziness disappears and replaces itself an focus and drive that allows the Tengu to accomplish any task given or taken by him. This change is so sudden and drastic that many whom actually seen Rai transform into the Tengu could believe he is being possessed by some sort of spirit or some higher being. Unfortunately this is wrong, it is more like he has entered the zone. In this state his focus surpasses anything he can show without the mask. Due to this he solemnly speaks when he is the Tengu, instead he leaves a silent air that freaks most people out.



Devil Fruit: Suwa Suwa no Mi
type: ()
effect: (The user is capable of swapping the properties between two objects that he currently comes in contact with. For example, swapping a cannon ball and a piece of marble, creating a dud cannonball and a small marble that explodes in the same manner than said cannonball would upon contact, or swapping the properties between a piece of paper and a sword, creating a sword that is flimsy and doesn't cut, and a paper that will likely cause the most painful of paper-cuts, being as sharp and durable as that sword was prior to the swapping.)

Special Abilities:
Needle Shot- Using his umbrella as a blow dart, Rai fires a needle from the tip of the umbrella in an attempt to pierce an opponent.

More will be added as RP goes on.

Learned Techniques
Unarmed Combat:

Hasshoken: Smashing Fist- Using the vibration exerted by his fist Rai will punch through his opponents defenses allowing him to strike his opponent no matter how they try to block. The contact creates a shockwave bypassing the opponents defense allowing the user to hit his opponent.

Hasshoken: Striking Knee/Foot - Same as Smashing Fist but with the knee/Foot.

Hasshoken: 100 Fist - Rai sends 100 punches at his opponent. Using Hasshoken he empowers his fists in order to break through his opponents defenses.

Hasshoken: Reverb - Rai while defending against an opponent creates a defensive wall of vibration on a part of their body causing a shockwave when the opponent collides with it to do as much damage to the opponent as the opponent is doing to them. This can only be used on opponents using physical attacks.

Weapons/Items:umbrella like what the mist village uses in naruto
Goals: "pirate king"

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PostSubject: Re: Ria nightreaper   Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:32 pm

Please post that Umbrella weapon in the weapon's section for approval. But that aside, and the history being a bit vague, I see no other issues, so once resolved, he will be approved. Smile


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Ria nightreaper
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