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 Zarxus Technics

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PostSubject: Zarxus Technics   Sat Mar 07, 2015 11:50 pm

Technique list name: Drunken Style Swordplay
Overview: These technics are based off what Zarxus was taught by the pirates that took him in. Varies from akward sword play to using his Blue katana.
History: Adulthood: After five years of training he learned basic combat skills and became an excellent swordsman. Learning drunken style combat from their captain. And learning how to master his Family treasure the Blue Katana from a member skilled in fishman karate. Zarxus set out on his own leaving his new family. Dropping him off in West blue Zarxus set off on his new adventure!


-Level zero-
Name: Drunken stance
Type: Drunken Sword Style
Description: Sways back and forth moving unpredictably
Effect: Increases agility by 5
Stat Requirements:10 agility and 15 speed

Name:Water Cutter
Type:Blue Katana Sword Style
Description: With the right amount of skill user slashes while releasing air from his jet dials and water from his water dials combining them into a water blade. Much like an air cutter.
Effect:Fires a long range water blade that can cut enemies and get them wet.
Level learned:0
Stat Requirements:20 skill 20 speed 15 strength

Name: Samurai Slash
Type:Single sword tech
Description: A quick draw horizontal sword slash
Effect:Slices objects in half r damages them
Stat Requirements: 15 speed 15 strength and 20 skill

Name:Slash N Stab
Type:Single Sword style
Description:Uses momentium and slashes downwards then quickly stabs with a thrust
Effect:Damages enemy with sword slashes and stabs
Stat Requirements:15 speed 15 strength and 20 skill

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Zarxus Technics
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