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 Advanced Section Moderators Wanted

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PostSubject: Advanced Section Moderators Wanted   Tue Sep 09, 2014 12:25 pm

Yupp, it's true. We're looking for moderators in this site, but not just ANY moderators, we're looking for advanced section moderators. We need people that have too much time on their hands the ability to take their time with overall pricing and approving. An advanced section moderator knows the rules so well he'll have at least 80% of them in his head, and at least look like he knows what he's doing the other 20%. We'll train the soon to be moderator to price, check for details, and find his own approval sticker. That last part is VERY important.

"But what kind of training regimen do you expect of us soon to be epic advanced section moderators?"

It's going to be grueling, you're gunna wish you were in your homes, or working, doing nothing but crunches until the day you die by the time I am done wi- Oh I'm just kidding, the ones that we choose to be advanced section moderators are in a 'probation period' for about a month, or two weeks if someone is very promising. During that time the current AS Staff will look at everything you critique, just to make sure everything is done correctly for said starting staff member.

To reduce the risk of confusing new users the soon-to-be advanced section moderator should put, after every critique, "Unless said otherwise by another moderator or admin." These are examples of how critiques should be put.

"A long arm with long legs? Nope. Change that. Your guy has eyes that shoot lazers but no DF? And you have 1,000% total stats starting out?! Nein. Here's some links that you should read (insert four links here), please change all of the above problems; Unless stated otherwise by another mod or admin".

"I price this at 5,000,000 belli unless stated otherwise by another mod or admin"  

Obviously the first example will have to be nicer towards new users, but feel free to knock old users on the head every once in awhile if they make errors like those.

ANYWAYS, that's all I really have to say. Just remember that those moderator bonuses don't kick in until after a soon-to-be AS mod is an actual AS mod. So have fun RPing, and thank you all for helping contribute to making the site a better place to RP.

Please c/p the bellow sheet and answer them accordingly on your application.

C/P this and answer them:

Dante Gato, Kaizen Shikkaku, Jack O Lantern

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Advanced Section Moderators Wanted
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