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 Bomu Bomu no mi ( W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Bomu Bomu no mi ( W.I.P)    Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:58 am

Name: Bomu Bomu no mi

Type: Paramecia

The user effectively becomes a bomb-human, being able to create explosions from his or her own body at will. The user cannot be damaged by their own explosions. Aside from being able to cause explosions from their body, the user is also able to deploy bombs in the form of detached human parts, or things that were processed by the human body ( which lies in the realm of mucus and breath). Things that are detached from the body of the user and then made to detonate are not invulnerable to their own explosions.

The system used for determining how many explosions of which quality one can make/deploy is one based on the users endurance and DF mastery level.
To put the fruit in a more logical sense, the user doesn't create explosions out of nothing, but rather uses their own stamina ( which falls in the realm of endurance) and uses that energy to make explosions. The way this works is that every time the user makes an explosions, depending on the strength of said explosions, the user temporarily uses a certain percentage. I said temporarily because the fruit also allows the rapid regeneration of stamina lost by explosions( but by no other source). The ratio of stamina return per post will be further detailed in the growth curve section.

Now I want to take the oppertunity to make a couple of rulings extra clear as to stop confusion and possible abuse of this fruit;

1: The rapid regeneration, once again, ONLY takes effect when the endurance was spend on the explosion. Poison and other sources that may reduce endurance will still take effect and will NOT be regenerated thanks to the effects of this fruit. This also means that the user has no 'unlimited stamina' in the form of performing physical actions.
2: If the user spends as much endurance as their stat allows them, reducing it to 0%, the user will pass out untill they have regenerated at least 50% of their maximum endurance, at which point the character will wake up again.
3: Creating an explosion and regaining endurance cannot happen in the same post.

Now when it comes to deploying bombs the rules differ a bit. For example, the endurance put into the target will be removed untill detonated. So if the user were to spend 10% into their mucus they wouldn't regain that 10% untill detonated, which may span a long period of posts. The post in which it is detonated however will count in the same manner as a detonation from the body, endurance will not return in the post it is done. Because of this endurance limitation there is no limitation on how many bombs one may deploy, since deoplying too many that are too strong will leave the user with close to no endurance( but taht depends on the character and how they're developed). To put the rulings in a more clear perspective;

1: Endurance put into deployables is lost untill the deployed explosive is detonated
2: In the post in which a deployable is created it is still  possible to regain endurance ( for example if I still have a 10% endurance reduction from a body explosion it WILL regenerate in the post the deployable is made)
3: The post in which the deployable is detonated is counted as if a body detonation is performed, in other words, the user is incapable of regaining endurance the turn the explosive is set off.
4: If, thanks to an advanced technique, both the creation and detonation of a deployable is put into one post it will be counted as a post where endurance cannot be returned.
5: For the sake of not messing up threads, bombs deployed will NOT stay after a thread has ended and cannot possibly appear in other threads involving the same location, unless it has been discussed with the thread creator and it may form a plot point.
(it should be noted that any and all explosives are the type that seemed to be originated from a combustable material)

User: Maart Liana Tromp

Growth Curve:

0%: the user is affected by the standard devil fruit weaknesses, but they do not own the skill to use their fruit yet.

10%: The user becomes capable of creating explosions with the power of a hand grenade which would equal the cost of 10% endurance. At this point the user also regenerates endurance lost by explosions with a rate of 5% endurance per post ( to put it more plainly, 50% of the DF mastery )

20%: The user is now capable of creating explosions equal to the explosive strength of a low caliber cannon ball at the cost of 20% endurance, the user now also regenerates 10% endurance per post.

30%: The user becomes capable of creating explosions comparable to the kind large calliber cannon balls make at the cost of  30% endurance ( think the kind of cannon balls marine warships shoot ). The user now also regenerates 15% endurance per post.

40%: Unlike previous levels,  the user may now create several explosions within his/her endurance cap in one post ( which is not possible in lower mastery levels ). The user now also regenerates endurance at a rate of 20% per post.

Ability Points Cost:
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Bomu Bomu no mi ( W.I.P)
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