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 Chinui ''Chi no Akuryou'' Inuguri aprove please

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PostSubject: Chinui ''Chi no Akuryou'' Inuguri aprove please   Sat Jul 26, 2014 1:31 am

Name: Chinui ''Chi no Akuryou'' Inuguri

Age: 27


Species: Human

Occupation: Doctor

Allegiance:Bounty hunter

Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance:Short Black hair with red highlights. Dark blood eyes.He has a scar

from his upper lip to his lower lip.1m 73cm. He is a bit tanned. He always

wears a black tanktop with a black jacket ( open )ontop which has white fur on

it. He wears Black jeans with chains on them hanging loose. He has normal

black shoes

History: When he was just 9 years old Chinui was happy he enjoyed training

with his dad who was a marine untill a bunch of pirates came to his village to

raid it. He didn't know how to handle it. His dad didn't help anyone even

though he was a marine. Then he understood that people aren't as good as he

thinks they are, He tried to stand up to the pirates so they killed everyone

in the village but then he noticed that when they died he felt better, he was

taken with the pirates and they forced him to work for him. Once he got his

hand on a sword and killed all the pirates except the captain he wanted him to

suffer but the captain bribed him with a devil fruit he ate the fruit not

knowing what it did. After he ate it the captain tried to kill him. But he

dodged it and took his head he kept it and gave it to a small marine outpost.

He then found out what he was going to do. He wanted to become a Bounty Hunter
Personality: Cold hearted. Always knows how to get out of a tough situation.

Has a very high ego

Ship: Cold reign

Ship Flag: Black flag with a goats head with horns on it

Devil Fruit: Chi Chi no mi
type: Logia
effect: the user is able to create and control blood, including hardening it

into steel and can transform blood cells into other types of cells to heal


Special Abilities: Aerial combat: Chinui is able to react more quicker and

better in the air.

Learned Techniques:
1.Blood moon : When there is a full moon Chinui's blood gets boiled making him
go even quicker and be even stronger.

2.Blood scent: If an enemy has a wound or has blood on him Chinui can see his
movements perfectly clear no matter where he is

3.Aerial Tornado: Chinui launches him and an enemy that is close enough up by
enchancing his blood for more speed and power and lands swift strikes on the
enemy mid air.

4.Torment: Chinui slowly taps the enemies blood by stabbing them or slicing

5.Crescent strikes: Chinui gets in a special stance so he can slice through
more than he could before it does reduce his speed though

6.Blood well: If Chinui loses blood he can heal the wound by any type of blood
on the ground

7. Blood type: Chinui switches the blood types of an enemy so they die slowly
mostly takes a weak

8. Blood store: Chinui stores blood of a sick person ready to infect someone

9. Steel blood: Chinui hardens his blood or that of an enemy making him not
have a harder time moving and a harder time losing blood.

10. Blood spike : Chinui uses his own blood or that of someone else and spikes
it out of his body using it as a weapon.

11. Dive slice : Chinui strikes from the air slicing through enemies
12. Massacre: Chinui preps up his blood ready to go as quick as needed he then
launches himself at the enemies slicing through every single one but being
completely drained of energy afterwards.

13. Blood demon: Chinui drains his own blood to go go on a rampage not seing
what he is doing.

14. Bleeding strike: Chinui taps the enemy of blood not making a wound but
hurting him

15. Blood launch: Chinui pressures blood beneath him so it launches him up
into the air.

16. Blood pool. Chinui makes a pool of blood that enemies can drown in.

Weapons/Items: Death's Pistols (dual guns). Blood Dial. Death's Moon

1. To kill someone with a high bounty
2. Become feared
3. To kill
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Chinui ''Chi no Akuryou'' Inuguri aprove please
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