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 Nikita Fierce

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PostSubject: Nikita Fierce   Fri Jul 11, 2014 3:48 pm

Name: Nikita Fierce "Niki"


Species: Human

Occupation: Wanderer  

Ocean: East

Appearance: Long black hair,Deep red eyes,Slim yet athletic,has a scar on her back,Tanish skin tone,Has a tattoo on ankle that says 'Lovely Sinner',Has a lip ring,5'4  

History: At age 10 her family was murdered. She cried for a week and the second week of them being dead she was taken by some pirates and sold to some bad people. They beat her, scarred her,taking everything she have even her dignity and pride.When she was 13 she found a weird looking fruit and took a bite of it to found what it was and didn't care if was poison. Later the day when she got to the hell hole she had to call home, she was immediately attacked by her buyers then everything went black. Few hours later she woke noticing her buyers were shaking in the corner scared yelling at her to get out so she did and she ran. She learned what happened and how to control it wandering around the world not knowing what to do. Now three year later she is still wandering around the world with a goal in mind.

Personality: can be sweet when wanting to, but mainly sassy and doesn't let people close to her easily, she plays with her lip ring when she nervous.   

Quote: Chin up, shoulders back, wipe those tears,get on track,smile and wave and wink with class, then tell 'em all to kiss your ASS!

Devil Fruit: Mera Mera no mi
type: Logia
effect:allows the user to create, control, and transform into fire at will.

Special Abilities: Uses the Mera Mera no mi with One-sword technique and Observation Haki.

Learned Techniques:
1) Flame Blade
2) Burning Devil
3) Heat Control
4) Sparks Slice
5) End Dance

Weapons/Items: One Sword that has a black blade. (I name it Kuro cause of its blade)

Goals: To sail with the Pirate King.
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Nikita Fierce
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