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PostSubject: Cedric   Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:26 am

Name: Cedric Fitzpatrick

Age: 24


Species: Human


Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: North Ocean (Isolated island along the coast line of red line)

Appearance: 6,3 Built, Orange hair, Spiked infront but short all around, orange goatee, wears a tight white and blue striped shirt with small colar and 2 buttons, has a scar over the top corner of his left eye going across and down to top of lip, wears 2 black fingerless gloves, Lower Body- Naval camo
Cargo pants, black ankle high boots,. Aditional- Blue watch on left wrist

History: Was born on a island in north sea called leinster. Born to a fisherman father and housewife mother. Never adventured outside of his area untill about
18 when he was fishing with his dad and a marine ship came by. The captain of the ship knew his dad and asked him of cedrics abilitys. The captain was enlighted by his abilitys and took him in as a seamen recruit. The ships name was the Saints nightmare and sailed around the north sea area. Led by cammondor Swift it was very powerfull. The ship and the fleets mission was too provide protection to near by admirals moving south. During one defense 6 pirate frigates attacked 3 marine ships. The frigate saints nightmare and 2 support gun boats holding food and ammo. They sunk all 3 and cedric was knocked out after swimming 3 miles to near by shore. When he awoke all the wreckage of the battle was on the shore. Known of his crew was left and all resources were captured by pirates. After a few hours of walking cedric found himself at a village. The people welcomed him not knowing who he was. His clothes were all destroyed leaving no trace he is a marine. They were offering help but he coulsnt understand them. They got there leader and he was a revolutinary leader. He had a strange fruit with him. Cedric knew it as a devil fruit known as Mera Mera no Mi. He however looked past it and asked him for food. The man understood and gave him food, clothes, and the mans servants brought him water. After about a week cedric leaves thanking the man for his kindness however he marked the location of the island planning to return for fruit later. As he left on a small sail boat he eventually rain into a pirate warlord who stopped him in his tracts. Cedric avoided battle with the man by offering the location of the fruit. The pirate took the offer and left. Cedric eventually met up with a fleet of marines and was tooken into infermary. Was he was let out the captain of the man o war he was on asked him all about his "journey". Cedric told him about island and the people but not the fruit. He kept that to himself for a possible use in the future. Once he returned home he built a dock and built a ship. The ship had 4 masts and 3 sails on each mast. He named the ship Celtic Hound. The figurehead is a growling dog with a celtic cross going from its head to the chin. He gave the ship to the marines and with his experience alone and leadership demonstartion he was promoted to the rank of mc petty officer working on side of the captain, aboard the celtic hound.
After serving as the captains right hand man. He was promoted to captain of the celtic hound after the former captain was transfered. During the switch cedric met a few members of the world government and was inspired by there holy talks, untill one member approches him and knows that cedric knows where a devil fruit is. Cedric offered the man the knowledge in return that he remains in his same position. The deal was discussed and made and they both went on there way. Now cedric is a fresh new captain ready to explore the west sea.

Personality: Outgoing, but is always thinking of 100 different ways to deal with a situation. Always on guard, and straight age marine.

Ship: Celtic Hound

Ship Flag: Marine flag customed with a outside black linar with celtic crossing all around it.

Devil Fruit:

Special Abilities: Persuade others to believe whatever he says, stamina almost never runs out.

Learned Techniques: Ability to wield 2 pistols and 2 swords and be accurate with them at the same time. Experienced in many fighting styles from "the drunken sailor" to "the captains seamen on the deck".

Weapons/Items: 2 pistols, short cutlass on his belt. Spear with rope and posion tips on back usually has it with him only has cutlass when off ship.

Goals: One day be the captain of a marine battleship. Explore the bottom sea level of the grand line for treasure
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