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 Alioth Elkeid

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PostSubject: Alioth Elkeid   Sat May 24, 2014 3:44 am

Name: Alioth Elkeid, “The Pirate of the Stars”
Age: 28
Bounty: 4oo,ooo
Species: Human

Occupation: Primarily a pirate captain, and if his crew truly needs one, a navigator. Acts as a sort of jack-of-all trades, master of none.
Allegiance: Pirate, Captain of the Polaris Instigators
Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line

Appearance: This man is certainly a burly one. His body shows clear signs of physical activity, and bears numerous scars from his clashes with pirates and marines alike, from brothel and tavern brawls. Alioth isn’t actually that easy to distinguish from your average Joe walking down the street, considering he keeps his hair short and cropped and he’s got a scratchy bunch of stubble on his chin. A plaid, flannel shirt hides his body, as well as the tattoo of his Jolly Roger that he bears on his right pectoral. He keeps it buttoned up, but he’s always sure to keep the sleeves rolled up to just above his elbow. A black, down-filled vest creates another layer over the flannel, and tan khakis hide his legs from view.

History: Poverty is everywhere. There is no such thing as a perfect society, especially in a world where pirates run amok across the seas. In the Grand Line, ‘normal’ society can get even more twisted, and even the most prosperous kingdoms have their grimy underbellies. Alioth grew up as a nameless street urchin on his home island in the Grand Line, abandoned by his parents at a young age. To survive, Alioth became as vicious as he had to - friendships were nearly impossible to forge between the other street urchins, as betrayal was a constant fear for the young ones of the island. Unable to befriend others, Alioth had to push them away of his own accord to avoid what he viewed to be inevitable heartbreak.

However, you can’t expect the status quo to remain the same forever. In Alioth’s case, his fortunes turned when he made the unfortunate decision to attempt to steal from grizzled, aging man who he’d never seen in town before. The man turned out to be an experienced pirate, and his reflexes were sharper than any of Alioth’s previous victims. When Alioth was knocked to the floor, the challenge presented by this new foe proved eerily enticing, and he began to hunt for opportunities to catch him off guard. After Alioth finally succeeded in taking something from the pirate and escaping to his ‘hovel’ of sorts, he was tracked to his place of residence by his victim.

Though he expected quick and bloody retribution, Alioth instead found his first friend. He received congratulations for his successful theft, and the man introduced himself as the pirate Kochab. He shared stories of his conquests and adventures on the seas, told Alioth of endless riches laying beyond the shores of their island, and the orphan was taken in immediately. Alioth immediately begged Kochab to teach him more, and to his surprise, Kochab agreed. Thanks to Kochab’s tutelage, Alioth learned many things about the seas, about the stars, about navigation and thievery, about people and money… and about how to fight. Kochab’s unique form of fighting was passed down to Alioth, and he took to it like a fish to water. After all, Kochab was getting on in years, and he assured Alioth that he would need fighting prowess to spare.

This strange arrangement lasted for over a decade, teaching Alioth a number of skills that had completely escaped him in his life as a street urchin. In time, with Kochab’s patronage, Alioth grew stronger, smarter, and bolder. He became capable of surviving in locales that wouldn’t have been possible without experienced knowledge. After all of Kochab’s tutoring sessions were over, the grizzled pirate decided it was time to put Alioth’s learnings to the test.

The pair set out to perform some proper piracy, with Kochab handling the plans and more delicate, dextrous work, while Alioth was the muscle. Their first ‘heist’, or rather ‘raid’, was rather small, but provided them with a substantial profit in plundered gold. The pair took to the seas, utilizing Kochab’s maps and experience to guide them to an old acquaintance of the pirate’s. Thanks to his connections, they were able to fence the pilfered gold for more easily used belli, and Kochab taught Alioth how to properly gauge his targets.

Alioth set out alone, sailing the seas with a ship ‘obtained’ with a little help from Kochab. He hopes to gain several good core crewmembers before he attracts too much infamy, but considering his tutor’s legacy, he might have closer shaves with the law than he’d like...

Personality: It’s easy to see why Alioth gets into so much trouble in taverns and brothels. The man is a boisterous individual, not exactly ‘friendly’ persay, but certainly loud and proud of himself. He is a fan of thick, heavy drink, and his love for things like mead, beer, and ale can put a decent dent in his wallet.. He revels in luxury and hedonism, though prefers to do so either on his ship, or in a tavern. He can be chummy on the outside, prone to sharing beers or the like, but this friendly, riotous facade is only that: a facade.

Living as an orphan for much of his life has left Alioth with a stunted view of companionship and friendship. He can be gruff and difficult to really understand on a personal level, due to his tendency to hold people at arm’s length. He rarely lets people know how he feels on the inside, and tends to hide his sorrow behind a smile whenever it rears its head. His obsession with money is rooted in fear, and if you are able to uncover that, you’ll realize much of his worst traits stem from fear.

Alioth is happiness when he’s comfortable. Not too much extravagance, but no poverty. He really enjoys just being warm, so he spends some of his spare time bundled up in blankets on his ship. Really.

Ship: The Otava, a caravel capable of housing five people comfortably, but it could hold up to nine people if they’re willing to sacrifice some space. There is some space being saved for plunder to be used to buy a bigger ship later.
Ship Flag: The flag of the Polaris Instigators is a skull surrounded by a mockup of Alcor, bearing the seven silver scars at the appropriate places around the blade of the weapon.

Devil Fruit: N/a

Special Abilities:
Physical Prowess: Alioth is incredibly strong, able to heft around his two weapons with ease. He is not exactly the strongest man on earth, but he can certainly hold his own with some of the best of them, in terms of sheer strength. This strength allows him to use his weaponry with almost no penalty to his dexterity, and makes the weight of his weaponry seem deceptive. He can pick up about 300-500 pounds with one hand, 600-1000 with two.

Eye for Value: Alioth has become able to discern the value of other objects through what some might call a fifth sense. He never knows exactly how much something is worth, but he can generally tell if something’s valuable or worth something. He may hoard the object for himself, or sell it for funds for his crew. The older the object is, the less accurate his ‘sight’ is… but this may improve with time.

Star Reading: Alioth has exhibited an extraordinary understanding of the skies above the Grand Line and elsewhere, having memorized the locations of stars so as to be able to accurately gauge which direction he’s going in. Because of this, Alioth successfully circumvents the issues presented by the abnormal magnetic field in the Grand Line. He is able to navigate through the Grand Line with ease, but only at night. Depending on cloud cover, he may have difficulty utilizing this skill to its furthest extents.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): N/a

Mizar & Alcor

Character Flaws:
Orphan’s Avarice: As an orphan who had to fight for his life on the streets, Alioth grew up with next to no personal possessions. This has given him an almost animalistic need to protect his own possessions, whether it’s something as small as a hairpin, or something as big as his ship. He willing to give money to his crew for things they need collectively, or lend things to others, but he MUST be paid back, and all purchases much match what he requested, or else he be frothing at the mouth with rage… in most instances. Not all. Only applies to his own funds, or the funds of the crew as a whole. He DOES permit his crewmembers a certain amount of the plunder for themselves.

Goals: Earn enough money to be able to live comfortably for the rest of his life, gain notoriety so that people will take him seriously, and be strong enough to defend himself from any assault on his happiness.

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Alioth Elkeid
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