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 The Hazard Crew

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Jørgen Jørgensen


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PostSubject: The Hazard Crew    Tue May 20, 2014 10:29 pm

Crew Name:The Hazard Crew

Captain: Jørgen Jørgensen "The  Hazard "

Flag: a black background with a jolly roger with a hazard symbol in the forehead and a lightening scar on the right eye


Side: Pirates

Current Members:

Captain Jørgen Jørgensen "The Hazard " -
Bounty:70,000 belli

Crew History: The Hazard  is searching for crew mates. Anywhere in the vast blue. Jørgensen was escaping from the town after his parents were killed by the world nobles after a confrontation with them just recently.  He ran to the docks of his home island in the North Blue. Jørgen Jørgensen stole a ship that used to belong to other pirates. He named the ship the Hazard after the nickname the townspeople bestowed upon him. Jørgensen is searching for crew mates to sail in his quest for greatness and to combat the government's evil regime. The Hazard wants to have a small crew but anyone is welcome. Members must hear the ocean's call and be a true seadog!

Expecting new members: open to anyone and everyone!
Crew Goals: conquer the ocean and combat the government... and fulfill the goals for each crewmate.

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PostSubject: Re: The Hazard Crew    Sun May 25, 2014 8:56 pm


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The Hazard Crew
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