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 Mizar & Alcor

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PostSubject: Mizar & Alcor   Mon May 19, 2014 5:56 pm

Weapon Name: Mizar
Mizar is a large bladed ring, approximately three feet in diameter on the inside. The blades of the weapon extend three inches outwards of the handle area, making the average diameter of Mizar about three and a half feet. These blades are curved, bending outwards every three feet of the weapon’s circumference, making a sharp edge that can be used to tear instead of cut. There are several locations along the weapon’s circumference where the blade has an opening and the circular bar comprising the weapon’s inside is exposed, and these locations act as handles. Mizar also has a special thick cord attached to it at a gyrating fixture located at one of the handles, and it is capable of being used to manipulate Mizar to a certain extent. The cord itself, at its longest, is upwards of ten feet, and can be extended with additional cord, but doing so is not recommended due to the difficulty of manipulating so much cord.
Weapon Special Abilities:
Dual Functionality:
Mizar’s cord is vital to the use of it as a weapon. While Mizar can be used as a close quarters combat weapon, it is perhaps most dangerous as a ranged weapon. Mizar can be thrown and rotated like a chakram, allowing its sharp blades and its vaguely hook shaped edges to cut and tear through fleshy targets. If the ring is ever stopped, the wielder of Mizar can easily yank it back to him using the cord. This allows Mizar to be used as a reusable ranged weapon. If necessary, a user of Mizar could even elect to not use the cord, making Mizar simply a heavy duty ranged weapon.

As a close combat weapon, Mizar is rather strange. Though it is large, and therefore rather easy to use to attack enemies from a fairly safe distance, at true close range, it is very difficult to use properly. It could conceivably be held around the body and used defensively, but switching from offense to defense and back again using Mizar is unwieldy and not recommended. Mizar can be used as a devastating ranged weapon and dangerous close ranged weapon, but must be used strategically or it can quickly become useless.

Weapon Name: Alcor
Alcor is a large curved blade, forged vaguely in the shape of a crescent. It is a dangerously sharp weapon, bearing handles on both ends. One end becomes a point near where the pommel would be on a conventional sword, whereas the other end flares slightly to act more like a guard to catch weapons. The handles are located just about far enough apart that someone could hold both handles at a time if they wanted to, and the handles themselves are long enough to enable the weapon to be wielded like a two-hander.

Alcor appears very similar to the weapon shown here, but has less of a curve to its blade. It acts more like a conventional oversized blade than the crescent shown here. The blade as a whole is at least four feet long. There are seven silver marks/scars along the length of the blade, forming the shape of our Big Dipper.
Weapon Special Abilities:
Double Ended:
Alcor’s design enables it to have a number of different functions in combat, depending on how it’s held. Holding the handle closest to the point allows the furthest end to rend whatever it digs its metal teeth into, and enables one to use the point at the ‘pommel’ for close-range bashing and piercing attacks, if foes get too close. Holding the handle closest to the flared out ‘points’ enables one to more easily catch weaponry used for close range combat. The point is also further away, allowing one to thrust the weapon into enemies with ease. The cutting edge of the weapon can be used no matter the handle you choose to use.
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PostSubject: Re: Mizar & Alcor   Tue May 20, 2014 11:35 pm


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Mizar & Alcor
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