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PostSubject: WIP   Sat May 10, 2014 12:56 am

Name: Maya Cross
Age: 18
Bounty: 0
Species: Human
Occupation: Doctor & fighter
Allegiance: Pirate
Home Village/Ocean: Grandline
Maya usually wears a black cloak that hides her body from being seen. However when she's not wearing the cloack people find out that she has a girly body. Maya has short teal hair and teal eyes. She also has a feminine face, however it lacks emotion. As said previously, she has teal eyes, however they are completely blank, and give away nothing at all. She has small plump lips (the upper one in a cupid's bow shape) which are slightly red (like a soft kind of red). Her eyebrows are thin and black, the same with her eyelashes, however these are long and thick. Her nose is small, straight and thin, and its tip is slightly pointy (not too pointy though). Her face is stylized and slightly long with high cheekbones. She is of average height, around 5'7'' and weights around 130 pounds. Her body is slender. Maya's waist is small and her hips are wide. Her figure is hourglass shaped. Her ears are pierced, each ear has around 7 piercings in total; her nose has a piercing and her lower lip has one as well. Maya wears a tight black tank top under the cloak, along with black cargo shorts and black combat boots. She also puts the cloak's hood on so that it masks her face. With everything on she doesn't look like a girl at all. Apart from that Maya has a tattoo in her back that is the silhouette of a man.

Maya was born in a forgotten village. The village was surrounded by steep mountains so rarely did someone go through the trouble and went to visit them. Maya was born into a small family, only consisting of her parents and herself. Growing up wasn't lonely though, because, even though the village was small (and kind of desolated) Maya had a friend, only one, named Kael. Kael was a few years older than Maya but unlike the rest, he didn't mind spending time with the girl, and he actually liked her. He was gentle and funny and embraced Maya's weirdness without a care in the world. Maya had always been a little different since birth, it was like she was pulled to danger and trouble. Anything she did would always have a negative outcome. Not only that but there was just something about her that made almost everyone in the village be scared of her, including her own parents. Kael didn't see what there was to be afraid of. In fact, more than once, when Maya was called a monster, Kael would step in and defend her, telling everyone that they were being mean and not fair with the poor girl. Maybe it had been Maya's teal eyes and teal hair (considering the rest of the village had black eyes and dark brown hair, including Kael) or her talent in anything that had to do with physical aspects, like running and sports. She even had a strength that was equal to a grown man's. She scared them, she was different, so they thought she was a demon, a curse. Kael, however, knowing (due to outside knowledge) that her traits were not that weird, stood by Maya's side and tried to give her everything he could.

By the time Maya was twelve she had already developed romantic feelings towards Kael, but convincing herself that they would never be reciprocated, she didn't act on them. Maya was twelve and Kael was sixteen, the age difference at the time was huge and she didn't think it would ever work. She considered herself a monster after being called one all of her life, even by her own parents. She started believing it. She could only trust Kael, she wiped off every emotion on her face, fro anger to happiness and became emotionless, at least to human sight. The only times she would show emotions was when Kael was there. She trained hard with him using different weapons so she could always fight with whatever she had near, including her own fists. Kael was impressed by her learning speed and how effortless she made it seem to use a different weapon when she was used to a specific one. She kept surprising him and he found her amazing, not frightening. One day Kael went to the place they trained in and started telling her about the outside world, he had already talked about it some times but he had never gone into so much detail, he talked about many things, about beautiful places and how he would have loved to go there with her, but it would be really dangerous. He told her about pirates and how they would do anything they wanted, and yet they had codes and they were very powerful, and the enthusiasm rubbed off on Maya, so soon she wanted to go to the outside world as well. Maya and Kael started training harder so that someday they could leave the village and see the outside world.

However things wouldn't go the way they wanted them to. As Maya turned sixteen, Kael fell ill. There was no medic around that could treat the disease or to even determine whether it was contagious or not. This caused fear among everyone and no one helped Kael but Maya. Sadly though, she didn't have enough medical knowledge and in a matter of months he died. Kael's death was really hard for Maya and after a week she left the village facing a hard journey. The night after she left the village Maya had a dream about the first time Kael had talked to her about pirates and the outside world. Once she woke up she decided this: "I'm going to become a pirate and then, after a while, I'm going to become a captain. And my crew will be the best crew in the world, not in a matter of how many members it has, or how strong we are, or how much fame we have. But our values and how we deal with each other, that's what will make us the best, in my opinion" she said with a small smile, the last emotion she showed ever since. But she knew that becoming a pirate would have to wait as she headed to learn at least the basics a doctor should know. She studied in the outside world (with the money she won in fights and stealing) and became a doctor. Now two years after, Maya looks for a crew to let her join.

Ship: name of ship. Add a link to the vessel if you have created one.
Ship Flag: describe
Devil Fruit: Limited to only three devil fruit users per person
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Special Abilities: powers excluding the devil fruit not techniques for example a sword style
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): Sword techniques, Devil fruit moves, rokushiki, anything special move wise
Weapons/Items: take what you want from the approved weapons list but custom weapons must be registered and approved
Goals: Must have a goal, this can be something simple like "survive" or a bigger goal like "pirate king"

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