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 Talliphan "Taphie" Teracole (W.I.P)

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PostSubject: Talliphan "Taphie" Teracole (W.I.P)   Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:58 pm

Name: Talliphan(Tal-ih-fan) "Taphie" Teracole (tear-a-cole)

Age: 22

Bounty: 50 Belli

Species: Human

Occupation:  Doctor

Allegiance:  Steel Village

Home Village/Ocean:  South Blue

Taphie had rather fair skin. Her hair is a bright bubblegum pink, It is very long, traveling down to her ankles when straight, but stopping at her hips when curled and up in pigtails as it usually is. Her eyes are a dark blue. Her clothes consist of lots of different gems and jewelry around a red cloth that covers her breasts. She also has very detailed arm bands with matching jewelry. She wearing a two strand skirt that is held up by a large belt, the front rather thin and covering her lower front half and the back covering the rest of her lower body, her legs exposed through the gaps and the same coin like jewelry along her skirt as well. She wears Normal sandal like shoes but prefers to go barefoot most of the time.


A Young girl stands on the hill side, the sky dark and light only by the dark moon. Clouds start to form above her head as she looked down, a soft glow coming from the village below her. Her clothes torn and ragged as she can see people running from the glow quickly.

Heat warms her body from the front, as the cool night air blows around her back. Flames consume her small village, homes falling and people crying as they hurry away. She feels a hand on her shoulder, a liquid sliding down her arm as it drips off the hand. She turned, her blue eyes looking up to a woman. Both looking similar with singed pink hair. “Talliphan, snap out of it, we need you” she said to the girl as she pulled her away from the glow, down to the bottom of the hill where many people lay.

The small village had caught fire, no one really knew how it happened. No strangers had come into town, the guards had not seen anything strange when traveling, most of the villagers where happen and had no reason to do such a thing. Most everyone had made it out alive, but many were wounded with burns and deep cuts from rushing out of the falling homes. The pair of females were tending to the wounded. The small girl with her mother, both having bright pink hair. The mother’s hands covered in blood and her hair pulled back as she quickly helped wrap up burns and do her best to help the wounded. The girl watching and learning, running to get whatever her mother needed.

It took weeks before the village was starting to return to normal, many staying in tents till their homes were rebuilt. The village had lost a few, but had no time to mourn for them. The village was a small desert trading village, it often housed travelers and other types of people whom crossed the town but with so much damage, they found that most would not even stop to give them the time of day.

Talliphan was the daughter of the town’s doctor, as well as her apprentice. At the age of seven, she was able to perform most simple medical tasks( i.e finding veins, identifying local sicknesses, forming casts and setting things back in place). Her mother was a harsh teacher, but rewarded her when she did well.

Talliphan, also known as taphie by the locals for her( as they put it) sweet smile, was rarely seen playing with the other children. She ran the clinic when her mother was out of town getting supplies. She loved to help people, and make them feel better. She enjoy’d to see the smile on a person’s face if she could help ease their pain in anyway.

Do not worry, she had fun as well, but she found playing games with children her age was rather boring. Most of the time she play’d with her father, He was not around a lot but did try his best to be there when he could. He was also a traveling man that sailed around. He always came home and told her all about the people and places he had seen. He would often get carried away and forget whom he was talking to, leading to his daughter having a rather...perverted sense of humor.

As Taphie grew older, She was taught many things from her home and village. She learned more from her mother, most of her birthday gifts consisting of medical text books. She also learned that most people found it strange the way the people in her village dressed, many women wearing the bare minimum of clothes, and the same going for the men. The village claiming that they found no shame in the way their body’s looked, and that it was “too damned hot out there to wear more than we need to”. A saying that Taphie had always found rather funny. She had also learned a tip from her mother(one her father found rather annoying). Always work what she had given her( other wise known as “use what your mama gave ya” or something like that).

After a long time of working under her mother and spending hours upon hours of making dirty jokes with her father, and reading the mountains of medical books, she had decided to travel off on her own. She had always wanted to spend time exploring the lands, and learning of new medicines and treatments. With a hug and kiss to her parents, and a good bye to the other villagers in her village, Talliphan Teracole is off to explore the world. A gun at one side, a medical kit on the other, and a backpack filled with medical books on her back.

Personality: Taphie's personality Comes from her rather open family and the town she was raised in. She learned now to be shy about her body, and a few tips from her mother as taught her to use it to her advantage. She's not afraid to be a bit bold and say things most other would keep to themselves. She means well and does her best to help others feel better when it comes to feeling shy about themselves as well. She's kind hearted and means well even if something she says doesn't come out right. Taphie enjoys a good dirty joke, and teasing people who blush easily.

Devil Fruit:  None

Special Abilities: An extensive knowledge of Sickness and Treatments. (( if that counts here))

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): none, For now.

Weapons/Items:  Pistol, Medical Kit, Medical Books.

Goals: To Learn about different sickness and treatments.
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Talliphan "Taphie" Teracole (W.I.P)
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