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 Hito Hito no Mi (WIP)

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y dau cymraeg


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PostSubject: Hito Hito no Mi (WIP)   Wed Apr 23, 2014 10:11 am

Name: Hito Hito no Mi (Human fruit)

Type: Zoan

Effect: give the ability to the user to transform into a human-like creature or a half human creature of whatever the original user's species is. If the user was unable to talk originally, they are now capable of speech and understanding it. It also allows the user some amount of great human strength, of the level of a body builder or someone who requires a great amount of muscle in everyday life, and of-course the mobility talents and limbs of a human. When in hybrid form, the user is roughly twice the size of their original form with their devil fruit mutations in this form, while in full form they appear roughly in the shape of a six foot five inches tall  man or woman with a heavy amount of muscle.

User: N/A

Growth Curve: 0%: Unable to use devil fruit powers whatsoever; Only standard devil fruit weaknesses apply.

10%: Allows the user to be able to transform into their full and hybrid forms, and the ability to communicate and understand human speech.The user gain 5% practical knowledge, 10% agility and 10% strength increase in both forms.

20%: Practical knowledge has now a 10% increase in both forms, with a 10% increase in tactical knowledge too. Full form gains a 10% skill increase also.









Ability Points Cost: (to be added in when decided by moderators or admins)

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PostSubject: Re: Hito Hito no Mi (WIP)   Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:56 pm

Uh, maybe you didn't realize this or maybe you just haven't added it yet, but hito hito no mi isn't enough :/

Hito Hito, like neko neko, tori tori, inu inu, and etc, is an archetype of zoans. Canon examples of the hito hito no mi are limited to the models hito and daibutsu. Even though this is obviously model hito, human, you should specify this is the hito hito ni mi model: human. If it isn't human, please specify.

I recognize this is a WIP, but thought this might help.
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Hito Hito no Mi (WIP)
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