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 Rhion "White Rhino" Shirosai (needs approval)

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PostSubject: Rhion "White Rhino" Shirosai (needs approval)   Fri Apr 11, 2014 7:58 am

Name: Rhion Shorosai
Age: 20
Bounty:10,850 belli (as of yet)
Species: Human
Occupation:Pirate, Fighter, Shipwright
Allegiance:None as of yet
Home Village/Ocean:In an unknown island in East Blue

Appearance: Unbelievably muscular for his age, Tall about 7 feet and a half, Grayish hair with a mohawk and hair reaching the bottom of his neck, Wears a white sleeveless open coat with high collar and a black sleeveless undershirt , White tattered pants and white leather shoe

History: Rhion was a son of two strong pirates, His father is a captain and his mother is an assistant and student of their former crews shipwright's which then turned into the second in charge and the shipwright herself after the original shipwright retired for she became captain's wife and was both known after breaking a small portion of the impel down prison when Rhion was in his mother's womb with his mothers amazing inventions that was better than her master shipwright's creations. When Rhion was of the age of 5 he saw how a marine vice general and his army capture the whole crew of his parents including his own parents being knocked out by the marines beforehand he was handed over to a tribe in an unknown island at the east blue the tribesmen taught Rhion their ways of fighting with violent and strength based moves which he trained for 4 years. At the age of 7 he was already as strong as a healthy 25 year old man and is a violent fighter after reaching the age of 9 he started to sail the sea in order to know where his parents were on his makeshift raft.
          After knowing that his parents were both hung after a year worth of torture in impel down's level 4 he was filled with anger and wanted revenge for the death of his parents to the marines he once again set sail and ate a devil fruit which gave him even more strength that what he had and had a weapon requested to a blacksmith on his own design and measurements afterward he trained for 5 more years after hearing pirates and marines able to do it asking others to train him and continued it in an isolated island in East blue in order master Rokushiki and increase his Doriki or power level and to discover what his devil fruit abilities can do and develop its mastery, in the process of training he learned how to make simple machines and weapons which he sold to buy more complex machine parts. He also practiced creating various ships and advanced weapons for almost 3 years just like his deceased mother which was a great shipwright and was hired by pirates to fix their ships and install weaponry for a price depending on the damages and the weapon type as of then he was a well renounced shipwright with his exceptional strength and experience and master two of the Rokushiki's Soru and Tekkai Rokushiki's although he did not master the devil fruit but learned few attacks it can do.

         Afterwards he traveled the sea to find a crew to join in now on his properly made mechanized small boat with an arsenal of weapons, killing marines he see that is on his level for his hatred in them giving him a 10,850 belli bounty on his head. But although he have the ability to use his devil fruit he doesn't use his devil fruit much even in combat and relies on his own human strength and his trusty weapon, Sukarubureika.

Personality: Ill tempered sometimes but a selfless person who will protect his friends and help them in times of need, He doesn't use his devil fruit much and depends on his own human strength and only uses it if he needs to travel fast in land (full rhino form) or when there is a strong foe or hoards of enemies (Human Rhino hybrid form), He also have a big hatred to the marines

Ship: A small mechanized boat filled with an arsenal of compact weapons he made
Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Sai Sai no Mi (needs approval)
Type: Zoan

Special Abilities:   - Soru
                         - Tekkai
                         - Enhanced strength and muscles out of special combat training
                         - Enhanced endurance out of special combat training
                         - Enhanced speed out of special combat training
                         - A great shipwright because of his experience in training combined with his strength

Learned Techniques: • Devil fruit only moves (needs approval) -
   - Horned Headbutt: Headbutts the enemey with the blunt parts of the curved horns
   - Pierce: Pierces the enemy with the sharp tip of the horn                                    
   - Charged Horned Headbutt: Just like honed headbutt but with the use of soru from far distance, extremely more powerful because of the charging using soru just like a rhino but may be easily dodged
   - Charged Pierce: Again just like pierce but with charging with the usage of soru but may also be easily dodged
• Non devil fruit moves (some may have enhanced effects when used with devil fruit)
  - Flail Spin: Swings his flail wildly at the enemy multiple times
  - Nanbasen (Wreck): Exerts a strong force to deal massive damage, can be used with devil fruit to destroy small structures (eg. small shafts etc.)
  - Sai no Panchi (Rhino Punch): Deals a heavy punch to an enemy, can make the enemy fly, can be enhanced with devil fruit
  - Sai no Kikku (Rhino Kick): Just like Sai no Panchi, Deals a heavy kick to an enemy, can make the enemy, can be enhanced with devil fruit
  -Sai no Zutsuki (Rhino Headbutt): A strong headbutt that may lead an enemy flying and a chance of the user to be dazzled for a while (when used with devil fruit it is Horned Headbutt)
 -Sai no Bodisuramu (Rhino Bodyslam): Charges towards the enemy then jumping performing a body slam, can be enhanced with devil fruit

Weapons: Sukarubureika (needs approval)

Goals: Avenge the death of his parents and annihilate every marine officer in his way, Destroy the marines, Be a strong pirate and a great shipwright

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PostSubject: Re: Rhion "White Rhino" Shirosai (needs approval)   Fri Apr 11, 2014 9:08 am

Done!! Can someone check it out and approve it
I really hope you can approve my devil fruit, my weapon, and my character so that I can start planning my next character, a marine
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Rhion "White Rhino" Shirosai (needs approval)
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