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 Hie Hie no Mi Techniques

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PostSubject: Hie Hie no Mi Techniques   Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:15 am

Technique list name:  Hie Hie no Mi Techniques
Overview:  Probably due to Diana Celestine's own personality, her devil fruit's skills mainly focus on controlling opponents rather than attempts on their life.  
User:  Diana Célestine
History:  In order to defend against an attack on her hometown, Diana rashly ate the Hie Hie no Mi and gained its powers.  These are techniques stemming from her devil fruit that Diana has developed for personal defense, as well as taking care of any adversaries, on her travels.  
-Level zero-
Name:  Patinoire (Ice Rink)
Description:  An incredibly slick layer of ice is added to a surface, usually the ground. It can spread the equivalent of her DF mastery in feet. So 10% DF mastery is 10 feet, and 100% DF mastery is 100 feet.
Effect:  People with less than 30% agility are going to have a tough time staying on their feet without proper precautions.  
Stat Requirements:  10% DF Mastery
Name:  Stalactite (Icicle)
Description: An attack that can only come out of ice, or the ground of an area that is very cold. This technique sends a large ice spike at an enemy. The ice spike is equivalent to her DF mastery rating's hardness. It isn't particularly sharp, but it can penetrate human tissue very easily and cause trauma to someone with armor; like getting hit by a bat while wearing armor. The amount of DF mastery divided by 10 is the amount of spikes created. It moves as fast as the user's DF rating. So 50% DF rating is 50% speed.
Effect: If it hits an opponent, it can either penetrate the person or possibly knock them out.
Stat Requirements: 40% DF mastery
-Level one-
Name:  Boule à Neige (Snow Globe)
Description:  A glass-like sphere or dome of ice is formed.  It can be placed around herself for defense or an opponent to trap them, unless they escape its area of control.  The ice itself has a frosty, semi-transluscent quality to it.  
Effect:  The strength of the barrier is based on the user's DF mastery.  If the opponent attempting to be trapped by the sphere have a higher speed rating than the user's DF Mastery, they can move away before being encased.
Stat Requirements:  10% DF Mastery, 20% Skill
Name:  Calotte Galciaire (Ice Cap)
Description: The size and shape can vary, depending on the user's DF Mastery divided by half in feet tall and wide.  Strength of the construct is also dependant on the Devil Fruit Mastery.
Effect: Creates a large ice cap, like a wall, for defensive purposes (mostly).
Stat Requirements: 30% DF mastery.
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PostSubject: Re: Hie Hie no Mi Techniques   Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:07 am


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Hie Hie no Mi Techniques
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