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 Fishman Karate

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PostSubject: Fishman Karate    Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:08 pm

Technique list name: Fishman Karate

Overview: Fishman karate is a style of martial arts developed by fishman from Fishman island. Similarly to merman combat the style allows the user control over water via strange shochwaves. Both styles have adaptations of the similar techniques that are made different for the other style. While fishman karate and merman combat are generally only seen in the fishman and merman species, other species such as humans can learn the martial art.

User: Bruce Megawhite

History: Bruce obtained his technique from an old fishman master. The fishman was Bruce's only friend during the time of his enslavement. This was true for many of the fishman slaves. The older fishman was in-charge of teaching the young, newly enslaved fishman, fishman karate. Once the fishman slave had an adept knowledge of the style they were sent into a coliseum to fight, sometimes to the death for the entertainment of their slavers; the Celestial Dragons. Bruce studied from the age of five still he was twelve years old. His skills were then combat honed in the arena for three years until he was sent to a research facility in one of the blues.


-Level zero-

Name: Tendril Whip
Type: Fishman Karate
Description: The user creates a tendril on one of his limbs that he is able to whip or pull foes with. It can reach up to ten feet or around three meters away from the end of the users limb. The move must be used near a source of water.
Effect: The foe, if hit directly would have a deep lash or broken skin. Basically similar to if the foe had been hit with a whip.
Stat Requirements: 20% Skill and 10% Strength per tendril.

Name: Water Bullet
Type: Fishman Karate
Description: The user pulls moister from the air to form a blob of water. Combining their skill with fishman karate and fishman strength, the user throws the water.
Effect: The effect of the water bullet is the same as if the foe had been hit with a bullet from a flintlock rifle.
Stat Requirements: 40% Skill and 20%.

Name: Needle Shotgun
Type: Fishman Karate
Description: The user pulls in moister around their hands and then throws it to form needles. If the user is around an open source of water they can use the technique at a much quicker rate. Five per hand from air moister, or twenty per hand when close to water.
Effect: The needles a quick and are more likely to drill right through a foe, rather than create a large opening or exit. The entrance and exit would is virtually the same size as the needle itself. If used on iron the needles would be able to create holes in an iron sheet.
Stat Requirements: 60% Skill and 20% Strength.

Name: Water Palm
Type: Fishman Karate
Description: The user hits the foe with a powerful palm strike. Using water inside the foes body, the hits power is doubled.
Effect: The would be hit with a strike twice as powerful as the strength the user puts into the attack. Thanks to the water aspect, the majority of the damage is internal. A direct hit from the palm strike would break ribs and damage organs. Hitting the foe in the chest would likely lead to cardiac arrest for anyone with a lower endurance than the users strength.
Stat Requirements: 70% Skill and 30% Strength.

Name: Water Scimitar
Type: Fishman Karate
Description: The user draws in water and forms it around his arm from the air around him. If the user is around water, he is able to use one on both arms. Throwing the water with fishman karate, the user creates a three foot long blade of water.
Effect: The attack could cleave a foe in half or cut through something as durable as steel.
Stat Requirements: 80% Skill and 30% Strength per tendril.

(note that no technique list can have more than five level zero techniques)

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

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PostSubject: Re: Fishman Karate    Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:32 pm

I say its fine, from looks of it.

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Fishman Karate
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