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 Baby Thunder the Hammer

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PostSubject: Baby Thunder the Hammer   Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:22 am

Name: Baby Thunder

Description: a very large "megaton hammer". A megaton hammer is a sledge hammer that is slightly longer than normal in proportion to the wielder that has an extreme density head that when SWUNG has the force of a megaton, meaning it only weighs about 1 ton. It is sleek redwood in the handle (or what appears to be red wood; in fact it is harpy bark). It is equipped with four dials; two engineered to be inside the head, one hidden at the base of the head, and one at the bottom of the handle. The head is made from titanium carbide which has been recarbonized to be stronger, and is obsidian black as a result. The back side of the hammer has three invisible (too small to see) holes in it.

Abilities: the butt of the hammer is equipped with an axe dial. The striking side of the hammer head has an impact dial, and the back side a jet dial. The top has a thunder dial. The handle is made from "harpy bark". Harpy bark is a tree found mostly on harpeia that yields word-class wood that is harder than iron, though not as much as steel, and nearly as flexible as rubber when put to the test; this is not what makes it special, as several special trees have this and more. What makes this wood special is that its mass is less than a cloud of the same size, meaning it literally weighs less than air in a sense.

History: the hammer was made by an ancient harpean shipwright, who is said to have used the hammer to help forge two massive ships, one to save and one to destroy. This same hammer destroyed the weaponized ship, according to legend. The ship was said to have the potential to destroy all life on the planet. The man was later killed, and his daughter carried the hammer all the way to harpeia. She apparently died in the arms of her husband after placing it on the island. It was considered a sacred heirloom of the family, recognized by the entire island until it was hidden by the family and locked up 300 years ago. Some wonder whether or not it is still there this day.
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PostSubject: Re: Baby Thunder the Hammer   Tue Feb 25, 2014 1:06 pm

Who is going to use said weapon and what is the purpose? These are questions that are more related to the fact that I'd like to know before I approve or so on, as it does look like a strong piece of weaponry. Also, the properties of the harpy bark kinda make me think that it should likely deserve a thread for approval of it's own, as it's quite the utility's joy.


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Baby Thunder the Hammer
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