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 Valentines Day Event

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PostSubject: Valentines Day Event   Fri Feb 14, 2014 3:43 am

"We love you, so we're giving you %$*#s@! a free role. Don't choke on it." Karasu (The Crow)

So basically you get to roll in any of the three gambling events one more time.  It doesn't matter if you have rolled in the event before or not.  
Happy Valentines Day!

Iken Namikaze

Derge Namikaze

Bruce Megawhite

Kyōkihime Namikaze

Steel Village

[Quotastic Section]  [05:07:55 12/01/13] @ Admin-sama : my post in gd is part of my elaborite plan to get cob to dress as iken...

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Valentines Day Event
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