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 Noob Lovers Event

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PostSubject: Noob Lovers Event   Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:44 pm

So we (the staff) realized that the advanced section hasn't had many approved characters in the last month because of me, so we decided to give you guys a chance to create a character with an easier start then others. For those of you that already have a character then you're in the same position as those without.

"What are you saying?! I'M SO CONFUSED MR.CROW!!"

.. Well, basically, the next event will feature a one day a week with double experience and a small rolling gamble. That's right, a person will have double experience one day a week (It totally isn't Sunday or anything) and some gambling choices! There will be three separate rolling dice events. The first will be a special roll with 4/6 chances to gain a few odd prizes, but needed; The other roll will give away belli (the money in one piece) and the last will give ability points (what people will need for devil fruits and other things). Sounds fun right? But why are they considered a "rolling gamble"? Because you'll have to roll to get them. The higher the roll the more AP you will receive in your AP Roll Event, the higher the roll the more Belli you'll gain in the Belli Roll event, and whatever roll you get may or may not get you anything on the Special Roll Event (4/6 chance). In the rolling events you can only participate in two of the three.

So why am I telling you all of this before the event is even up? Because you must have a character at least in WIP (basically means unfinished) or completed to participate. But don't c/p the character sheet and put WIP on the title and expect to participate afterwards, we need to see you fill up the entire first 1/3 of the profile. So the name, age, species, extc. must be filled out at LEAST. We have to know that the person is at least attempting to create a character. Overall, a person gains double exp every day that is chosen (which is Sunday) and they CAN gain AP and Belli. So every person creating a character will find this month to be the most productive for the character this year (and arguably the years to come).

So? Get off your asses and make those Advanced Section characters, you won't have a better month to make them then February.

"And may the odds ever be in your favor." (Hunger Games)

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Noob Lovers Event
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