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 shin narazawa

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PostSubject: shin narazawa   Wed Jan 22, 2014 10:32 pm

Name: Shin "the plant man" narazawa

Age: 21 (24 after timeskip)

Bounty: no bounty

Species: Human.

Occupation: herbalist/apothecary (wishes to become a marine like his dad)

Allegiance: currently only to himself and his little store

Home Village/Ocean: Grandline

Appearance: Shin has the appearance of a short young boy despite his age, though his blue eyes have been noted on several occasions to hold wisdom well beyond his years; which is only further exemplified by his mature attitude and surprisingly meaningful words. He has short cut, snow white hair that is combed to the right with a thick spiked strand hanging between his eyes and two large bangs on either side of his head to frame it. His hair covers his ears completely,. Despite his young age, he has quite a lean-built physique and is surprisingly muscular for his young age, and is more powerful than his small frame would otherwise suggest, easily allowing him to take his foes by surprise in battle situations. During everyday interactions, he is mostly seen with a serious scowl that has been described as frosty and intimidating. However when working in the apothecary hes scowl are replaced with a slight smile

Shin wears the average Shihakushō, though his is white. His kosode has several thick blue-colored lines running down the arms vertically with the same lines running horizontally across his chest. His hakama andhakama-himo are also white with the same blue stripes running down their front with a pair of average white shoes with black socks underneath. He also tends to wear a standard sleeveless haori, with a pale yellow sash worn on his right shoulder, held together by a round clip that appears as a small, golden-colored sun. 

History: Shin had a happy childhood despite the fact that his parents died shortly after he was born, he grew up with his grandfather, a wise old man who was the herbalist/apothecary and a bit of a doctor in the small village they lived in. Even as a little shin was very curious and almost as soon as he was old enough and had learned how to talk , he began bombarding his grandfather with questions. questions which his grandfather with a extreme calm and a smile answered.

Shin's grandfather started teaching him and teach him about the herbs already at a young age and was determined to teach his grandson all about the old ways traditions that had their roots far back in the family.But he also taught shin in other things like reading and writing and also the art of the staff (bojutsu). It was after one of thoose sparring pass that shins life changed and he became unable to swim. Exhausted and a bit hungry and walked over to a part of the garden where they keept a grove of trees carrying many diffrent fruits he was reaching out for a orange when a diffrent fruit caught his attention a beautiful silver pear, which was covered in swirls. Looking as if it was made from a precious, lustrous white metal, like silver or chrome, curious thinking this new fruit was something his grandfather had grown and reached out for it. hungry as he was he dident pay much attention to the consequences it could get and simply split the fruit in half and quickly ate it. after chewing swallowing both pieces he was almost about to vomit and decided to never eat fruits looking like that again and went in to his grandfather. Later that night when he was sleeping he had a bad dream. He heard voices whispering to him and plants and trees chasing him, what he dident know was that it was his fruits power and amplified by his fears it caused the tree outside his open window to grow reaching out with a branch for him as to protect him. As the branch touched his leg however he woke up screaming. a few minutes later his grandfather came into the room seeing the tree reaching for shin and shins fear, putting things together he tried to calm shin down and then asked if he had ate something weird today. On the brink to tears shin told him about the fruit he had eaten. Shins grandfather continued to calm the boy and as he did the tree begun to retract to its natural shape. Shins grandfather then asked shin to prepare some tea while he went to his room getting something Shin did as his grandfather wished and prepared the tea and waited for his grandpa to come back, when he did he was wearing a book it had no title and its grey cover was worn out, he put the book down infront of shin and asked him to open it as he begun to explain what it was, It was a book containing information about the fruit he had just eaten written by shins father.

Shin soon noticed that the book wasent just a guide over the devil fruit abilities it was also a diary. Now besides his lessons with his grandfather he also spent a part of the day reading his fathers diary and practicing his devil fruit ability.  Now at the age of 26 his grandfather said his training was complete but also reminded him that there was always room for improvment and he should aim to keep studying and learn new things shin agreed and set out to explore the world .As a parting gift shins grandfather gave him a bo staff that been passed down for generations in their family. and now here he is a recuit in the marines army. Or well sorta he opened a medicinal clinic and spends most of his time there when he is not out on missions for the marines, But mostly he became a liason a connection beetween the marines and the townsfolk thanks to his clinic.

3 year timeskip
His clinic got attacked one day and he barley manged to defeat the culprits and turn them over to the marines, it was at that point that he realized that while he had great control over his powers he lacked offensive techniques,  He closed the clinic and after talkin to his chief in the marines, he begun to travel around the seas exploring various plant life. Praticing with his devil fruit to gain more offensive capabilities. and now after three years hes back his clinic is for the moment however still closed and only used by him as his home.

Personality: He is rather quiet personality-wise, rarely speaking unless spoken to and even then he only speaks a few words at any given time. He finds quietness a more appealing trait and prefers others to be quiet in his presence; something thoose around him find odd and somewhat unsettling as they can never quiet determine his innermost thoughts, nor his intentions until after he makes them clear. His quietness, though, allows him to fade into the background where he can effectively analyze his opponents mannerisms and interactions; being fit to determine their abilities and such from that alone.  He does not like fighting much. However, when he is forced to fight, he shows special interest in protecting thoose close to him like his family and friends

Ship: his ship is currently growing (literally)

Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: Plant plant no mi
Type: Logia
Effect: The most notable ability of this fruit is it allows the user to control plant life. The user can cause plants grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk", mutate plants by rearranging DNA structure, and revive withered or dead plants. User can also  manipulate pollen and toxins/spores of plants, even after refined through alchemy

Special Abilities:
Bojutsu: the staff techniques of shin integrate a myriad of complex variations and nuances which makes this perhaps the most difficult weapon for an opponent to learn how to counter against. With his staff, shin is capable of striking a number of targets in a matter of seconds. It has been shown that enemies can be reached from both long and short distances and at each distance, a slight divergence in the way the weapon is used explores just how effective he is with his weapon. This makes it one of the most complicated and complex weapons, depending entirely on distance and timing for the opponent to fight against it correctly without risking grave injury and more than likely even death. shin also has the capability to channel his devil fruit with ease through the staff. Something Shin more than once have taken advantage off to suprise a opponent.

masterly herbalist/apothecary

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Staff techniques:

Devil fruit moves: 

plant creation: Shin can generate plants, including vines, moss, fungi, and parts of the plants, such as leaves, seeds, fruits and flowers, whether by drawing them from already existing plants, or by manifesting them. This also have a sub category in plant controlling allowing him to control already existing plant life.

here's his most used abilities in this category.
Vines: the most used of his abilities and he have a masterful over these,
Pop Greens: beside the vines this is his most used abilities,  he does not only have access to the normal pop greens but also grown a few of his own.
Fungus: usually filled with various toxins or spores mostly sleeping or paralyzing ones. These are mostly used for traps and are to be triggered when someone steps on them though shin can detonate them when he wants.

Plant mutation: Allows him to rearrange and even combine the dna structure of plants granting them abilities and effects they normally would not have. Is on a pretty basic level now and so far its vines and pop greens he can mutate when it comes to *combat plants* so to speak

Toxin,spores/pheremones: Allows him to create and control mentioned substances for various effects. On a more advanced level even after refining them he can control them hes not quite there yet though


Weapons/Items: Weapons and items can be found Here.

Character Flaws:is actually not aware of the nonchalant frown he usually have and is actually a bit curious as to why people seem to avoid him.

Goals: his goal is to follow in both his fathers and his grandfathers footsteps becoming a world famous herbalist/apothecary and a admiral or higher within the marines.

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PostSubject: Re: shin narazawa   Wed Jan 29, 2014 11:56 am


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shin narazawa
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