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 shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates

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PostSubject: shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates    Wed Jan 22, 2014 6:52 pm

name: saijo o wazamo tree seeds.
description: 1 cm round black seeds with silver pattern on them.
special abilities: this trees resilience and durability would be equivalent to those of a Saijo o Wazamono Sword.
history: A famous elder of the narazawa clan that used to be the ruler of the island Shin and his grandfather lives on now. He became the ruler because he used his devil fruit power to keep bandits and barbaric tribes from invading the island also because he more than gladly helped when it came to farming. It was all well and the island was peaceful until one day when all the bandit tribes and barbaric tribes united for a grand scale invasion. Knowing that even with the tremendous power of the plants at his disposal he wouldn't be able to hold them all off he realized there was only one option.. to leave the island

He talked to his family and the allied clans explaining the situation to them and despite the fact that some of them didn't wanna leave their homes they eventually realized the seriousness of the situation, So only a few hours  before the eminent attack all the clans and his family had  gathered at the end of the island where the old man used his power to create a bridge made out of plants leading away from the island into the sea. When coming far enough from the island he used his powers to create a huge island made of vines and aquatic trees (like mangroves) where the people could seek shelter. When the tribes attacked and found out what had happened they immediately chased after them but when the last of the tribes had set their foot on the bridge the old man simply caused the bridge to disappear under their feet sending them all to a death in the sea. (it is said that their bones can still bee seen at the bottom between the island his family lives on and the one they escaped from. As the threat now was over most of the clans that had followed him returned to their home island but some stayed. And as the elder grew older he increased the island's size little by little. The clans that stayed on the island thrived and so did the ones having returned a bridge was created made out of plants between the two islands. Several years past and the elder grew older knowing he soon would die he decided he wanted to leave something behind to his predecessors. So he planted a tree in the middle of the island he created so many years ago its root growing extending to the bottom of the sea sucking up minerals and nourishment growing bigger and stronger. And before he died. He left a note on how to take care of the tree urging his relatives to try find the plant fruit and keep nurturing the tree and take care of the island. He also unknown to almost everyone but a selected few made a chest a living chest that only a plant user could open containing small seeds from the tree with a note on how to create more..
ages and ages passed and the family selected the strongest sprouts of the tree and raised it and when the plant plant no mi was in the clans possession they all followed the old mans wish and added something to the tree to make it stronger. As a young boy shortly after gaining the plant plant no mi Shin found the chest and with his fruits powers he managed to open it, inside there was a scroll and the seeds,

Name: Bo staff
Special abilities: durable and resilient as a Saijo o Wazamono Sword, its also slightly hollow. and the more dangerous plant seeds are keept inside it out of reach from greedy persons. its also extremly easy to channel the plant plant no mi powers through it.
history: only a few decades ago that a child was born and when he grew up posessed the plant plant no mi and he used it realizsing that the elder in the stories he heard. probally had used his powers to seal the chest and managed to open it, inside the chest he found a scroll , and the scroll had the instructions to a bo staff he had dessigned to be of the same grade as the strongest swords, and how the tree that he had sprouted that the narazawa family had taken care of for generation was the one that should be used for that staff. The young man followed the wishes of the elder and used it to create the staff,

name: Gevft
nicknamed: Gev
(genetically enhanced venus fly trap)
description: a fly trap feed siq that was mutated even further by his powers. The pet itself have a venus flytrap head alas smaller and more resembling a serpent with a rather odd looking tounge and fang. Its body is made out of a rather big vine, and have two small fangs. To be noted it have a core that can be moved through its body and unless said core is destroyed gev can always regrow given time just like a plant
special abilities: when gev is treatened can fold out thorns all over its body even shoot said thorns in all directions as mean to get away., its also capable of spitting out seeds or needle like projectiles from its mouth
history: Gev is actually the result of experimenting with his mutation powers but also his experimenting with SIQ, once he learned it worked he keept improving it and have grown quite attached to the thing. its usually wrapped up around his arm hiding under his clothing.

name: Custom made medical kit.
description: a medical kit that shin have worked on that keeps on being perfected as his knowledge of medicine and his devil fruit increases. His goal is that once its perfected maybe start selling if not sharing it and hopefully help decrease fatalities around the world.
special abilities: Various bandages made out of a composition of herbs, each have one thing in common. they secrete fluid that stimulate the bodies own regenerative capabilities aiding in healing wounds. others will slow down if not stop the flow of blood allowing one to survive otherwise lethal wounds until they can be properly treated. ampulls with sedatives and painkillers. the string he use when sewing up wounds is also made out of plants and will decay overtime. needle scalpels scissors and syringes, made out of wazamo grade steel.
history: he saved the life of a blacksmith and more importantly the blacksmiths daughter, in return the blacksmith made him alot of his medical equipment. syringes scalpel needles. Having been given such a high quality equipment he also used his devil fruit to add even more special equipment to this medical kit. this is something that he values alot and keeps trying to improve.

name: custom made alchemy apparatus
description: the classic alchemy tools wich he have several off
special abilities: customized to be able to withstand higher temperatures and connected in ways that never seen before (think modern day chemistry)
history: he realized one day his normal alchemy apparatus would not be able to combine the substances as he wanted to create his most complex poisons so he had this custom made for that specific purpose. the one making it was a craftsman who specialized in glas. He even have a burner made with a heat dial he got as payment for treatment of a patient once so he can perfectly control the temperature.

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PostSubject: Re: shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates    Fri Jan 24, 2014 12:20 am


*cough cough* credits to Rodoku... *cough cough*

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PostSubject: Re: shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates    Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:11 am

Bump added his medical kit improved upon his alchemy apparatus. added a pet. added the seeds used to make his staff. (moved story that was originally on staff to seeds.)
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PostSubject: Re: shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates    Thu Jun 07, 2018 6:26 am


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PostSubject: Re: shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates    

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shin narazawas equipment/weapons now undergoing updates
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