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PostSubject: Senkensu   Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:55 pm

Name: Senkensu Ishimaru (nicknames "Shark Face or Sen" )


Bounty: 10,000 Beri
Species: Fishman (Tiger Shark)
Occupation: Firstmate
Allegiance: Pirate(Blue Phoenix)
Home Village/Ocean: Impel Down in the Calm belt

Appearance: Stands 6'6" wieght 250 lbs. pure muscle. His skin is a medium grey color and his pupiless eye are pure white.
History:At a young age Senkensu was capture by marines and sent to Impel Down at the lowest levels for biting deep into there captains neck on a defensive reflex. He grow up there and learned quickly that you either had to become strong and surive that place and it's cruelty or be weak and die. He choose to live and spent the time he had between exersize and pain conditioning from the constait torture. He eventually discovered that as his adult teeth came in they where strong enough to shred through steel and stone quite easily. He used this advantage to break out on his exacution date when he was brought out to have his life snuffed out. He used his jaws and bit through his shackles which was so unexpected that he had all the time he needed given his increadable speed to get into open water. From there he eventually meet another fishman with a ship who was willing to accept Senkensu onto his ship and give him purpose to his life and a goal to acheive.

Personality: Senkensu is a savage ruthless killer having little control of his bloodlust. He is only kept in check by his ship Captain Akuorinomori. He violently rips through his enemies without a second though and merely running on a murderous instinct, he however isn't a stupid animal far from being quite intellegent when tact is more affective. Senkensu always carries a cold demenor and hardly ever speaks except when ablosutly necessary making it difficult to predict what he is planning or how he is feeling or thinking.
Ship: EverFlare
Ship Flag:

Devil Fruit: N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A
Special Abilities: Extreme speed, jaws and clws that can rip through steel like butter, and a heightened sense of smell
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
1:Piercing Javelin (While in water Senkensu swims at his top speed and punchs a hole through the hull of an unexpecting ship)

Weapons/Items: Overly large Musket With a bayeneet and a plug so that water can not enter the barrel.

Character Flaws: donesn't know when to stop unless his Captain gives him the order, often goes into blind rages, has an uncontrolable urge to go to a source of blood if he can smell it.
Goals: To serve and help complete his Captains goal as well as to find a higher purpose
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PostSubject: Re: Senkensu   Thu Jan 30, 2014 9:16 am

Hmmmm ... well, for starters, you can't really go at Impel Down, and especially at the lowest levels, for the act of "bitin deep into the neck of captains". Also, 10,000 is exceptionally low for Impel Down, even the first floor, anyways. It is also unlikely that for that cause he'd stay at ID for so long, not to mention that it is unlikely that the marines would sent someone of a very young age, to the lowest levels, to begin with.
These issues aside, personality is lackin, amongst other factors. Please expand and fix.


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PostSubject: Re: Senkensu   Fri Jan 31, 2014 3:30 pm

Also, please, make it at least a paragraph in the Appearance section... Expand Personality, as Shad0w said, and add at least another paragraph to history.

Also, for a starting character, having "jaws and claws that can rip through steel like butter" is WAAAY too much. That level of skill would need to be gained through various threads of roleplaying... Also when you say "extreme" what do you mean? Compare it to some other existing speed, such an animal's, bicycle, car, horse, etc.

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PostSubject: Re: Senkensu   

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