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 Daniel King

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PostSubject: Daniel King   Fri Jan 10, 2014 4:02 pm

Name: Daniel King
Age: 17
Species: Cyborg
Allegiance: Bounty Hunter
Home Village/Ocean:(North Blue
Appearance: He has neck long jet black straight hair that's always messy. His emerald eyes are extra striking due to the fact that the entire right half of his face has been replaced with rusty, often repaired metal. His body is covered in scars from several "surgeries". Because of all the metal he constantly has to carry around he is a lot more muscular than normal humans. The weigh of the metal has also stunted his growth, meaning that at 5,5 he is short for his age. Daniels clothes are chosen for just one thing : how much of his cyborg parts they cover up. His entire right arm from the shoulder down has been replaced. The replacement arm is a mess of heavy but low quality metals and wires ending in what could be called a hand. It is twice as big as his left hand and the "fingers" were clearly not made for dexterity. In his back there are several exhausts made to prevent overheating by venting the steam that powers his mechanical arm. ( Will be changed as Daniel upgrades himself.)
History: For most of his life Daniel had a normal life. He was an only child and dreamed of becoming a marine. While the Island he grew up on was in no way close to a Marine base, it wasn't rich enough to attract pirates. Not pirates simply looking for money at least. So it was quite a surprise when one day the Gear Head pirates attacked the island. While the few people capable to fight tried to drive them of, the pirates quickly took over the island.
All the surviving Island got locked up and quickly found out the reason for the invasion. They were being used as test subjects for creating cyborgs. The old and the sick were experimented on first, back when the pirates were inexperienced and odds of surviving the operations were low anyway. Children and teens including Daniel were next. The first thing the Gear Heads did was replace half of his face with metal. A few weeks later when it was clear he had recovered, the removed his right arm and replaced it with a metal one too big and heavy for to use effectively. They also added vents in his back, not wanting him to overheat like some of the other test subjects. To prevent him and the Island that survived the cyborg process from fighting, they were always half starved and barely given enough water to power their new low quality steam powered body parts. Daniel kept hoping that the Marines would them, but no navy ship ever showed up. Eventually the Gear Head captain revealed why the Islander were being turned into cyborgs, the pirates were planning to upgrade themselves using what they learned before heading to the Grand Line. After the captain offered the islander a chance to join his crew and honestly seemed to expect that not would they accept they would be honored, the other Gear Heads realized he was completely insane. They took all the records from the operations with them and left the captain behind. Even though none of them was experienced with the new additions to their bodies and they were still weak, a normal humans simply stands no chance against fifty cyborgs. And as such the captain never got a chance to take revenge on the Gear Head pirates for leaving him behind
Personality:As much as Daniel hates his cyborg parts and pirates there is nothing he hates more than feeling helpless more, and is willing to sacrifice his body in order to be strong enough to never have to experience it again.Daniel refrains from killing when possible, not because he is against it but because life pirates are worth more and will be send to Imple Down for torture. He tends to come over cold most of the time, unless he completely trusts you. While Daniel rarely lets his guard down, it's to tell when he feels relaxed due to his tendency to tell lame jokes. He is no fan of the marines, but for the sake of his job treats them with just enough respect to net got in trouble.
Ship: name of ship
Ship Flag: describe
Devil Fruit:None
type: None
effect: None
Special Abilities: Due to having to drag a heavy metal arm with him for years Daniel is a lot stronger than average, capable of lifting 290 pounds
Using his shotgun he able to hit a human sized target up to 15 meters but mostly relies and his strength and enhancements in battle.
Learned Techniques
Finger stab: Using the Dagger Fingers of his right hand Daniel stabs his opponent
Hot Steam: Daniel releases steam through the vents in his back. The cloud of steam created this way is hot enough to give normal humans first degree burns. But due to the way it's released the cloud will dissipate after couple seconds. The size of the cloud is 18.49 cubic feet (1 meter ) in diameter
Drilling Hand: Daniel increases the power of His Finger Stab by spinning his right hand around. This is strong enough to easily pierce through wood and anything softer
Weapons/Items: Cyborg weapons and a shotgun ( Special abilities, learned techniques and weapons/items will all be upgraded during the course of the rp)
Goals: To get revenge on the pirates who took over his home island and allowed their insane former captain to experiment on him and the other inhabitants.
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Daniel King
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