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 Inu Inu no Mi Model: Dachshund (WIP)

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PostSubject: Inu Inu no Mi Model: Dachshund (WIP)   Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:53 am

Name: Inu Inu no mi; Model: Dachshund

Type: Zoan

Effect: Allows it’s user to transform into a full dachshund or a half-dachshund, half-human hybrid which increases its users height, makes them more slim, grow fur all over their body, grow a tail and head transforms into the same as a dachshund, though user keeps mostly the same appearance as before transformation. Benefits of hybrid form include increased speed, increased perception and increased agility, as well as a few beast senses, such as higher sense of smell and hearing, a lack of taste, and long sighted. These senses are also included at a much greater scale in dachshund form as well as superior digging abilities and the ability to squeeze into small spaces. Both forms also have tracking abilities, due to dachshunds having originally been breed as hunting dogs, able to trail scents that are weeks old. It has the standard devil fruit weaknesses, and rumble ball forms are available, but only if rumble balls are used and after the forms have been purchased with ability points, each separately. As the rules state, the first two forms are free after having eaten the first rumble ball. Dachshunds can jump, dig, smell, hear, see, run, have fur, and attack with their teeth (these are all ideas for rumble ball forms in the future, although more can be made).  

User: Pierre Quirel Riverti

Growth curve:

0%; Unable to use the devil fruit whatsoever, but the user develops a strange resistance to horrible tasting foods. Doesn't mind eating anything edible.

10%; Transforms into a full form dachshund. User turns into an average sized small dog, roughly three feet long and 1 foot wide in bulk around the stomach (1 meter long, 30 centimeters in bulk around the stomach). His eyes turn dark brown and his fur a bright red color. Ears flap down to his now 8 centimeter long snout and tiny black nose in the tip. Half of the total stat increase (10%) goes to speed, the other half goes to perception. So 5% to speed and perception. The user can also smell someone about 200 feet away at this level. But it is the only ability the user gains.

20%; Able to transform into hybrid form, this gives the user a 10% increase in speed, 5% increase in agility, and 5% increase in perception. Full form increases stats by half. Hybrid form can smell equal to the previous full form, Full Form can smell a target up to 500 feet away if the scent has already been grabbed by the individual as a base scent (so he smells a sock of someone he can find them if they get near his 500 foot parameter). The user can now see slightly longer then a normal human. Hybrid form has red fur around his body and flappy ears, his teeth become sharp and his nose transforms into that of a dachshund. His eyes become dark brown and his nails grow a little to about 1 inch (2.5cm). These nails are about the same grade as a normal sword when it comes to cutting abilities.

30%; Hybrid form now increases speed, agility, and perception by 10%. Full form increases its speed and perception by half the total stat increases. His smell can now locate someone a mile away after getting a good lead scent from an object. The user can now hear objects around 10 feet from him very well. He can hear footsteps around that range as well. However, he can't hear small sounds that are nearly inaudible like breathing in heavy traffic. 

40%; Hybrid form gives 15% increase to speed and agility, and 10% to perception. Full form gives speed and perception stat boosts equally from maximum total stat boost. The user in full form can detect someone through his scent up to 3 miles away after smelling a good base for the users smell (like a sock, shirt, perfume they wear, or their underwear. Anything with a strong scent.) Without the scent the user can smell random objects, without concentration, up to 1 mile away (this effect of more randomized smelling is always with the distance of the hybrid forms total smelling distance, while the hybrid form has the randomized smelling distance of the last level's hybrid form's focused smelling distance. So the full form in this level can focus smell a target 3 miles away, but random smell objects 1 mile away. The hybrid form can focus smell an object 1 mile away focused, but smell random objects 500 feet away). The hearing increases so the user can hear objects 20 feet from the user easily. The hearing applies to both hybrid and full form. 

50%; Hybrid form gives the user a 20% increase to agility and speed and a 10% increase to perception. Full form gets speed and perception boosts, half of the total boost to both stats. Full form can concentrate on a smell 5 miles away, and smell random objects 3 miles from the user. Hybrid can concentrate on a smell 3 miles away and smell objects around him 1 mile away randomly. Hearing can detect objects 25 feet away by a simple step.  

60%; User has full control of animal instincts, can maintain hybrid and full dachshund forms despite tiredness at constant level, and is able to use rumble ball forms for six posts.

70%; Two rumble ball forms can be used at each usage, and interval between rumble ball usage is reduced to seven posts.

80%; User has gained full control of animal rage and perception increase when transformed increases to 20%.

90%; Physical stats are increased by 25% when in hybrid form and can use all rumble ball forms when rumble ball is used, and can use rumble ball effects for eight posts. User is able to maintain full dachshund form and hybrid form despite injuries.

100%; Able to use all leveled techniques as long as character is the same level, also able to use Awakened, Monster, and Ultimate forms, when unlocked.

Ability Points Cost: 15 points

Extra cost to unlock a rumble form: 5 points
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Inu Inu no Mi Model: Dachshund (WIP)
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