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 Benzaiten Swain

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PostSubject: Benzaiten Swain   Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:28 pm

Name:{/b} Benzaiten Swain


Bounty: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Wanna-be-tactician

Allegiance: None(might allign himself with a faction later through RP)
Home Village/Ocean: North blue

Benzaiten, or ben, as will he be reffered to starting from this point, is a handsome looking(by general standard) young man standing a quite tall 1 meter and 90 centimerers. His build is that of a tall, but by no means slender man(as is usual with a fast growing rate within his age area). Instead of the regular tall and slender appearance he has a tall and well build appearance, ranging from precisely between the point of skinny and normal, with no sign of buffed up muscles.

Ben's skin is white, and is often tanned as Ben spends a lot of his time outside in the sun. His skin also seems untainted by the worries of the world, as it doesn't show even a ripple or rimple, almost as if he'd greece himself up in skin lotion each night.
Ben's eyebrows are straight not-so-thick lines above his almost shaped eyes. The color of his eyes are a deep blue, the kind of which always seems to stare at something in the distance. His mouth always appears to be in a rather neutral state, although Ben is no stranger to the pleasure of laughing. And his teeth are white indicating he brushes them each and every day.

His limbs are the appropiate and regular size of his age, and his chest, although untrained, is a big one, showing his thick collar bones and ribs quite clearly. His skin below his neck is of the same fashion of that above it, no scars or drawings of any kind.
His hair is dark brown, and at the maximum would be capable of reaching to slightly over his ears, but that would be during a period where Ben would mostly forget about the length of his hair. Although once not combed it can often look like anything ranging from looking kinda nice to looking ridiculous.

His clothes are often awfully boring, only ranging from one coloured shirts and T-shirts, although there is one piece he would almost always wear, which is a grey thin summer jacket that seems way too big for him, making it look more a coat then a jacket really. It looks old, but well taken care of as there is usually never even a stain on it. This is because he values the jacket a lot, and thus is this the piece of clothing that he would never want to get damaged.

Ben was born on a regular islands, with regular strict parents, and lived on it for as long as he lived. Starting from the age of 12 Ben began to roam the streets of the town in which he lived, which was a close knitted community, one of which he was no part since he rarely talked to everything. He had a rather predictable scheduled life though, as he always walked the same path through town as soon as he was done with his home lecture session. He would start at the top of a nearby hill overlooking the town, and then he would continue to just walk the same streets, looking at the same things, each and every day, and each day would end the same. He'd be sitting at a Family Cafe. He would order the same thing, tea and some dessert that was usual for that time of the year. And even though he did the same each and every day for years, nobody really got to know him because every attempt to communicate with him would be ignored with a cold shoulder.

One day Ben was just sitting at his regular cafe, overlooking some people talking whilst enjoying some tea. Those were the same people he had been observing for a while now, and once again they were talking about some kind of 'secret package'. Ben was desperate to know what it was, even if it wouldn't affect him in the slightest  if he knew. Listening to their conversation he had understood the 'very valuable package' had finally arrived. But just as his second glass of tea was being poured in he lost sight of them. In shock Ben stood up way too fast, knocking over the table he was sitting and, and thus also the cup of tea that was on it. Shocked by what happened but still in a hurry he ran outside, knocking over a couple of more tables and annoying a whole lot of costumers. As soon as he came outside he saw two rather shady looking men, one he knew as someone he heard talking about this 'package'. Looking at that man's surrounding he saw a basket, hidden in between one of the marketers crates. Normally someone wouldn't even be capable of making out the strange basket because it was, essentially, still a basket. But Ben knew from past experiences there was no basket like it on the entire island. Walking past it, in a sudden impulse telling him to get to know whats inside, Ben grabbed the basket and ran for it. The men didn't realize it soon enough because Ben quickly entered a alleyway nearby with it and soon took the quickest and most out of sight route to his home.

As he came close he stopped running, he wouldn't want to worry his parents. Opening the fence gate he looked at his house again. Some people would call it a mansion, but to him it was just one room that felt like home, and that was his own. Forgetting to put off his shoes Ben hurried towards his room and as soon as he arrived within it he closed the door behind him. His room was made out of thick walls covered by a nice and warm looking wood, but Ben had put a lot of planks onto it, serving as book cases. A ton of books were stashed upon those planks, and Ben quickly sad down on his bed as he was dying to see what was inside. To his surprise there was nothing special in it..well, aside form the whacky looking..fruit? He grabbed it with both hands, it was quite big, and looked a lot like a mango. Wondering wether he should peel it or not Ben decided to take a bite, and as soon as he did he felt the extremely bad taste burn in his mouth. Ben quickly swallowed it as to stop the taste as soon as possible and threw the one bite taken out fruit back into the basket he found it in.

The moments after Ben began to notice he had attained a power beyond what his knowledge could understand.. He had gained the power to make a invisible 'zones' ..It appeared to him as if it were made of extremely transparent paper, but nothing seemed to be affected by it as everything passed through it. What happened within this 'zone' however made him extremely interested in it, as it made him able to actually create books out of nothing. As if that wasn't amazing enough once opened he would read all sorts of information about someone he would have focussed on, or rather said though about within the zone.
Ben first tried his new powers out in his favorite cafe, after apologizing for the mess he made earlier, for it had almost made him to be banned from the cafe if it weren't for the fact he was a regular costumer for years at this point. Sitting in the darkest corner of the cafe Ben still ordered the same, but instead of eating it he would often let it go to waste for as soon as he came to realize he could read information about others he would always be reading books. Often the table would be occupied by 3 or more books, and it appeared like his eyes glided along all of the sentences in it at the same time. It had gone as far as to the point where other fellow regular costumers had become accustomed to the fact that he was more in the cafe for the general change of surroundings then that he was there to eat.
Among the many people he read about there was one person he was most interested in..or rather said he had fallen in love with the second he had laid eyes upon her book. It was the very cook working there. After laying a glance on the picture the book displayed as if made by a camera, but obviously being drawn, he had hoped to see her. But then again, he was way too busy readying her day to day stories, as they were updated every time she was in his zone, which was often as he had been spending a lot of time in the same cafe as in which she worked. Even if she would have been serving him he wouldn't really notice since he had never heard her voice, and he barely looked up from his books.

After yet another day of spending almost all of the day at the cafe his parents greeted him in the hallway. They talked about how they were concerned about the fact that Ben spend countless of hours at the cafe, and that he should do something more useful like studying, so they grounded him for a uncertain amount of time. Enraged by this Ben went towards his room, got his favorite books, and grabbed he backpak he managed to grab on his way back to his room. Opening it Ben was surprised, a revolver was in it.. It must have been from one of his dad's travels, as he was a 'black' weapons dealer.. Oh well, he'd rather leave with a weapon then without. Still with his mind scattered across the place Ben had no idea where to go. He had escaped from his room through the window, but he had no destination.. And so he wanted to go to where he always went; the cafe.

Ben is a extremely shy, and is to put it blunt 'socially awkward'. He doesn't like to converse to people he doesn't know, and even to people he knows he'd rather not talk to. In his mind it almost pains him to do so. On the other hand he himself feels like he has a lot to tell and explain someone, but simply the fact that it is another human he is dealing with makes that hard for him to actually do. Once talking to people he doesn't know that well(which only happens on occasions he has to, like when he wants to purchase a new book) he reacts in short and sufficient sentences, never going into real detail. Ben himself however wants to change that, but he never gets himself to actually commit to that goal. Among some of the people he would wish to have a elaborate conversation with would be his love, Ada butterfly, but then again, talking to a adult is already hard, let stand along somebody he loves.
Whenever ben wants to do something extremely much he often acts out of a sudden compulsion, that often reaches its peak when he sets his mind to attaining the thing. However if he fails on his first time he would often just give up on it, being demorilsed as much as he feels at such moment. However in order to boost his confidence he does keep himself the illusion that he's the most awesome person in the world, often making him appear smugish.
Ben thinks negative about anything that even suggests having to do manual labor, and instead wants to learn more about something to actually do something. And that is why he likes books so much, to give you information without having to actually interact with other people or without having to experience it.
In general one could consider Ben to me a nice man though, as he would always try his best to help people out(if he notices them) and wouldn't hurt a fly unless that fly was holding a shotgun against his face.

Ship: None
Ship Flag:None

Devil Fruit: Bunko Bunko no mi
Type: Paramecia
Effect:  Bunko Bunko no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that turns the user into a library-man. Upon consuming the fruit, the user is able to create a room around himself (in a similar way Ope Ope no Mi functions). Upon creating the room, the user is able to generate a book with information about anybody who is inside it.
(For the sake of limitations, on this character, as it is not included in its original application, will have a limit of at the beginning a 10 meter radius, and may be expanded upon after gaining more experience with it to a maximum of 30 meters.)

Special Abilities:

Unnecesary trivial knowledge: Ben knows alot about anything, but most of them are quite useless.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25): None

; A regular revolver.

Character Flaws:
-Ben isn't social, at all
-Ben can't do anything that would produce anything without screwing it up.
-Ben's skill with his revolver goes as far as knowing how to shoot it. He is sloppy when aiming it, and if he needs to reload he would be extremely slow

Goals: To leave and read all he wants someplace safe, with the Ada, his love.

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PostSubject: Re: Benzaiten Swain   Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:08 am

Looks good for the most part.  It's always nice to see a thorough character.  Just have a few particular questions to get out of the way.

Is the field that the Bunko Bunko no Mi makes visible?  How large can it be?

More of a nitpick if anything, but a revolver isn't exactly what I'd consider to be a black market weapon in the OP universe.  Kinda random to pull that out of nowhere at the end of his history.  Also might be good to note his skills/lack thereof with firearms if he's carrying one with him.
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Captain One-eye


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PostSubject: Re: Benzaiten Swain   Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:18 am

As I haven't seen max online for some time(he did state his reason in the absence thread I believe ) I will give my own interpretation of his fruit. I myself believe that the room would be visible to him, and invisible to others. I stated a clear limited within the thread itself and notified his lack of skill with his revolver in the flaws section. And to elaborate on the black market thing, it was rather the fact that weapons are being illegally traded over a black market rather then that it is a special weapon exclusive to the black market, because I myself believe that the large trade in weapons to both civilians but also possible criminals could be considered illegal. However that might be just my interpretation and if it is a unacceptable one please say so, so I can adjust the application.

For the further rest I believe that covers your questions. If you have any more please ask so. I thank you for your time and review.
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PostSubject: Re: Benzaiten Swain   Thu Jan 02, 2014 7:00 am

The room is visible like Law's and expands depending on the mastery like Law's.

Maxulus' Character Index
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Captain One-eye


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PostSubject: Re: Benzaiten Swain   Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:32 pm

Point made clear, doesn't really change anything aside from the way I'm gonna use it, so its still ready for approval.
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PostSubject: Re: Benzaiten Swain   Thu Jan 02, 2014 12:39 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Benzaiten Swain   

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Benzaiten Swain
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