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PostSubject: Hiruzen   Tue Dec 24, 2013 9:41 pm

Name: Hiruzen  “Daddy”

Age: 26


Species: Human


Allegiance: Revolutionary

Home Village/Ocean:

Dress: Teal long sleeve v-neck shirt that is form fitting with the wrist of the sleeves having an elastic stretch property.  He wears a sleeveless thick white trench coat with ornate gold decorative buttons. The coat has a hood with pink fur.  He wears dark grey skinny jeans that have a dressy look.  On his back he wears a rugged pink and tan bet up looking satchel. Sometimes he wears blue aviator sunglasses

Physical 9’8 thin blonde mustache curly blonde that is pushed back and reaches just below his chin. Bright green eyes and a strong pointed jaw and perfectly straight and white teeth.  His nose is slightly pointy but not like a beak. He has a slender builder set with well defined pectorals and a six pack. His entire upper body is composed well defined corded muscle but it hard to with his clothes on. In other words he is fit but doesn’t have a bulky body builder appearance

History: Even as child Hiruzen was taller than most kids and adults.  Despite that he got teased as he wasn’t intimidating and had weak personality.  This stemmed from the abuse verbal and physically that his mother gave him.  This also shaped what would later become his fighting style, the notion that he will take on all you have but it won’t break him.  He never met his father because he left Hiruzen’s mother when he was born, blames him for this.  During the course of his childhood he had to pretty much take care of himself and the house. His mother would work or at least Hiruzen thought she was working she would be out all night and come home with money that she wouldn’t give him any.  Almost daily she would come home in the early hours of the morning making noise that would wake him often times he would hide. Around the age of six she forced him start making money seeking job like cleaning. People accepted him not always out of pitty but because they thought he was older than what he was.

In school Hiruzen kept to himself having only one friend a female that constantly fought for him and tried to encourage him. She also gave him the nickname Daddy because he was man that looked out for his house hold and supported it.  She also told him that dads stick up for their families.  But he couldn’t grasp this concept because his own father was never around. The country was a poor one and the taxes were high.  His life changed when a group of revolutionaries came and caused the people to try and overturn their government.  It wasn’t something that happened overnight but many years. A woman amongst them took notice of Hiruzen and told it was ok to be afraid and also wise. But determine why he was afraid, take ownership and then tranfers that fear into strength, a goal then he could do anything.  Hiruzen decided to leave his home town and journey the world and gain strength in order to change the world.

Later he would develop his fighting style with those ideas he learned in mind. Turning the shaking & trembling into strength. When learned how to do this he stopped living life scared and took control. Now his mission into life is to teach others to take control.

His travels lead to his growth. He would see younger people going through the same sort of things he went through as child. In attempt to save a groupp

Personality: A monster in human form. Hiruzen is very unreasonable and dominates people with his strong will.  To those who oppose him he won’t hesitate to fight them attacking the in the most brutal way possible.  He holds grudges for a very long time and if the offense is great enough Hiruzen will kill the persons family as well or let the grudge spill over innocent bystanders who get caught in his rampage.  He doesn’t negotiate and is determine to get everything he desires. This fierce will comes from confidence in himself not arrogance. Even when fighting he prefers a hold his ground type fighting style taking hits that could normally dodged.  He does this so he can be right there to counter.  He prides his self on his ability to take hits instead of running from them. Hiruzen will however not let taking a hit cost him his life.  Blocking when possible counts as taking the hit, if it can’t break his block then it was not a worth attack in the first place.

Hiruzen doesn’t let his rage cloud his judgment to point where it jeopardizes allies.  Although he is quick to retaliate he doesn’t go about carelessly.  He is able to think rationally and talk civilized. Often times he can be quite cheeky and will give a toothy grin when someone says something the amuses him. Unique laugh Garg garg

Dealing with allies and neutral parties.  To those who are on his side he is a valuable affiliate. For Hiruzen an enemy of his ally is as good as dead.  He shoulders their grudges as personal offense.  He is not ever bubbly or cheerful but he knows how to have a good time.  And knows how to celebrate and relax after having accomplished something.  He expects a lot from those he works with because he gives them his all he expects the same in return.  He doesn’t take rejection or failure well but the strength of his relationship with person will dictate how bad he reacts. He doesn’t like people who relies on others to help them but as long they give it their all he will help them.  This can be seen with countries that he is attempting liberate.  As long as they have a fighting spirit he will help them.  If not or they have given up he will crush/destroy the city, country, or village.

Above anything else he is stubborn, short tempered, violent and opportunistic.  He doesn’t compromise for what he wants he believes in living free and wild as he wants. He was born chained to his mother and he determined that that will be that last time he bound to anyone.  When he makes decision he doesn’t regret them no matter what consequence he doesn’t look back. Hiruzen will always fight for what he wants whether an object, to protect his reputation, or in support of an ally. He loves woman but is not a perverted and doesn’t sub come to charm easily.


Ship Flag: describe

Devil Fruit: None yet
Type: (only if you have a devil fruit)
Effect: (only if you have a devil fruit)

Special Abilities:Highly resilient, strength Top body builder ahievment  Grappling, boxing, Muy thai
proficient with axes
Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Shinkūyō (Reverberating Vacuum) At his current level these techniques put slight cracks in wood and bruise average human flesh
Is a fighting style base on the creation of vibration. These vibrations weaken the surface structure by beating it with intense vibrations.  These vibrations will come closer together instead of spreading out, like opposite of a shockwave.  A master practitioner would be able to ignore defense such as armor but the armor still takes damage.  Note depending on the technique distance doesn’t reduce damage. Think a cone with the point away from the user.  Think when your really cold or sick and body involuntarily shakes, but of course this is a one piece adaptation.
1. The user will clap in a direction with his fingers fully extended, not cupped. Then they will rapidly pull them apart and slam both open palms against the surface that was pointed at.  This technique makes defenses weaker but doesn’t hurt by itself.  If this were to hit tekkai it would be easier to break with following hit. Releasing tekkai and reapplying would not work because the damage is already done to the body.
2. The user while taking a boxer stance and bouncing of their feet back and forth, will throw several hard punches at target. These are mere feints they are made with the intent to hurt. However they will follow up with a swift thrust of the knee to the opponent gut. (If target is much larger a thigh or leg. If shorter the chest or face…)
3. Shaking/vibrating his chest then arms while running towards target the user will cross his arms then run into target.  This attack uses the fighting style basic principles weakening target defense then using a strong tackle to damage target.  This attack normally not used in battle because it would be easy to dodge.  In order to overcome this weakness it can be combined with a distraction or wait until opponent is to weak to dodge or immobile
4. A weapon technique using Shinkūyō: Designed to breakdown a opponents weapon through repeated exchanges with users own weapon.  Vibrations are focused in the blade.

Weapons/Items: Black leather gloves with the fingers cut off spiked studs on knuckles,  Lochaber axe worn on back (not custom just look at google images)

Goals:  To Inspire the world to break free of oppression. To spread his message of leaving life free

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PostSubject: Re: Hiruzen   Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:22 pm

Would like to see some history holes (how he learn and trained his fighting style, how his personality grew from weak to this) bein filled, but it's not a very huge issue. Other than that, seems fair. APPROVED.


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PostSubject: Re: Hiruzen   Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:54 pm

I was going to do this later but (which I have now done) those changes were made. And added the word not, before it said he would sacrifice his life, now it says would not.
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PostSubject: Re: Hiruzen   

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