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 Gama Jurōjin

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PostSubject: Gama Jurōjin   Sun Dec 22, 2013 12:05 am

Name: Gama Jurōjin

Age: 190

Bounty: 1.000.000 Berri

Species: Human

Occupation: Fighter, smith .

Allegiance: Pirate

Home Village/Ocean: Grand line; Paradise

Gama, although shown in his formal armor, often wears light wear. His hair is dark brown and he often has a thin mustache on his upper lip. His eyes are rather inviting blue. Gama stands about 1.82m high. Gama has many cut and stab marks all over his body. Gama never leaves his room/staying place without getting his hair in the exact model as in the picture. Gama always seems tidy and follow a strong dress code, always trying to wear as formal wear as he can.

When in his casual wear he wears a indigo Yukata, and depending on the situation he wouldn't even wear his katana. The Yukata has short sleeves, as is regular for the male version.


Gama could best be explained as someone who is chaotic good. He does not like to commit crimes, but is prepared to to so in case he believes it is a just action. He doesn't mind pirates, but can't stand any of them acting without honor, this does not however mean crimes, but rather those that, for example, run away from the marines instead of facing the consequences of their actions with their head held high. As such he has spend time with a lot of pirates who he never even thought of killing. He even spend some time teaching some pirates his way, sometimes he thought some unknowing marines the way of his thoughts, and not even civilians were safe for his teachings.(His teachings DID involve the killing of the student if they acted against his honor code). Gama contradicts himself most of the time, but chooses not to take notice of them.

Ship: None

Ship Flag: None

Devil Fruit: Yomi Yomi no mi
Type: Paramecia
The Yomi Yomi no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit which enhances the user's soul to the point where they can come back to life after dying once, remaining alive until their body is sufficiently damaged, and to use several other soul-based abilities, making the user a Reviving Human (復活人間 Fukkatsu Ningen?).[2] The name is derived from Yomigaeru (よみがえる), meaning "Resurrection", also, Yomi (黄泉) is the name of the Japanese underworld.

Special Abilities:
Weapon proficiency: Gama has learned to wield any bladed weapon with the skill of someone who has used it for years.

Great smith: Gama has a lot of knowledge about being a smith and can create a large variety of weapons.

Iaido master: Gama is the master of Iaido, the art of drawing one's katana out of the sheath, performing a couple(often slashing) attacks, and then sheathing it again.

Knowledge of the old; Gama has lived long enough to see many personalities and many quirks, as so he can often notice someone's intention through their body language, and it even goes as far as noticing when someone tries to attack.(This does not mean he is able to know what is going to strike, or where, or how)

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):

Alpha strike: Gama draws his katana out of its sheath and performs a quick slashing strike, and sheaths it again after its done.

Beta strike: Gama draws his katana out of its sheath in an even quicker movement and performs 2 quick strikes, in the same time period as the alpha strike. As a draw back the Beta strike has less force behind its strikes and thus is easier to deflect.

Delta strike: Gama draws his katan out of its sheath to perform 3 quick strikes in the same amount of time it would take to do one, but the force has diminished to the point where one can block it if enough strength is applied.

Gamma strike: The final and quickest of Gama's strikes, performing 4 strikes at such a speed a normal man could have only made one strike. This does mean that all the 4 strikes are extremely quick and hard to track by eye, but their strength is as far diminished that they would only be capable of making shallow cuts, and they could be deflected by even the most thin plate armors.

Self created katana; A regular katana design, but made my Gama himself adding person worth to it.

Goals: To learn the world to be less shameful.
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PostSubject: Re: Gama Jurōjin   Sun Dec 22, 2013 1:02 pm


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Gama Jurōjin
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