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 7 shot _ Canon

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PostSubject: 7 shot _ Canon   Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:52 pm

weapon name: 7 shot _ Canon
description: A long barreled silver canon with runic designs. The cannons barrel looks like a large revolver chamber. It has seven wholes. it is mounted on patform that gives it free range of motion so that it can be shot in all directions. dial exist on top on the side projectiles are fired from with the numbers 1-7. and the words auto and another button for single.  
weapon special abilities: This weapon is a 7 shot cannon that can fire 1-7 projectiles at a time. The barrel spins while firing.
history: This cannon was made to replace to be a the front cannon on a ship.  It can also be mounted on buildings. A weapon that was made at the request of Jack Ohana but designed by Bakura.  These blueprints were dropped by Bakura, the design made its way to Jack who had a member of the underworld community make them.  What they don't know is that special ammunition was going to be created for the cannon.

This is not a general weapon for everyone. It is to be gained /sold through RP IC
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PostSubject: Re: 7 shot _ Canon   Mon Dec 16, 2013 8:29 pm

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7 shot _ Canon
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