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 Daikoku Ten

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PostSubject: Daikoku Ten   Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:33 pm

Name: Daikoku ten

Age: 23

Bounty: None

Species: Human

Occupation: Cook, administrator/Quartermaster, Lieutenant.

Allegiance: Marine

Home Village/Ocean: South blue

Daikoku, or Koku to his friends(as he will be referenced like that throughout the application) is a man of long stature, standing 1.85 meters tall. Koku is rather thin as he only weights from 65 to 70 kilo. He has a rather friendly and maintained face, with short lines of eyebrows and a shaved jaw and upper lip. His eyes are light blue to the point where you could compare it to the sky, and they always seem to reflect as if were mirrors. His hair is dark blue, and is often combed to the left or right, but he never leaves his room without doing it some way. Koku has severa cutting scars on his hands and fingers. For the rest Koku would fit the regular male's description of the body.

Koku is often seen wearing a crossing between the regular cooks clothing(apart from the famous cooks hat) and that of the marines, creating an extremely tidy white outfit buttoned together with long white sleeves, with a cut going from the sleeves the the wrists(as is regular with safety hazard prevention clothing in the kitchen) He also wears a pair of jeans, but he can be seen wearing any other kind not easily flammable clothing in any color.


Koku is a very clean and systematic person, as much to the annoyance of his fellow comrades he find it necessary to often point out their duties when they are slacking off. Koku also holds great respect towards the chain of command, as such he would never doubt an order from a superior unless it would be completely out of line. Koku also dislikes engaging in battles where his clothes might get dirty, or even get blood on them, so even though he is known as a warrior he rarely fights. His work around the ship and office have earned him the nickname of 'maid' among the crew, much to his annoyance. He has often found himself in a position where he was capable of silencing the sailor division members about using that nickname through his authority as officers, but many superior officers have found a liking to the nickname as well.

When off-duty Koku tends to try and relax, and instead of doing everything systematic he dials back a notch and tries some new things, like experimenting with new recipe's. Koku also likes to explore local nature, and loves to gather new ingredients from all over the world, or so he wants to. Koku can also be often found writing in his recipe book, sometimes even whilst on duty, but since it looks like he's just making another list or keeping track of another thing nobody ever objects to these actions.  

Ship: Standard marine vessel

Ship Flag: The marine flag

Devil Fruit:N/A
Type: N/A
Effect: N/A

Special Abilities:

Great cook; Koku is a great cook and has a lot of knowledge on ingredients and cooking styles.

Novice pole-arm user; Koku is a novice with pole arms, and as such has a more natural affinity with weapons like; spears, lanes and halberds.

Battle cook; Koku is able to create weapons out of any kind of food by adding strange ingredients he discovered on his travels.

Learned Techniques (Keep it 1-25):
Paste Roux;This recipe would under normal circumstances be used for a 'bound' soup, however as a secret ingredient the user adds special fluid drained from a irregular eel found in all the blue's, but not the grand line.The fluid makes the Roux extremely sticky and hard to remove, forcing the user to coat his hands thoroughly with flour. The Roux that is applied to anything not covered in the neutralizing factor(flour) will stick. The Roux would only be removable by someone with above average strength, and even then it would have to be removed with a tool. That, or a large quantity of flour must be applied to the Roux making it so dry it won't stick anymore  (replacements might be found after discovering new ingredients)

Brick brownie; This recipe takes the normal brownie dough ingredients and adds a special extract gained from a common lotus flower originating from the north blue. Once the extract is added the dough will actually start to press each other together to form a supper dense dough, this however goes with the cost of the size, although under normal circumstances dough is added as the original dough is shrinking/gets denser. Once the super dense dough is put in the oven in whichever form Koku puts it, it will get as hard as stone, whilst still retaining a weight less then actual stone.

Aging Tea; This recipe is made with the same ingredients as any other desired tea, but adds the extract from the famous corro snake(corro=short for corrosive), which is famous for their venom that can make most metals rust. The tea has to be heated, but then must rest for at least several hours before the venom does not go in conflict with the other ingredients( The time in posts it takes may vary with the pace of a thread).
One Marine issued rifle

Goals: To complete the cooking book passed down to him from his father.

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PostSubject: Re: Daikoku Ten   Sun Dec 15, 2013 5:58 pm

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Daikoku Ten
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